Swasan- Being A devil’s Slave (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11

Laksh’s pov.

Sometimes the life becomes so much complicated. Never thought it will happen.

I was coming back to farmhouse when someone called me.
I knocked the door. Swara opened it and I came inside.

I checked the caller id. It was Sanskar. I don’t know should I pick it up or not.

Finally I picked it before I could start. He started questioning while I was looking towards Swara.

“Listen Laksh. I know you are angry on me and you should be. But I just wanted to know do you know where Swara is? Is she fine? Please Laksh speak up.” He asked me and I looked towards her who was trying hard to smile but cant.

I excused myself and went inside a room.

“Why are you so much concerned about her? Aren’t you able to find her?” I questioned him angrily.

“Please Laksh. If you know about her then please tell me. Please. I beg you. I need to know about her. If she is fine? I just wanted to meet her once. Just once.” He cried towards the end but are this tears original may be yes. I felt he is changing but I cant let him hurt her. She is not ready yet.

I was about to say no. When swara entered the room and nodded her head asking me to say yes.

I don’t want it but she squeezed my hand so I unwantedly accepted it.

“Xyz place in an hour.” I said and hung up.

I know she loves him and I am with her but may be this is not the right time. I hugged her and she cried in my arms.

My little princess. She cried. What have she done to herself?

I still remember few days back.

Me and my family were sitting when someone ringed the bell.

My wife Ragini went and opened the door. A girl in her 20’s came inside.

I have seen her somewhere. Yes yes. She is Kavita. But what is she doing here?

She came inside and sat down.

We all were waiting for her to speak something.

Ragini went inside to bring snacks.

While she started speaking.

“I know you all must be wondering what am I doing here. I am here to tell you something about your sister Mr. Laksh.” She said.

What the hell she wanted to say about my doll?

“You know she is having an affair with my to be husband. It will be better if you make her understand to stay away from him.” She said voice full of venom.

“And remember she is not having a normal affair. She is being a submissive. Make her stat away otherwise I do have my own ways.” She said angrily.

“Who the hell are you to question about or point towards Swara. Huhh. If you are having any problem then go and handle your husband. This is your f**king problem. May be they are happy with each other and he don’t want you and we know how you are?” said ragini coming from the Kitchen.

I was unable to react anything as I was beyond shocked. I don’t want this to be true. Not at any cost.

Ragini pushed her out of the house and closed the door on her face. Then she came to come and hugged me.

“If it is true?” I questioned her while tears started to fall down my eyes.

“Trust Swara, Laksh. She won’t do anything bad. If it is true then may be she will be having a reason behind it.” She said I nodded and we stayed der until my phone rang.

I picked it up and I got a shock that Swara met an accident.

I lost my senses. Somehow we reached in the hospital. I wasn’t able to see her like that. I rushed out from the hospital.


This time Sanskar must have talked to Swara. I need to check on my baby sister.

I without thinking much entered the house.

Der I saw he was holding her from her shoulders while she was facing ground.

“Will you marry me, Swara?” he asked.

To be continued.
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