Swasan- Being a devil’s slave (Intro)

Hii guys.. m new here writing a ff..
Hope u guys will support me.

Being a Devil’s Slave


Scene 1

Swara was seen sitting in the office room doing some work on laptop suddenly her phone beeps.

She checks and find a message

“Be at my place by 7” reads the message.

She checks her watch and it shows 6:40.

Swara-(in mind)- Now what to do ? I need to be at his place by 7 and i have only 20 minutes to reach the place.
I cant leave the my office work even…

Thinking this she texted him back.

“I can’t , i m busy”

Replying back she starts her work again. While again her phone beeps.

“Now you have only 18 minutes, or i will come to your place. Choice is yours.”

Swara- such a Devil.

She packed her bag and left to the parking lot and started her car.

She drove as fast as possible.

And reaches there by 7:02

Sanskar comes out of the door and saw her.

Sanskar goes towards her and picks her up and started kissing her wildly.

Sanskar breaks the kiss.

Sanskar- U r late.

Swara- i was busy.

Sanskar – i dont care.

Saying this he throw her on bed and comes on top of her.

Character Sketch

Swara khanna- A girl of age

C24 loves sanskar unconditionally. Daughter of shekhar and sharmishta khanna. Works in his father’s company and models for her mom’s fashion house. Sister of laksh khanna. Loves sanskar.

Shekhar khanna- A rich businessman, in the age of 50’s loves her daughter, son and wife alot.

Laksh khanna- swara’s brother. Works in his father’s company aswell married to ragini. Father of a son named Arnav.

Sharmistha khanna- Mother of swara and laksh. Wife of shekhar and loves her family dearly. Runs a fashion house

Ragini khanna- She is laksh’s wife. Loves her family alot. Helps sumi in her work.

Sanskar Maheshwari- An actor by profession of age 25. But still a bachlor. People say he hate girls but is it so. A heartless creature uses people for his own profit.


So guys this was the introduction and character sketch of my story. If u want be to continue than do comment or tell me to stop.

Thank you ?

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  6. Ohh god feel bad if using Swara

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