Swasan – Devil’s love in my destiny Episode 4


Hello friends sinin here after a very long break… Sorry for that…I’ll try to post the next part soon…all my readers please response or I may loose my interest…

Swara POV

Oh holy cow ! My head is paining like hell…it may burst anytime.. Merciless devil..does someone behaves with his wife like this…yes yes I don’t consider him as my husband.. But he married me na…that too forcefully !!…wait..wait..why I’m feeling cold..??is that devil is near to me..nooo..doesn’t he have any other work except troubling me??
Let me open my eyes…

I guessed it right..? that jerk is not near..very very near..I hope u can understand.. Idiot is just beside me on the bed…nuzzling his face on my neck and resting his hand on my tummy that to under my sari !!!!??????

This jerk should be named as chipku…always waiting for a chance…. No…he doesn’t wait…he just points a finger and I land on his cold hard chest… And then his that winning smile.. Irritates me a lot…

Now I want push him hard so that he falls from the bed ? but I’m feeling to let him sleep… This stupid heart…wait I never saw in any movie that devil vampire witch etc etc sleep….??? does that means he is awake and listening my silly talks ?

Yes my Queen.. I’m awake.. And I heard everything ! He said looking at Swara….

Swara :??? I’m soon stupid…

Devil : yes u are?

Swara : will u stop reading my mind…I need some privacy of mind ?

Devil smriks and tightens his grip on her waist…he brings his face close to her and says ” there is no privacy between husband and wife ”

Swara : but….ur not my..

Before she could complete he smashed his lips into her and bites her lower lip..she hissed in pain and tried to get out of his hand but he holds her another hand tightly.. He completely engages in the kiss…he vents his anger on the kiss…blood and tear mixed drop of swara touches his face and he gets alerted… He leaves the kiss and parts away his face a little…
Swara was crying…her nose had became red..a small layer of blood was falling from her lips…

He recalls his past incidents somewhat similar like this…

Flashback starts

Ana..wait you’re not going anywhere… The boy said…

I’m sorry.. When you can’t give me time..so why should I..?…the girl said in rage..
Why are u making it a big issue.. He had some urgent work..that’s why I had I go..the boy said

I don’t want to know anything… Chief have summoned me for special work..so I’m going the girl said

Nooo…I won’t let u go..I have got time after so many days..the boy said

Spent it with your guide…the girl turns to go

Before she could go the boy holds the hand and she lands on his chest..in no time he captured her soft lips..and starts sucking them..
They parted away after some time

I will go..these tricks won’t work on me…the girl said

Let’s see..how you escape from my love cage..

He drags her and they both fell on the bed


Swara pushes him and sits…she rubs her tears like a kid..and gets down from the bed…
She was cursing him..
Wind blows suddenly and she feels the devil wrapped his hands around her waist and he rests his chin on her shoulder…

Swara resists with her full force..in vain..she became tired and give in…

He turns her face towards him..Swara doesn’t look at him..

Devil : look at me..
She nods in no
Devil : swara.
She again nods in no…

Blood falls on his hand…he couldn’t control and again kissed her.,this time trying to sooth her pain..he sucked her blood..

She closes her eyes..

Devil : don’t say I’m not your husband.. I can’t bear it… I waited for u for 100 years… I can’t bear more..
He engulfed her into a bone crushing hugg
Swara : don’t know why I’m feeling to hug him back..why..why this attachment.. I wish I hadn’t gone for stupid camping on woods..

Precap : flashback starts

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