Swasan- Being A devil’s Slave (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10.

Sanskar’s pov.

It has been 2 weeks since I am finding her. She left me.

She faced so much because of me. Because of my Needs she sacrificed her life.

I started to think of her as a puppet to me even when I get to know she feels for me, I didn’t left her and she didn’t said a word in protest.

She loved me unconditionally and I took advantage of her love.

Nah. I don’t love her. I still cant love her. Love is something which is not meant for me. A devil like me can never love anyone.

But I cant leave her like this after knowing I am responsible for her condition.

I can’t stop feeling guilty.

In these 2 weeks, I changed myself a lot.
I joined the course of Hotel Management and stop worrying about everyone else.

It didn’t mean I stop acting, I will do that for My Dad. May be he failed being my role model, my idol. But still I respect him. What so ever he did wrong to me. I forgive him but what he did with Swara, I can never forget in my lifetime.
I will never see his face again but will also do the things necessary for a son to do.

I was thinking all this when something struck my mind.

***before 1 week***

Sanskar’ pov.

“Mr. Rathore, one week has been passed and still you are giving me same excuses. How much time you want more?” I asked being annoyed on phone to the inspector who is finding Swara.

“We are trying our best, Sir. We will find her soon and let you know.” He said and cut the call.

What the f**k? It had been a week and these people are unable to find her.

I just hope she is fine.

“Don’t worry Mr. Maheswari. You will never be able to find her.” Someone said from behind.

I turned around only to see Laksh standing der.

“What are you doing here, Laksh?” I asked being irritated as he is also somewhere responsible for the condition of Swara. She is no where to be found and he is standing her in front of me without any fears.

“This is road. Mr. Maheswari. Not your private property that I will have to ask you first.” He said in a harsh tone.

“See Laksh. I don’t want to argue with you now. I need to find Swara. I wanted to make sure she is fine.” I said and tried to move away.

“Why are you so much tensed for a mere Slave. Aren’t you able to find someone else? Mr. Maheswari I challenge you, you will not be able to find her. It is only a week, months and years will pass but you will not be able to know about MY SISTER.” He said.

“How are you so sure, Mr. Khanna?”
I questioned but he left without saying a single word.


How can he be so sure about this?

Does he know where she is?

I called him and he picked up the call after some time.

“Listen Laksh. I know you are angry on me and you should be. But I just wanted to know do you know where Swara is? Is she fine? Please Laksh speak up.” I asked him.

“Why are you so much concerned about her? Aren’t you able to find her?” he questioned.

“Please Laksh. If you know about her then please tell me. Please. I beg you. I need to know about her. If she is fine? I just wanted to meet her once. Just once.” i cried towards the end.

“Xyz place in an hour.” He said and hung up.

I am happy. Happy to know she is with Laksh. Happy to know she will be and was safe for sure being with her.

Tears fell down my eyes and I cried sitting on the knees. Tears of relief.

After 10 minutes, I got up and rushed towards the car and started the way to xyz place.

I was there in 45 minutes. Still 5 minutes for an hour to complete.

I looked around and saw a cottage. This is the same cottage which she used to talk about. But I being a fool never listened properly.

I knocked the door while closing my eyes.

The door opened and I open my eyes only to her standing in front of me.


To be continued.

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