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Heyyy guys…Hope u all r liking I am sorry for being late by posting my ff…my cousin have wedding so that why I am busy.. n guys tell me which ff should I Post next swasan second chance or trust me…

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Soo lets start with my devil…

After seeing the caller name Sanskar left closing the door immediately his car without caring about anything while the servant looked at him in confuse n other were looking towards sanskar room…he sat on drivingseat n start driving fastly while driving he looked at the mirror n could see some blood drops on his lips…he remembered how hard he bited on swara’s lips n neck making them bleed badly to hurt her more n more…soon He reached at his home while coming out of car He washed his face n went inside the mansion…

When he entered he saw his mother n sister on Dining table waiting for him…seeing him they start eating he looked at them 1st in confuse way but them smiled…while smiling he went near sujata hugged her  from back n kissed her cheek…

San: (smile) sorry maa (but she kept quite he looked towards his di but she also avoided him n was eating without giving him dam heed) diiii I am sorry na (he said while broken the hug n Seating on his place) I am really sorry I had very important work that why I am late sorry maaf kar do na (he said with puppy face which can melt anyones heart seeing him they smiled finally)

Suj: (happy) fine this is last time sanskar n yeah if u being late plzzz inform us

San: ok ma I will inform

Rag: by the way what was today so important han

Hearing ragini sudden question sanskar became shocked he looked at his sis n mother who were waiting for his answer he never Lied to them but today beacuse of swara he have to lai to his family which was making him angry…

San: Woh dii wo..yeah I had important prasentation with frogein clints soo I was just checking is everything is good or not..

Rag: oh okey

Suj: stop talking lets eat…

Ragsan: yeah mom…

After eating they sat in living room talking with eachother happily…

San: by the way dii when r u going to join office..

Rag: (shocked sceard) sanskar I I was..thinking (intrupedt by sanskar)

San: (sad) no di no more excuses

Rag: but sanskar

San: no di (saying this he Got up went near rag..kneel down infront her held her both hand) plzzz di dont Do this with urself n with us (he looked at her with teary eyes…OMG THE DEVIL GOT TEARS??)dii plzz join office try to Come out of ur fear

Raguni got teary seeing her lovly brother in tears she looked towards sujata even she had Tears…seeing this ragini doesnt want hurt them anymore its been years to that incident which is hurting n duet to her, her family is hurted…

Rag: (whiped sanskar tears) stop crying like a Girl ok n yeah I coming to office

San: (happy) really dii u are coming (ragini nodded in yes n sanskar hugged her thigtly) thankyou dii thankyou

After that they Talk happily n went towards their room to sleep…Everyone slept except sanskar one side he was happy knowing that ragini will join office but on the other side he was thinking about swara how to make her life more hell…
Seeing her Tears somewhere he felt bad in is heart deep down but soon past incident flashback start coming in his mind which overpowered his brain with hatred n revenge only for gododia family…by now it was 3 am but still sanskar sleep was far all the time he was thinking about swara her teary eyes…her bleeding lips which was beacuse of him seeing her in that state he remembered something which made him teary n more angry n his hatred towards gododia family or u can say towards swara groß even more….

But soon his thought were intrupedt by a shouting sound…hearing someone shouting sanskar panicked n went towards ragini room immediately…

Ragini room….

When he entered in her room He was shocked seeing the scene infront his eyes…everything was broken her room became total a mess while walking inside sanskar looked around n saw broken glasses their picture were laying on floor he looked for ragini…When he saw he was broken tears were fowlling down from his eyes seeing his lovly sister state…

Ragini was sitting in corner hugging herself crying badly hearing some footstep Sound ragini looked her eyes became duet continusly crying seeing sanskar coming near her she start shouting making sanskar cry more on her condition…

Rag: (crying sceard) gooo jao plzz Chor do mujhe plzz leave me goo away maaaaaaaaa paapaaaaa bachaooo diiiiii bachaooo

San: (crying seeing her) diii main hun sanskar aap ka bhei (trying to cupp her face) dii its me sanskar urs sanskar (she jerked him n pushed him with full force n went in other corner) diii

Rag: no no plzzz leave me diiiiii maaaa paapaaaaa bachao…

Sanskar tried to held her but she jerked him away…she held a Broke vase in her hand before ragini could her herself sanskar held wrist thigtly n pushed her towards himself…held Broken vase throw in corner..

San: dii its me urs sanskar
(Without paying any heed to him ragini bited sooo hard on his hand which start bleeding making sanskar shout in pain) aaahhh
(but he didnt loosed his Grip on ragini n injected her something duet that injection she went uncoussion)

He held ragini n picked her in bridel style n  made her lay on bed…n start crassing her hair lovingly n pecked on her forehaed…while he was lost suddenly he felt someone hand on head which were crassing his hair he smiled sadly n looked towards sujata

San: (teary) maa

Suj: (teary sad) shhh u are my strong bacha na (no oder in yes) then stop crying (made sanskar lay on her lap n start crassing his hair while seeing ragini sleeping uncoussion with pain full eyes)

San: (teary anger hatred) I wont leave the ma I wont they have to pay for everything

Suj: (smile sadly) n what do u think after talking ur revenge u can live happily han (sanskar looked at her up in confuse way) sanskar my bacha revenge is not solution of every Problem what do u think after taking revenge u can live peacefully then u are wrong sanskar very wrong whta will be the diffrence between u n them n yeah they will pay for their mistake sanskar n for that u dont have to make ur hand dirty sanskar…plzz sanskar dont Do anything which can make ur ma n papa head down (hearing sujata sanskar looked down he did a mistake not mistake but a sin for ruining someone life…which was truly pure..sujata kissed her forehaed lovingly while he slept in her lap thinking about swara)

To be continue…

So guys what do u think will this devil change or not…

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  1. Simi

    Where is laksh

  2. Shinchan1205

    Awesome but sad…

  3. Simi

    Where is laksh ?

    1. Rabia0032

      Dont know yaar at home maybe?

  4. Super interesting

  5. Mahavir

    diiiii….!!!!!! woohoooooo what was that my devil is going to change as an angel….yeyyyyyyyyy yipeeeeeeee…..love u sooooo much di…loads of love….n a tight hug…n about ragini feeling really sad for her….

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear but devil will change huh dont know ?

  6. Kaynatk01

    aww it was truly awesome sanskaar in tears waiting for truth to unfold

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear but plzz post pp soon I cant wait

  7. awesome. hey rabia plz change ur dp its showing raglak in dp plz change it to swasan

    1. Rabia0032

      I know dear that why I wrote swasan infront my devil

  8. Astra

    Late..late… ur very late as always… plz update everyday, at least small updates. I was waiting like anything… ya, I expected sanky has a reson like this. Bu the way, who is ragini’s devil?

    1. Rabia0032

      U will know soon dear

  9. Vyshu10

    superb….waiting for all 3 updates

  10. awesome .

  11. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  12. Awesome…..nd i think he change

  13. Mumpi

    ooo he so sweet toward his family..a caring brother too.. bt wat he did wid swara is a sin hopefull k sujata’s word hv some effect on him. nd waiting for all 3 bt im more anxious about second chance.

  14. Superb

  15. Devil wont change soon.nice part

  16. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Ohhh My Gosh!!…Swsum..Swara is facing da same wich Rag Faced in Past i guess..ohh God..Poor SR ??..Sujata.good job made sanskaar realize His Mistakes…bw waiting fr swasam story…n lets see whether Devil will chng or nt..continue soon

    1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

      Nt Swusum bt Awsum*

      1. Rabia0032

        Thanks dear n will Post soon dont worry

      2. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Waiting ☺

  17. Sanswa

    Rabia well u nailed d chappie dea?..so amazing work..update soon?

  18. Swarna01

    It means ragini has nightmare prob. Lets see ahead.

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    Finally he is realizing. Wonderful episode dear. Can you send me the links whenever you post ??

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