Swasan my devil boss ( few shots) 2


Hey !! Guys thnk u for lykn my ff … ur support me to write well.. n ya i would lyk to clear tht laksh n swara wr schoolmtes n not college mtes .. n swara is sanskrs frst love…lets c whtr swara lyk him or not…

Swara’s pov:
Shit man ! I whispered what d hell .. just then he said come in miss swara n please take a seat …i tryd my level best that he shuld not recognize me or as if i dont evn rember him ..bt no doubt i use to lyk him alot in my school days bt thn i was confused wd my feelings for him ..n thn i saw him hugging tht b*t*h n she was alwys stick arund him i mde a conclusion we r not meant to be together n m coming between thm so i plnned to walk out frm his lyf … n know my ex crush is agn sittng lyk a arrogant man in front of me no doubt he look hot.. jst shutup swara he is jst ur boss n he didnt evn recognize u thats y he is so calm .. so bttr be quite n dnt heat up d situation .. i cme out frm my thoughts whn he told me tht if i wnt this job i need to stay wd him in his farmhouse n i stammered w..what ? .. n he said no need to thnk much laksh told him i need a place to live so he is offering me his servant quater … is he mad swara gadodia will stay in servant quater bt thn i was lyk u cnt do nythn n u need ths job also n a place to live to n he didnt knw me who i m so its fine .. i accepted his offer n he gave me his arrognt smirk … dnt knw why bt let it be ..he gav me d addrss n a file … addrss of his frmhouse n file of a compy n i need to complete it till tommrw mrng as d day was hectic n office hours were over i headed towrd his farmhouse …

Sanskar pov:
She dnt knw wht she is gng to face .. i felt bit upset how she cn b so mean she didnt recognize me n i spnd my collg days thinkn abt her .. no thnkn how to mke her suffer … swara i need d blo*dy resn y u left me dammit … n i ll mke sure this tym u wont lev me n go … i headed towrds d farmhouse as i live awy frm my fmily alone .. i lov my lonelynss .. once u hv loved smone truely u knw d pain of sepration … i mke her realise d intense heart break ..
as i reached farmhouse she was stnding outside n kaveri my maid ask me sir who is she i said my new secretary give her d keys of servnt quaters she was about to sy smthn bt i ws lyk do as i say .. she handle her d keys n she said me thnk u n i thought she gnna regret fr ths thnk u .. i wnt inside frmhouse wd arrogance ..

Swara pov:
I was hell tired i open d door n i was shocked to see d servnt quater it ws lyk zoo ..i need to clean up this mess no man … i took a duster n strt dusting d old bed n d table n suddnly i saw a big rat n i shouted loud collctn al my strngth n run ouside towrds d lawn .. bt oh damn i fall down with a thud n i cn feel my arm ws bleedin bt why ground is so hard i open my eyes ..oh damn its mre scary thn evr i fall on sanskar he was lookin in my eyes deeply n so do i feel lyk to do .. we had an intense eyes lock disturbed by kaveri syng sir dinner is ready plz come .. i foot got sprain my hand was bleeding n he got up i try to stnd he noted my exprssn n took me in his arms in bridal style oh man whts hppening to me .. plzz… plzz .. i dnt wnna fall fr his devil looks agn

Guys … i hope u ll lyk it ignr mstkes n keep cmtn n thnks evryone .. n ya ignr my mistkes .

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