Swasan- Being a devil’s slave (Chapter 2)

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How many of you hate Sanskar for his behaviour.? Tell me truthfully😉😉.

**Chapter 2**

Swara’s pov.

I was driving back to home..
But my car broke down in between the way.
I called my driver asking to come over here soon.

Within that time I saw a park and thought to sit and wait over there.

I came inside the park and I felt fresh inhaling the fresh air.
I moved forward and saw many birds, flowers etc. And also many couples hanging out , many normal couples.

Laughing, talking, romancing..
I felt a bit jealoused. Any girl would want a normal life and a normal relation and I was a one who dreamt of my marriage from the very start.
But here I am having the most unique one.
I sat down on a nearby bench and started thinking of how all this started..

**Past**(before 4 years)

Swara’s pov.

Today is my 20th birthday.
Finally I left my teen life.
I am an adult now.
I can do whatever I want.

I always wanted to join my mother’s fashion house to which she always refused saying me I m a kid and need to concentrate on my studies but not anymore.

But today before asking itself she came to me and handed me over some papers saying that I have been signed for a modelling concert.

I was so happy to hear this and called all my friends to meet at club for party to which I refused first.

We all gathered in a club near bar counter.
We sat down and started drinking.
Then left to dance floor.
Dancing like a crazy shaking my body in every way possible.
Some people are too touchy.
I went back and had some more drinks.
Finally after which looked about 4 hours we thought to leave.
I am too high by now.
We left the club and everybody left while I was waiting for my driver to show up.
But he is always late. Stupid fellow.

I thought to go back to my place by walking.
I started walking in a direction may be to my house or may be not😓😓…

I kept on walking and walking still not got anything. And it was dark and empty everywhere around.

“My house ran away” I shouted being frustrated and stood there keeping my hands on my waist.
Then I opened my arms and started rotating in 360° .
But my eyes caught something or may be someone.

I thought to ask him my address.
I walked towards him and stood behind him and saw him punching on the wall and his hand was bleeding. It was night so I was not able to see his face.

“hey.?” I called him
He turned towards me.
“What ?” he questioned sounding bit rude.
“Where is my house.?”i asked.

“Excuse me” he said.

He came near my mouth and then moved back.
“You are drunk” he said.
“ahhahaha…as if I don’t know” I said.

“vaise what are you doing here and hey your hand is bleeding” i said and tried to hold his hand.
He get back immediately.
“Mind your own business” he said angrily.

I thought to move back but I don’t want to leave him in this condition.
So i thought i help him.

“Girlfriend cheated..?” i asked.

“What.?” He sounded shocked.

“ Actually i thought to help you. U can tell me anything you want. Today is my Happy Birthday i can help you “ i don’t know what i said and why.?😰

“leave” he roared and pushed me…
I this time decided to leave him.
Let him solve his own problem by himself😏😏…

I started moving when he called out.

“Hey..?” he called and i turned.
“Will you listen me.?” He asked innocently.
I nodded and then he came towards me and we both headed towards a nearby park.

We both sat down.
In some light i am able to see his face.
He is so cute and handsome.
His eyes , his nose , his lips…
O i wanted to kiss him..
Stop Swara ! What are you thinking..?
But i think i have seen him somewhere. Why i cant remember that..??
I tried to think but he started speaking.

He was saying something but now i am unable to hear a single word.
Alcohol completely overpower my senses.
I cant stop but just admire his features.
By now i was not able to stop myself and i went near him and placed my lips on his..

And started kissing him..
I can sense he is shocked . He didn’t respond neither he broke the kiss..
To which i started kissing him more deeply.
After sometime he started participating.
His hand reached my waist and my went in his hair.
Our tongues entered in each other’s mouth and started fighting for dominance.
He started rubbing my waist under my crop top.
I felt so good..
We both parted away when some lights started coming from a direction.
I recognised it as my car.
Swara’s pov.

I came out of my memories when some one who was sitting beside me called me.
“Swara” said the voice.
I turned and found Raina sitting next to me.

“Hey Raina” i shouted excitedly.
Hey come-on she is my best friend and i got excited on seeing me.
“Madam where are you..?? Nikhil is waiting for you from past 30 minutes” she said.
O shit..!! How can i forget about Nikhil.. he will kill me now.
I passed a nervous smile to Raina and ran from there to which she laughed.
I sware i will take revenge from her one day…

**to be continued**


  1. Kristen


    |Registered Member

    Nice but i don’t have any problem with sanky character bcoz i read many ff in which he is in grey shade but i have problem with swara she loves sanky but that not mean whatever he wants she give him aur vo bhi tab when she knows that he don’t love her

  2. SRSL


    |Registered Member

    I think its normal that sanskaar behaves like this because more the 60% fault is Swara’s. She always belives in maintaining relationships equally. But then one day she just breaks all her relations with sanskaar(the one who supported her at all times).She could have maintained her relation with sanskaar along with Ragini….but she did not do that. What do all expect that sanskaar will go behind her asking forgiveness for the mistake he never did…..anyways sorry for that big bak bak. Awsm chappy dear upload ASAP….

  3. chandu

    awesome…!!loved it…!! Well…!! I hate him a bit…!! But it’s not his entire fault…!! Swara is even allowing him to do…!! He is not forcing her…!! So I support him too…!!

  4. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Awsm one…
    Well I don’t have any problem with sanskar, I don’t like swara character. She is allowing him to do so. If he was forcing her then things were different.
    Still waiting to know swara’s POV..

  5. Mica


    |Registered Member

    well which Sanskar ? in serial or your ff…for serial, no comment.. for this ff, well Sanskar didn’t force her to do so, Swara, herself who become slave of her love feeling…
    who is nikhil….?

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