Swasan a Devil to an Angel (Teaser)

So guys here I’m with my new ss.
In most of the ff,in serial also they have shown that always how swara was strong and how she fought against ragini to prove her innocence

So here I’m posting teaser if u like it and want me to continue.i will post the rest.

It’s starts from after raglak marriage, ragini gone to mm as their dil

Here in Bose house
Shomi and dida are crying or we can say faking crying.
Shomi:(dramatically)maa shona how would she?Where is she?
Dida after closing all the doors and windows.
Dida:shomi now stop ur acting.huh can’t even act to cry.hey bhagwan i was afraid that spineless shekar would guess the matter seeing ur fake cry.
Shomi:(pouted)maa I’m not that much bad in acting ?
Dida:haa haa !! It’s a nice joke shomi.anyways where is our devil
Shomi:maa now only i got a message from her that she is with sanskar in hospital.u know na he Searched for her and came to know her place according to our plan.

Scene changes.
Here sanskar along with swara came to mm.seeing swara all r shocked and ragini was scared.sanskar directly brought swara to mm from the hospital.
Swara:i know all of you are shocked by seeing me here but I’m here to tell everyone the nasty truth about someone.
Hearing her ragini was hell scared as she knows she is gonna let out her truth.
Laksh:now what is left swara?What did u do swara?U ran from ur own marriage?Y ?U told that u love me na phirbe?(helding her shoulders)
Dp: laksh leave her.and swara get out now before i do something.
Swara:uncle don’t u want to know y i was not there at mandap?
Dadi:we all know chori that u eloped with some guy
Swara:it is not true dadi,some one has deliberately pushed me in to river to stop my marriage.and i have all the proofs against the person now.(to sanskar )call police i want that person to go to jail.
Listening the word jail , ragini was highly scared and wanted to divert her mind.
Ragini (nervous):swara have u seen urself,u r hurted omg ur forehead is still bleeding.
Swara:??i know how much u care for me ragu.

Soon police arrived at mm.
Seeing them ragini was??
Soon swara showed them some videos(only to police) and the hospital file where it has been stated that she was drugged.
Soon police came towards raglak making ragini more scared but instead of ragini ,they arrested laksh making everyone to shocked including ragini and sanskar.
Pm:u r under arrest Mr.laksh Mahesheshwari
DP:but wat did my son do inspector?
Pm:he gave drugs to miss.swara ,and pushed her in to river and maligned her character in front of the society just for his revenge.
Saying this inspector took laksh with him, making all of mm numb.
Here guest started to talk against laksh how he is a spoilt brat and how he is play boy.
Listening this DP hung down his head making swara smirk.
This was seen by ragini, sanskar and sujata who knows all the truth

So guys how is it?

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  1. interesting…continue soon

  2. Awesome dear continue soon

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    Wow!! Interesting!! Waiting for next part Di! ?

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    Loved it.. totally different from the serial..!
    Continue soon!!

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    God total devil o have to decide here who is angel and who is devil

  6. awesome update next part soon cant wait hey swara ur rocking but why shomi and dida faked crying… im not getting update soon looking forward to it

  7. ye kya tha, is swara really a cute devil or …

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    Deviliciously awesome

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    awesome concept very interesting

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    I love Swara in grey shades! Hope it’s SwaSan and not SwaLak or Rag___San.
    All the best for your story 🙂

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    Nice one! Loved it..!! Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

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  24. loved it…read 3 &4 parts also…gud going

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