Swasan a Devil to an Angel Part 1

Seeing dp guilty infront of people swara smirked at his condition,this was seen by ragini sanskar and sujata who knows all the truth.but they are shocked seeing swara blaming laksh for the things that were done by ragini.
Swara:(innocently)dadi I’m not at fault it was laksh who did all these things with me in order to take his revenge.u know na dadi because of me only laksh was thrown out of mm,for this he wanted revenge,he first cunningly acted he is sorry then he acted as he loved me then he gave me drugs so that he can maligned my character infront of everyone.today he..He..(faked crying)
Dadi:swara today what he did?
Swara:today when i was about to do my pooja at that bridge,he pushed me in to river and made u all believe that i eloped from here.
Saying this she hugged dadi and began to cry louder
Dadi don’t know what to do,she just a shued her.
While ragini and others were shocked.
Ragini was the first one to act
Ragini:dadima swara is lying, laksh is innocent he cannot do anything like this.(holding her by shoulder)swara y r doing this to lakshji,u very well know that lakshji didn’t do anything,it was done everything thing by Sanskar and me.then y did u made lakshji to go to jail.(bent on knees and cried)
Hearing her ap,DP and others were shocked
Dadi:what are u saying ladoo?

Before ragini could say anything swara intrepid
Swara:see dadi,how much ragini loves laksh.ragini loves laksh that much ki she took his blame on her.i know ragu,how much u love laksh and now he is ur husband so u are trying to protect him.but u should also think about urself too,if u took the blame u will go to jail, according to law laksh may get nearly ten years of punishment so because of ur love on him don’t make ur life horrible.
Dadi:swara is right ladoo.i don’t know that laksh is this much bad guy.if i had known earlier,i would have never agreed for this marriage.(determination)now also no problems,i will get u divorced from him so that i can make u marry to another good cultured boy.suniye ji,hum teek keh reh hain na?
Dada:ha parvathi,we will do that only.first of all we will take our ladoo to our home.
Hearing that conversation, ragini got a mini heart attack.

Few hours before she had dreamt so many dreams for her future,she almost killed her sister, broken her maa Baba relationship,lied all the way to get laksh,but now everything is over by single minute.
Thinking this tears flowed through her cheeks,she looked up to see swara who smirk seeing at her condition.anger roused up in her,she without thinking tried to strangle swaras neck,but one push from swara she falled on the ground.
Swara:dadi see my sister she tried to kill me just for her husband.i understand her situation dadi.dadi,i think ragini is need of psychiatrist now.
Dadi:swara how could say that???
Swara:dadi but see her condition,she is fully broken to know that laksh whom she loved has done these things.its better if we take her to some good doctor,becoz u too know who much ragini loves laksh.she wants treatment dadi,our support especially ur support ?
Women 1:see how much concern swara shows on her sister, even though she is step sister.really parvathi,u r very lucky to get swara as ur grand child
Women 2:ha beta,if u can forgive us we talked very bad abt u and ur upbringing.really beta u r a gem,that laksh is a fool to reject u.i must say apji and dpji never have any values to him.thats y he is like that.
Sooner whole guest started to badmouth laksh while ap and dp helplessly stood at their place.
Hearing all this swara felt happy but covered with innocent face.while ragini cried much more before passing out.
Dadi and dada took an unconscious ragini ,and left before saying hurtful words to ap and dp.
Sanskar and sujata both felt bad seeing sad faces of dp and ap.
Swara:aunty uncle whatever laksh has done,I’m sorry to say this but i will not leave him that easily.i know u r feeling bad but he hurted me very much that ki if i want to forgive him also i cant.hope u will understand my situation.
Ap and dp gave her sad look and left to their rooms followed by parish.
Now sanskar, sujata and swara was only there.
Sanskar:what was that swara.u also know that ragini and i was the one who did wrong with you,then y u punished laksh for our deeds.(angry)
Swara:(walking to sujata)i know sanskar,in this not only u , ragini are involved i also know that sujata auntyji is involved.so aunty i want to ask a question from u.if in my place if ur daughter would have been there what will u feel.
Sujata:what are saying???
Swara:that aunty for ur son ,u tried to defame me broke my relationship , maligned my character infront of people,u almost wanted to kill me.if that and all happened to ur daughter instead of me what will be ur reaction.
Sanskar:swara ,don’t u dare to hurt uttara.i swear i will forget everything i will kill u.
Sujata: please leave my uttara.she is innocent.pls.
Swara:relax aunty and sanskar.i will never hurt any innocent unlike u people.but aunty like ur daughter I’m also someone’s daughter, like u my mother is also worried for me,like ur daughter i too was innocent,i Didn’t do any bad to u and ur family.then y the hell u did these things to me??

Suji and sanskar were numb due to guilt.
Suji:I’m sorry swara ,i feel guilty now.im ashamed to call myself as a women I’m sorry.maybe my sorry is not enough for ur wounds but still im sorry.
Sanskar:me too swara I’m sorry.
Swara:it’s ok, anyways u have helped me very much.i should say thank you.
Sanskar:but y did u …
Swara: sanskar like u think,laksh is not any saint or something,he is paying for his deeds.that is all i can say now.but don’t ever say that he is innocent.
Sanskar and sujata couldn’t understand anything . Soon swara left to baadi.
News of laksh arrest and swara innocent has reached baadi, shekar and baadi people were ashamed of their acts.

At baadi
People were near Bose house just then swara came in
All the baadi people apologize to swara and shomi for their wrong accusations.meanwhile shomi,dida and swara had tears (maybe fake,)
After that session swara moved in Bose house followed by dida and shomi who gave a angry glare to shekar who was watching all this.
After shutting the door,
The trio rolled on the floor due to laughter
Shomi:shona everything went smoothly according to our plan,then what is ur next move.
Swara:i will release laksh from jail after 10 days.
Dida:what!!R u crazy?How can we?
Swara:dida ,u don’t worry that spineless shekar himself will come and plead me to take my case back as he will not want his daughter’s​life ruined,that time we will execute our next plan.

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    omg that was sooooooooooooooooo thrilling i loved it doing dance reading this……………
    hahahahaa that nagini and laksh really deserve punishment……………………
    i was happy seeing them suffering for their deeds…………….
    love u dear what an awesome update………..
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    Ughh I’m literally in love with this devil Swara, Shomi and Dida! They are just tooo good and evil…??
    I’m happy that Swara is fighting for herself and that all of them are suffering in a way, either by taunts from other people or by a punishment..! Nearly all of the Maheshwari’s and Gadodia’s were somehow involved in the things that happened to Swara..
    Laksh criminal?! LOL! Would love to see how that happened!
    Anyways, loved the chapter!
    Update soon, take care!! :-*

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