Swasan My devil teaser

Heyyyy guys thankyou so much for giving me lovly response n coment…I am soo happy never thought u all will like this ff so much…now coming to my devil hahhaha guys do u really think my devil will change???
Soo guys here is the 1st teaser of my devil…

Scene 1…

Ragini is Working with sanskar but in other Departement where laksh is also Working seeing ragini someone went behind her…held her n dragged  her to store room seeing him ragini became shocked…


Lak: (held from shoulder) yes me

Rag: (sceard) what are u doing here n leave me (about to go but he pinned her to wall)

Lak: (angry) u cant damit u cant ragini now its High time u have to live with me

Rag: (panicked) no no leave me laksh plzzz (while crying)

Lak: this is what I am doing ragini from many years even I left my family but still u cant forgive them n me I know we did mistake but still

Rag: (angry+crying) mistake do u really think it was a mistake ok let me ask u one thing laksh instend of me n di what if swara was there

Lak: (shout angry about to slap her) RAGINI

Rag: (hell sceard) u cant even imagine swara on my place n di place and here u are saying to forgett n forgive plzz laksh leave me

Lak: (held her thigtly) I am giving u Warning ragini if u didnt came i will take u with me by hook or crook n will tell to ur family the truth

Saying he was leaving n ragini was pleading him

Rag: (begging) no no laksh plzz I am begging u dont Do this plzzzz (he left n she felt with thud on floor crying badly)

Scene 2

Sharmishta came to mm ask them for forgivness n beg them to spare swara..

Sh: sujata g i am u plzzz spare swara

Suj: (confuse) Swara n why are u asking me to spare her

Sh: (shocked) where is my swara what did sanskar with her

Suj: sanskar what are u saying tell me

Sharmishta told her everything from starting till now n left after asking for forgivness making sujata hell shocked on sanskar behaviour n left towards farmhouse…

Suj: sanskar sanskar

Hearing his name he came n was shocked to see sujata even swara came after him…she Came near him n slaped him thigtly nonstop…

Suj: what have u done I told u na dont Do this but u

Saying this she faint sanskar picked n left towards his room made her lay on bed…

San: sorry mom sorry

Swara shocked seeing this side of sanskar she standing near door hiding herself from sansker making him sure that He dont notice….After sometime when sujata gained her coussion sankar told her something which shocked swara n happiness start fowlling from her eyes….

Scene 3

Swasan Reception is on full Swing gododia family is also invited…seeing gododia family sanskar anger Boiled but he is only controling himself beacuse of his mother…

When swara entered everyone became shocked mostly gododia family seeing this sanskar smirked…

Her eyes were filled with tears but she whiped soon seeing sanskar deadly glare which made her sceard like hell…

Sooo guys this teaser of my devil…

About which truth were laksh speaking ?
what happend with ragini n pari ?
What did sanskar told sujata ?
Why hearing this swara is happy ?
Why is gododia family shocked seeing swara ?
What happend to her ?

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