Swasan- Being a devil’s slave (Chapter 3)


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**Chapter 3**

Swara’s pov..

I was sitting in the park when Raina showed up and reminded about Nikhil waiting for me…
Raina always had been my sweetheart and problem solver.

Sometimes i think what will i do without her.

I sat inside the car and left for the *** place where Nikhil is waiting for me from past 30 minutes for the photoshoot of our magazine.

He has always been a good friend of mine and a supporting one from college days but he hated the ones who comes late and today he is not going to leave me.

I reached the place in more 20 minutes.
And find everything ready except me?.

It was a hotel and the photoshoot will take place at its terrace.

I went upstairs and get changed myself.

I came out after changing and saw Nikhil staring me with angry eyes.

I gave him the most cutest expression and I know he is going to melt for it.

Yes he sighed and left to other side.
Beep beep …
My phone ringed.
No this cant be him again he was busy.
I looked around and opened the message and it is his again.

“Room No. 404”
Message reads.

What.?? Room no. 404 of what..? Is he here..? Is it the room no of this hotel.? Is he spying me.?
I got excited thinking he is spying me.

“what.?” I replied
“room no.404 now”
“where? Which room?”
“the same where you are”.
O god.!! He know where I am.
I am busy but I don’t want to deny him either.
I thought of coming back soon.

I made an excuse and left.

Now, I am standing in front of room no. 404.

Again my heartbeat started rising and falling.

I knocked the door and after sometime he opened it.
I entered the room. Wow. It was a suite itself. I loved it. I just loved it.

I turned around and he him staring at me from head to toe.

He started as if he is going to eat me.
No not now. I am busy i too have a personal life. He have to understand this.
He came forward.
“You look s*xy” he said.
I blushed and almost was about to melt in his eyes when i remembered i have to leave now.
He came more near and pulled me closer by holding my waist in a sudden second.
He then caressed my cheek with his thumb and leaned forward.
He was about to place his lips.
When i moved away from his grip.
“Not now sanskar” i said
And started moving forward.
“Wait what..?? Not now means.?? I need you.” He said.
He need me but he don’t want me.
“I said not now Sanskar. I am busy and I too have a personal life you have to understand it.” I said without turning back.

“Okay. You may leave now. But you will never be able to come back and I will not be responsible if something happens after that” he said.
What the hell?

How much I want to but i cant leave this room. I love him and he knows this. Don’t know why i fell in love with him.
I turned around and saw him passing his hand from his hair frustrated.

I moved towards him and placed my lips on his rough ones and started kissing him and i can sense he smiles victoriously in the kiss.

I moved my hands down to his shirt and started unbuttoning it.
While he was rubbing my waist over the dress.
He sucked my tongue to which i moaned.
I finally undid the last button and started caressing his muscular chest. And brought my lips over there and started kissing and biting it.
While he was enjoying and even undid my dress.
Now i was only in my undergarments in front of him.
He rubbed his hand on my clit above my p*nties and i felt embarrassed sensing how wet i was for him.

“Why you keep on denying, when you want the same?” said he smirking.
I blushed and looked down.

He hands started roaming on every curve of my body.
He pushed me on the bed and removed his shirt.
He lye over me and started kissing the side of my neck and slightly bit it.
“ahhh…sanskar” i said and he licked the bitten area.
Then he settled his head in the crock of my neck and placed wet kisses over there. While one hand undid my br*. And other hand was kneading my br*ast.
I captured the bedsheet in between my fist and brought my legs near to each other.
He gets up suddenly and separated my legs and came over me and now i am unable to move them.

“Have some patience baby i will pleasure you” he said in my ears making me go a deep shade of red.
Then his mouth travelled down to my bosoms. He kept on torturing me by slightly licking it at the tip.

“umm. Sanskar. More.” I managed to say this words.
“As you say baby” saying this he take it inside his mouth and started sucking it and i moaned in pleasure.

“ I love you” i said don’t know how but that words escaped my mouth.

He stopped for a minute and I saw in his eyes but was unable to read anything tough.

“I know this “ he said after a silence and again started his work.

He travelled down to my naval. And sucked it and roamed his tongue inside it.
And i moved my body up and down unable to bear this much pleasure.

After some time.
He reached down and removed my p*nties.
He started rubbing my cl*t making me moan more loudly.

Suddenly from no where my phone started ringing but this doesn’t stop him and he started doing it more roughly.
With a lot of trouble i finally take up my phone and answered it.
“Where are you Swara ?? The shoot is going to start in next 10 minutes” said someone from other side.
I was unable to answer due to the pleasure running down my body.
O freak.!!
“ umm…yaa i am here.. umm..
Will reach in 2 minutes” i hardly managed to say and cut the call while he was moving his tongue up and down my lips.

“I need to go “ i said.
He stopped and stepped back.
“ I know “ he said while grabbing his shirt and leaving the room.

I felt bad for hurting him and stopping him but i need to do that.
But i cant ignore my work too.
***to be continued***

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