Swasan- Being a devil’s slave (Chapter 4)


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Chapter 4
Swara’s pov.
After a small make out session of mine and Sanskar. I left for photoshoot but my mind was only remembering his face when he left me.

I don’t know what wrong happened with him that he was so tensed.
And this was the second session in a single day and this never happened before.
I wanted to know about him and I know tonight I am going to ask him not as his slave but as his friend.

Nearly after 3 hours, this photoshoot ended and I started to drive back to my place.

I was driving and was thinking something. Suddenly light with great intensity came and then everything went blank.
Ahhhh…!! My head aches.
I woke up holding my head and everything around me seem to be unfamiliar. The white walls, a couch and I was lying on a white bed. I tried to my hand when I felt some weight on it.

I opened my eyes completely and can see drips and all. And here I get that I am in a hospital.
I was driving. That lights. This hospital.

Everything started registering in my mind. May be I met with an accident.

O shit..!! Who brought me here..? How many days have passed.? Do many family knows about me..? What about my concert..?

I was struggling with a lot of questions when I heard the opening sound of door.
And a man in white coat entered the room. Doctor.

“O. So you are awake Ms. Swara.” He said.
Huhh… is he not able to see. Here i am tensed and he is asking stupid questions. But wait Ms. Swara. Means he know me and i can go back.

“Yeah. But who brought me here.?” I asked.

“I guess your friend. Mr. Nikhil. Don’t worry your family know about this and they visited you a while ago.” He said.

Nikhil. Thank god. But where he is.
And my family knows about this. I have not to explain them now.
Doctor left the room.
I turned around and can see White orchids on the side table.
I picked it up and smiled seeing it.
Don’t know who kept it. But all I care was about my favourite flowers being present. My favourite because it is his favourite.

Do he know about my accident ? Had he came to visit me ? But how come he know and why will he care to come over.

The door again opened and now I can see Nikhil entering the room having may be medicines in his hands.
“Finally you are awake. How much you sleep ??” he said dramatically.
Over acting.
“Ya finally. But how much I slept ? “ i asked.
“2 days.” He replied.

Wait what.? 2 days. 2 long days. Means it is Tuesday today. How can i sleep this much long ?

“Chill. Relax. Don’t sleep for next 4 days “ he said.
I hit him at his head with my hand.
Ouch.. it hurts.
My hand is paining.

I have several small injuries on my hand.
I started examining them carefully.
“Hey. Stop it. At least say a thank you to me i saved you” he said with an attitude.

“Who asked you to save me then.?” I said with more attitude?.
“ Okay baba. Thank you.”
“ My pleasure and madam take rest. I will come just now.” He said and left.

I lied down on bed completely and get back to my thoughts.
Why this life is so complicated.? Whatever one thinks never happens.
Thank god ! I didn’t missed my fashion show.
My dream which I was waiting for. Which is gonna happen on Saturday.

I never got benefit of the matter that my mom owned a fashion house. I have to do it all myself.

And in my first show I met him. I met Sanskar in all my senses without any effect of alcohol.
And that was the day my life became more complicated.

I loved him since then and he used me since then.
I can never get what he feels or thinks as he is a master in hiding emotions.

Swara’s pov.
Here I am standing in the dressing room. Completely dressed up for my first walk. O god. ! I am hell nervous.

What I am going to do.? If I did something wrong. I don’t want to embarrass my family.

In nervousness I am standing biting my nails.
The door knocked and someone opened without waiting for my reply.
I was thinking that either my mom or Ragini entered the room.
But when I turned I can find a man standing and staring me.
“Who are you? “ I questioned.
“A well wisher.” He said. But I think I have seen him somewhere but I am not able to recognise where.
He started moving towards me while I stayed still on my position.

He came more closer and my heart started beating faster and louder as the distance decreased between us.
I was standing numb. Unable to recognise the activities taking place and don’t know how to react to them.
He came closer. His lips brushed against my ears making me shiver.

“ All the Best” he said and stepped back.
And i stand still confused like a fool.
Still thinking how to react.

Should i get angry ? Thank him ? Or what to do.?

“ I am Sanskar. “ he said and left.

After 10 minutes . I came back to my senses on hearing my name being announced.

I left to stage with confidence and on reaching there.
I can see the same man sitting on the front row smiling at me. With his smile I felt a lot of confidence and did my part well.
After that, I left backstage.
When he came again. This time i recognise that he was wearing a black tuxedo and was extra hot.

I can’t take my eyes off him.
Cant stop but to admire him.
He came closer and hugged me.
“Congratulations.” He whispered.
I wanted to push him now.
I tried but before i can do that.
The cameras started flashing.
“ so Ms. Swara and Mr. Sanskar knows each other.” A voice came.
And i can see a lot of media people standing there clicking our photos and some were talking rubbish.
“ Mam from how much time you know. Mr. Maheshwari. Are you both dating.? “ some one questioned.
I felt the lack of words.
Firstally this stranger was following me and this people asking rubbish.
What the hell is happening.??
Wait and Mr. Maheswari means Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.
The Sanskar Maheshwari.
One of the finest actor. Who gave all the successful movies till date. A shy guy. Who don’t talk to girls.
But what is he doing here. ? And he talked to me.?
O god.! I will go mad.
What all is happening here.
While i was trying to register the things.
He grabbed my hand pulled me and we walked till his car and he make me sit on the passenger seat of his car and he sat on driver’s place and started the engine.
While those people look disappointed.

After a while, i shouted

“Stop the car”.
He shockingly stopped the exact moment.
“ What all is happening here ? Will you please tell me ? And what the hell they were saying and why are you following me.? “ i asked frustrated.

“I will answer all your questions but have some patience.” He replied coldly and drive the car.

What the hell

*** to be continued***

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