Swasan- Being a devil’s slave (Chapter 1)

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It contains some s*xual content and as it is unedited so may contain some grammatical and spelling errors.

So read at your own risk.

*****Chapter 1****

Swara’s pov..

Today is Sunday.. finally a free day in the whole week..
I m sitting on the couch and watching my favourite Tom and Jerry..
I know I am 24 but I m still a kid for my parents..😉

I thought of calling my best friend Raina. One who is as mad as me.
Who have been always by my side no matter what.

Finally after getting a trouble in lot of relations. She finally chose a perfect partner for her Rishab. They both love each other and are the cutest couple. I m happy for both of them.

But as I m free today and will start getting bore in few hours so why not to disturb them in there weekend and have some fun😜.

But as i picked up my phone.
I saw 5 missed calls of Sanskar and 2 messages.
Message 1: Why are you not picking my calls..?

Message 2: Be at my place by 1.

O gosh..!! It is almost 12:50 and the distance to travel to his home is minimum about 20 minutes.
Now I just cant fly my car above.
But somehow I have to reach there fast.
I quickly get changed into a pink tank top and a denim jeans and grabbed my car keys along with bag stuffing phone and other things in it…

I get seated in the car and drove off.

I reached at his place and parked my car.
I saw the time and it is 1:15.
O god ! Please save me.

I get down the car only to find a angry Sanskar standing and giving me looks…
But I cant help but admire him. His angry looks make him look more s*xy.

He came towards me and I passed a nervous smile to me. But he least cared about it and started scolding.

“Where the hell were you.?” He asked.

“I was at my place” I replied sounding less tensed.

“Why were you not taking my calls and u know what you are late.?” He sounded more angry..😡😡… to which I gulped .

“ I was busy” I answered him back.
Hey I said truth i was really busy watching tom and jerry… ohh. I missed it.😔.
“Ya on Sunday watching tom and jerry isn’t it” he said with a smirk.

“Umm.. yeah…i mean no”
“ Stop it whatsoever it is i don’t care.” He said and immediately picked me up in his arms.
And entered the house.

He smashed his lips on mine. And started kissing them wildly taking out all his frustration.
But I was habituated of it now.
He entered in his room and literally thrown me on the bed.
Such a Devil.
“Strip” he ordered.

I take my clothes off.
And he did the same as well.
Now we are completely naked in front of each other.
This is not the first time but I still cant help but admire his muscular body, his abs and his perfectly tanned skin make me feel butterflies in my stomach.

He came towards me and without wasting time again claimed my lips and started running his hand over my curves while my hands reached his back slowly massaging it.

He sucked my lips hard trying to take all the juices away.
His tongue asked for a entrance in my mouth but i was also adamant. This time not giving him this much easily.
He then cleverly pressed my right b*s*m hardly making me moan and taking it as opportunity he entered his tongue in my mouth and so does mine.
His tongue reached every corner of my mouth.. and he was always dominant. We break apart when it become difficult to breathe.

He then went down to my neck and bit it making me cry out in pain. But then he licked the area to soothen the pain.
He went down to my shoulders and gave wet kisses all over. While i was pushing him more on myself and he running his hand down my body.
His mouth travelled to my bosoms while his another hand started rubbing my cl*t…

O god..!! I felt i m in heaven.
He started sucking, kissing and circling my n*ppl*s.
he departed himself from me. I groaned at the loss of contact.

But Shit.
He entered inside me harshly without even giving me time to realise. And it hurts…

He started thrusting himself and soon the pleasure overcome pain.
And soon we reached our climax.
And he rolled on his side of bed.

“U are lucky i m busy today otherwise i would have shown u hell for being late” he said getting up.

He turned out to look at me.

“What are you waiting for ?? Leave slave “ he ordered.
I quickly dressed myself and left.
I felt sore by now.

But listening the word Slave from the person you loved hurts even more.

This is my reality. The reality of our relation.
He only uses me.
Of course i am not a girl who sleeps over with anyone.
But with only my devil. Sorry the devil….
Don’t know if i will ever be able to call him mine.
I love him and only him and just can hope that he will love me back.
But being with him makes me feel happy.
Sometimes i feel disgusted of myself but always the feeling i have for him overpowers it.

I loved him since i saw him for the first time.

***to be continued***


  1. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Ohhoo he is using her body !!! hmmm !! no wonder it will not take much time to convert his lust to love..

    loved it dear… it’s a nice concept.. carry on..
    Thnk u… ;-*

  2. xavia

    Haawww sanky do hell wid uh…hw cn let ua lust let overpower uh….huh….
    N swara m gtng angry on her….stupid gal….bdw nice concept…….

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sankyyy, you devil😡😡.. Aww,my poor doll😢😢..Learn something from her, huhhh😏😏.. Chappy is awesome dear.. Loved it… Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  4. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Wat sanky doesn’t love her..
    Hez jus using her for his profit…
    Hate dis sanskar.. poor swara u shud avoid him now n he’l come to u running dat i love u 😉…
    Loved it dear
    Continud soon

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