Swasan My devil epi 9

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The episode start with sanskar dragging swara to car while she was crying in pain as he was holding her tightly she was trying to get out of his grip but he tight more his grip which hurted more and tears were fowling down from her eyes his grip was leaving his mark on her showing his torcher….soon the reached near car sanskar throw swara on the front seat she was about to hit the steering but somehow got hold of herself….

Sanskar sat beside her on driver saet and start driving he was really angry on gododia and on sujata as she asked him to bring her mm… her sobbing was also irritating him he was controlling himself not hurt her more but it was getting difficult for him…being out of control he stop car suddenly duet which she was hit with front desk of car then she looked at sanskar in shock mostly in fear he turn to her his eyes were red with anger she was little shivering with fear she looked down not to meet his angered full eyes but in next moment she was in his lap he pulled her with such a force that she landed on his lap…she was so shock in fear she held his tightly and closed her eyes tightly tears were still fowling from her eyes but for the 1st time sanskar was lost in her innocence the fear on her face was visible to him the way she was holding his shirt tightly he was mesmerized seeing her like this… she was looking dam innocence how couldn’t he see her innocence….

Slowly his hand moved to her face then caressed her cheek slowly and carefully not to hurt feeling his touch swara shivered more in fear and tight her grip on his shirt as she was thinking now he will show his devilness on her but instead showing his rough side in this moment he was sweet the way he is caressing her cheek this was normal for her but she didn’t dare to open her eyes as she know in next moment he will be devil again which she can’t afford…. He was so lost in her that he didn’t realized he was leaning towards her lips feeling his hot breath swara heart start beating fast her she closed her eyes more tightly to face hell soon he placed his on her taking her in sweet kiss which surprised her more this devil was kissing her slowly jet lovingly like showing his all love care concern each every emotion was in this kiss for swara he was sucking her lips lightly while taking her pain away the person who gave her pain like a devil is now taking her pain how… her grip on his shirt was getting lose but still there was fear in her heart that he will be again devil with her she was thinking all that he bited lightly on her lip now this was also shock for swara as he always bited her like animal who want to eat their food when he bited she gasped little but this time not out of pain out of plasuere which she is getting from sanskar from her devil yeah her devil because she know he is only devil with her he is not same sanskar who was with his mom but with her he is devil even she was lost in that kiss its her 1st kiss whit him which was sweet yet gentle to her surprise…. He roamed his tongue inside her mouth tasting each corner of her he was so lost in her that he didn’t realized what he is doing her innocence made some magic on him that he forgot everything why he pulled her towards himself but soon he came in sense hearing horn sound and broke the kiss immediately on realizing what he was doing he looked at swara who was looking him in fear but her surprise he didn’t said anything and made her sit on her seat….

It was very new to swara somewhere she felt happy as today she had her 1st kiss really like 1st kiss with her husband yeah husband she know he wanted to take his revenge which she don’t know but still he is her husband but doesn’t mean she will accept him whatever he is doing is wrong its getting for difficult to know sanskar because the sanskar she saw with his mother is very different from the sanskar who is with her…

San: (monologue) what happened to me how could I kiss her like this (looked at swara from corner of his eye) her innocence is making me crazy her fear each everything about her is making me crazy control sanskar control yourself you wanted take revenge from her family so control for that u are using her (he closed his eyes for a second) di papa look na what I became now a devil who is destroying someone life I am really cruel how can I do this I never thought I will be like this papa (became teary thinking about rp) ur sanskar will be a devil but they did wrong for that they have to pay (control himself) yes they will pay papa and I will make sure…

He looked again at swara and saw she is still waring those cloths he can’t take her like this mm so turn his car towards shopping mall he didn’t want to go in big shopping as everyone will recognize him… he stop his car near a small shopping mall swara looked outside then looked at sanskar in confuse way..

San: (coldly) change ur cloths

Sw: (shocked) what

San: I I mean (don’t know how to say her) come

Came out of car but swara was still sitting he looked at her then walk to her side open the car door and held her shoulder lightly and brought out of car shocking her again he held her hand in his lightly and walk in mall they went to ladies section now swara get what he was saying sanskar looked at few dresses then took blue color frok which was his favorite color he walk with swara to trial room still holding her hand and gave her the dress…

San: now go change (swara nodded) listen (she turn to him) come soon

To which she again nodded and went to trial room swara changed her dress but she got problem as she couldn’t zip her dress she was trying to close the zip but her hand was not reaching she don’t know what do its been ten minute and swara was still struggling with her zip and sanskar was getting angry as he can’t wait more so he remove little curtain and went inside shocking swara (guys we don’t have here door but curtains) her hand was on her zip but she was looking at sanskar in shock he looked at trough the mirror her back was facing him he was memorized seeing her in his favorite color she was looking very beautiful and mostly very innocence….then he looked at her hand which was holding her zip while looking at her he hold her zip she immediately took her hand away while he was looking at her she looked down he start moving with her zip up while his finger were brushing on her bare back after doing this he went out leaving swara again in shock…. She came out trial room and saw him paying bill he came then back to her hold her hand went to car… today sanskar behavior was very new to swara 1st his kiss now this dress both sat in the car left to mm….

Precap: swara in mm

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