Swasan – Devil’s love or It’s my love in your destiny (Prologue)


Hello friends sinin here. Recently a super natural story has hit my mind. I’m not sure if it will be upto mark but I hope you all like it.

“Swara wait ! You can’t run from me ” a male ordering voice echoed in a haunted mansion.
A girl was seen running in the hall and trying to find a way to get out of the he’ll. She looked quite afraid . She was wearing a simple red sari.
“Why are you wasting your time in vain..my love that to in the most awaiting night” the voice was mocling on the efforts of swara.

Swara shivers listing the devilish laugh of the man . Really…is there is no way out she has to stay in the he’ll for rest of her life that too with the devil !
” jesus ! Save me ” swara murmured in fear

“Don’t take the name infront of devil ” the voice whispers in her ear and he kissed her earlobe.
Swara immediately turns and wind blows over her face. No one was there
“Ohh you’re so desperate to see me…here I am ” the voice finally came in front
A Greek god in black long jacket stand in front of her. Her eyes which looks like the ocean having a mixture of emotions.

Swara looks here and there she finds a door which was open she ran towards the door but before she can go out the door closed.
She looked back and the devil pointed a finger to her indicating her to come close.
She nods in no. But a sudden force dragged her to devil and she lands on his chest.

Devil smiles and tucks her hair behind saying ” it’s love swara…My Love”

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  1. interesting..continue soon..

  2. Tamanna

    Wow… Really interesting…. Update soon

    1. Sinin_kabir

      Choice a name please

      1. Tamanna

        Devil’s love….

  3. Intriguing !!! Do continue

  4. Sinin_kabir

    Guys I forgot to ask..chose one name for the story.
    Devil’s love
    Its my love in your destiny

    1. Rubaiya

      I would choose its my luv in ur destiny

  5. MOU

    Interesting…..post soon

  6. Heltej

    Superb… Devil’s love

  7. interesting continue

  8. Rubaiya

    It really looks awesome…plzz update the next episode soon

  9. Rosey

    Wow yar it’s great

  10. Rosey

    I this devil’s love is better

  11. G.Chandu

    awesome..!! interesting..!!

  12. interesting. I think devil’s love perfect

  13. Wow… its really nice… pls comtinue it… post nex epi soon… literally waiting for it..

  14. intrestng..continue soon and post does love need perfection..plzzzzzz eagerly waitng for that to see swara’s reaction after watchng kavsan together and sankyz reactng after gettng knw abt swara’s study…pls one more chappy

  15. Arshaanya

    Intersting.. continue soon

  16. Mica

    aaawwwww… seem full intrique.. luv it, i prefer first name

  17. Deeksha

    Nice dear….. Continue soon…..

  18. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Seems intetesting.. It’s My Love In Your Destiny

  19. Nice..
    It’s my love in ur destiny is a good title but I’m also okay with the title devil’s love.

  20. Wow awsome

  21. The title should be devils love

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