Swasan – Devil’s love in my destiny Episode 3

Hello friends sinin here. Thank you for the lovely comments. I’m very sorry the last part was incomplete and mistakenly posted.

“Name..Luke.. Yes Luke Parker”
Swara forwards her hand and says ” swara..Swara Edison”
The masculine form named Luke Parker came into his full form…swara thought him to be like ghost and witch which are shown in the movie but no he is quite good looking and handsome..
Luke smiled naughtily and bowed saying ” thanks for the compliment ”
Swara : huh..no actually.. But how did you got to know ?
Luke : madam..I’m not a human.. I’m a soul…

Swara : ohh..,you’re too kidnapped by me ?
Luke : no..I’m a cursed
Swara : who cursed u..,.that devil ?
Luke : no..but..you won’t understand.. It will take time..
Swara : why will I not understand…you don’t know I’m the best student of my class.,you just say..
Luke took a deep breath and said ” you.. You cursed me ”
Swara : what..when did I cursed you.. Don’t lie tell me the truth.. That devil cursed you na ?
Before he could explain her..a deep layer of mist started to form there..everything starts become white due to white fog. Swara starts to feel cold and scared cause she knows its the sign that devil is coming back.
Swara : maybe it’s a new fashion to come like this..I need to research about it in goggle..
Luke : you’re soon funny?

Swara : heyy its not fair..stop reading my mind ?
Luke : okay okay..I’m sorry.. I won’t do it again
“Privacy Luke” a cold stern voice shouted at Luke
Luke too looked tensed and bowed before the mist and became invisible in the air.
Swara : Jesus.. Please save me..this devil is going to kill me..
Swara watched that the fog gathered at a place and formed a masculine figure which ultimately turned into a breathtaking hot and handsome man..no devil

Devil comes towards Swara..she was shivering like hell,she tried to move back but a sudden force pulled her towards the devil and she lands on his chest. Devil smriks seeing her shivering.
He puts a hand on her bare waist and pulls her more closer..air even didn’t dared to pass through devil and his Queen.
Swara feels a ice cold touch on her waist and closes her eyes.
Swara : he is soon cold.. Did came from a refrigerator.. Or North poll..
Devil : my Queen.. You talk like a kid..I didn’t came from refrigerator..
Swara : leave me..please
He tightens his grip more. Her deep Brown eyes are gradually turning into red.
Devil : never..not in this life.. I can’t leave you nor you can escape from me..so stop making it complicated?

Swara : but I’ll die..in cold..what did I ever did you..
Devil : you can never die due to me..and you ..snatched something precious..
Swara : no..rather I saved you.. Otherwise you would have to stay there your whole life.
Devil : shut up..and go in your room
Swara pushed him and said no..leave me
Devil : swara don’t test my patience.. Devils don’t have it..
Swara shouted a big noo..
Devil : I tried to be good..but know you like devil avatar most..
Swara felt a force twisted her hand.. She felt immersed pain..
Devil smirks how’s it..

Swara was feeling very pain..it was not a ordinary man.,the devil..she stars feeling drowsy.. Her subconscious mind said..”when ever you used to feel pain.. You always called him..call him..pain will be lessen”
Swara tried hard to remember the name.. Which was very dear to her..she used to feel immerse happiness to call him..what was it..
Yes..San.,sanskar !
Swara shouted : sanskar !….
She felt the force is leaving her hand..the devil comes closer..
His red ryes turned Brown again.. He hold her and asked..
” what you said..?

Why ?
I don’t know..
She fell on his arms.. He hugged her tightly.. And took her to room
Luke was sitting on the railings of second floor.. He had tears in his eyes.
He removes it and smiles..
Luke : how..it is even possible.. Someone can even stop the devil.,is love so powerful..that it turned him into a devil…and again make him angel.. I should take a selfie and post in instragram…soul in tears…

Flash back starts
Swara wakes up from dream she is sweating profusely. Its just 2 am..she starts feeling restless.. She drinks water and tries to clam herself… She lies on the bed again but doesn’t get sleep. She then thinks to have a walk in the garden.

Swara point of view
It’s soo clam and quite here..all are sleeping except me and owl. The moon looks quite big..maybe its a full Moon night today. I sat on a bench of a orphanage…wait wait but I’m not a orphan.. My aunt mother marry is the owner of this sunshine orphanage. My father and mother both died at the time of my birth.. My Grandma abandoned me saying I’m inauspicious.. My mother Mary then took care of me from childhood and my best friend Jesus. Till my fifteenth birthday everything was quite normal according to me except my attraction with ocean and sky..mother was quite protective about me..never leave me alone…on my 15th birthday night I saw a dream… Its blurred but enough scary..that’s the beginning and it didn’t stopped till now.. Every time it become more clear and more real..I started to feel I’m not normal like other girl..I’m something else…
My dream is something like this……

Ana stop..don’t go like this I’m sorry.. A boy cried
No..don’t you dare to follow me..you broke my trust..how could you listen to him.. A girl said going away from him
No..he is not wrong..we will be the most powerful in the world.. We will rule the world.. The boy said with cofiedence
No..I’m warning you stop this..or you’ll lose me
Ana..I can’t lose this..its heaven.. I wanted this always they boy exclaimed
Is this your last decision.. Over me ? She asked
Yes.. U stay with… Ana no..the boy shouted in horror

The girl said stay away..and fire..revolves around her in circle.. She cries looking at the boy
Ana..don’t do it..how will I stay without u..they boy cried
He tried to touch her but the fire prevented him..he feels helpless

No..its too late..you closed power over me..your love.. Its over..I’m going..You lose me..you made me so helpless that I don’t have any options… I can’t stay with you…
The girl smiled for the last time..and the fire crushed on her… It became ashes and falls here and there
Ana..no…the boy cried loudly running behind the ash like mad..but only her last words echoes in his ears “I LOVED U SANSKAR”

Flashback ends

Guys please comment …and can you guess the mystery..?

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