Swasan – destiny’s love (episode 2)


Thank u people for your comments.. And I am extremely sorry.. I couldn’t post .. I was damn busy with the ongoing examinations and they are not at all easy to tackle.. And after that tu also stopped posting for a while.. I can’t tell if u all would like it or not.. But it’s written in a hurry and is even not proof read so pls pardon me for mistakes.. I actually didn’t thought of writing it but my sis suggested and I asked u all .. I was really happy that people wanted me to continue .. It’s a great pleasure for someone when his or her work is applauded.. So do the case with me ……
I actually told in last episode that they got married .. I am quitting that part and now we will start that the Maheshwari family has decided that the engagement will be tonight .. And of course tomorrow the wedding.
Let’s continue

It was a pleasant afternoon for both SWARA and SANSKAAR. The short nap which they took re freshened them. The good news of their engagement was not hidden by them.. The news filled their every inch of body with zeal and vigour. SWARA along with her father was in the Maheshwari mansion due to the insistence of her to be new family.. She loved the way all greeted her , specially the dramatic teasings by her sister and brother in law, Uttara and laksh. And sanskaar. Uhmm… His heart gleamed with joy seeing his princess happy. Next, all settled at the large dining table to shut the mouths of the mice growling in their stomachs. Uttara sat beside SWARA and laksh sat beside SANSKAAR. They both awaited for chances to Tease their lovely bhai and bhabi.. As all settled .. SWARA felt a slight kick on her legs .. She rose up to see, SANSKAAR smirking wildly.. She quietly ate her food and didn’t react to her actions.. SANSKAAR just flunged his mouth open to see her so calm.. He again kicked her .. Again and again and again.. No response.. This time he kicked little hard.. But to his bad luck .. It was not SWARA whom he kicked , it was Uttara .. SWARA was calm but Uttara shouted and whisked in pain ” Bhai , what are you doing? Why the hell did u kick me? ” SANSKAAR flushed all red with embarrassment .. What can the poor boy do.. ( He just wanted to do some pre marriage masti???) . All scoured at SANSKAAR but in no time.. It was clear to the family that his target was SWARA but unfortunately , the victim was Uttara. Uttara shot angry glares at him while SWARA along with the whole family giggled ” SANSKAAR u r not allowed to meet SWARA before the engagement. ” sanskaar’s bade papa declared to tease him. Everybody could see how the colours on sanskaar’s face changed. SANSKAAR shifted his gaze to swara and he could see her smiling broadly. Why shouldn’t she smile?? Her to be husband was giving her so much attention and which person on earth didn’t like attention.

At night,
All members of family collected. It was a small function and no external guests were invited. SANSKAAR impatiently waited for his lady love. And when she came, it seemed the world stopped for him. SWARA wore a beautiful pink lehanga, complementing her already so beautiful face.. SANSKAAR was no less. In his pink and white sherwani, he was looking damn hot .. Both stood beside each other , staring each other and showering lots of love with their fixated eyes. They exchanged the rings, the symbol of their pure eternal love. After the engagement, SWARA moved to her room . She removed her heavy jewellery and was unpinning her dupatta when from nowhere sanskaar entered her room.

Sw: sanskaar , what are u doing here. Go away .. Pls!! What if someone sees you..

Sa: swara, I actually wanted to ask u a question..

Sw: are u mad sanskaar ?? What do u want to ask ?? Ask fast!!

Sa: ohk .. I’ll tell u the question and u have to give a proper correct answer for it because whatever happens I will follow ur answers only..

Sw : sanskaar pls ask the question fast..

Sa : accha swara .. Tell me .. If one is very hungry and he sees a very delicious item infront of him then what will the person do ??

Sw : simple sanskaar.. The person will eat that delicious item .. Now I have answered the question .. Now go!!

Sa : thank u swara.. U know what.. I am very very hungry and ur lips are too tasty

Saying this he encircled his arm around her waist and leaned closer to her. Swara was now a copy of a red tomato

Sw : sanskaar.. What are u doing leave me??

Sa : I am following ur answer swara.. U only told me to eat na.

Sw: sanskaar

Sa ( in the same tone ) : swara

It was over for swara now .. She couldn’t resist their closeness now.. She just closed her eyes.. Sanskaar smiled seeing her surrendering herself.. He quickly smashed his lips on her. The kiss was fierce. It had unlimited passion which was reciprocated from both sides.
Sanskaar unintentionally started caressing her open back and swara clutched his hair more tight.Entwining their fingers , they fell on the bed ,, they broke out when they felt the need of the oxygen … Sanskaar then placed soft feathery kisses on her neck area .. Swara had no option other than blushing .. Sanskaar then called out her name.. For swara ,, her name from his mouth seemed more sweet than thousand piles of honey.. She wrapped her arms around his neck and then kissed him.. Sanskaar sucked her lip hard. When they broke out , sanskaar just kept on staring her.. Her disheveled hair , her smudged lipstick .. All these things were making sanskaar crazy.. He didn’t know when his hand travelled her back slid down the zip of her blouse .. Swara was all lost in sanskaar’s eyes when she realised what they were about to do.. She frantically called sanskaar and even sanskaar realized .. He stood up from the bed and even made swara stand..

Sa – swara .. I am sorry .. I didn’t know how I ….wo….

Sw – it’s ohk sanskaar.. No need of explanation ..By the way tomorrow I’ll be all only yours , only and only yours.. D

Sa – swara .. I am so happy to have u in my life.

He hugged her , placed a peck on his forehead.. And headed towards his room.. When he was at door , swara called out his name , gave a long kiss on his lips and said ” I love u sanskaar’ . ” I love u too swara” replied sanskaar.

Next day,
Maheshwari house was decorated grandly .. It was planned that the mehndi would be in morning along with Sangeet.. And at night the wedding.. ( guys I know I missed a lot of rituals but I can’t help … Sorry ???)

SWARA was being applied mehndi and SANSKAAR was sitting beside her… Uttara yelled ” bhai move from here.. What are u doing here.. Bhabi tell him to go na.. U know Na he has to find his name in ur hands .. If he will sit here .. Then he will get to know where his name is and then he will win.. Girls team would loose.. ” SWARA in response said something which shocked him to the core…
” Uttara .. It’s ok.. Waise bhi I don’t like mehndi .. I am just putting it like this only and and I am not going to write anyone’s name other than my name in my hand and sanskaar’s name … No chance”.. She said it very seriously..SANSKAAR gave a sad smile and went away .. He eagerly wanted to see his name decorated in her hand.. He was upset that his princess didn’t wish to do so.. Meanwhile , SWARA was also upset .. SWARA and Uttara was just playing a prank with him so that he may be distracted and the mehndi girls could easily write sanskaar’s name on swara’s hand.. She went after him.. ” SANSKAAR wait SANSKAAR .. I am sorry .. We were playing a prank on u .. Wait na .. Jaldi se find your name in my hands.. ”
Sanskaar’s face immediately enlightened … He stopped .. He was about to hug her but then he again pretended to be angry.. He moved to see that her whole hands were decorated with numerous lines but there was a heart in the mid of her right hand with SANSKAAR written in between.. ” it’s ok SWARA .. But I am really upset. ” inside he was all jumping and laughing and outside… Phiuu…. SANSKAAR moved from there and SWARA was all busy in making a plan to molify him and there ..,it struck her.. The Sangeet started but SWARA was seen nowhere.. Suddenly lights off.. There was a dim light in the centre.. SANSKAAR was dazed to see SWARA there dancing with so much flexibility and love . She was dancing on the song ‘Sab tera’ and pointed her every actions towards him.. . In between, she said I love you to him infront of everyone and secretly passed a flying kiss..In no time .. SANSKAAR too joined her and both hammered the stage with their performance ..

At night
SWARA and SANSKAAR were sitting on the mandap… While the priest was reciting the mantras , they had a short eyelock. They took the seven vows from lifetime .. Then SANSKAAR made her wear the mangalasutra.. Indicating their life long togetherness.. As SANSKAAR applied the vermilion on her forehead..a tear of happiness escaped from swara’s eyes..

In the room
As SANSKAAR entered the room he hugged SWARA from back..
Sa- SWARA .. I don’t know what to say.. What to do .. I love u SWARA .. For me these are not just four words.. They are my life.. My source of living.. Thank u for coming in my life SWARA.. Thank u so much…… SWARA !!!!!!!…. Why aren’t u replying.!!!!!!!!!!!.. SWARA.!!!!!!!. ….
He went in the front and shouted loudly.. …………………………………………………………..: it was laksh standing before him wearing a bridal attire.. At the back Uttara and SWARA laughed out loud seeing sanskaar’s expression ..

Uttara and laksh: bhai.. Sorry bhai.. Don’t give us those death glares.. We are going we won’t spoil ur night

Here, SWARA had changed and was wearing a simple yet beautiful white chiffon saree.. With a messed up bun. She looked better than the Greek goddesses

Sa- SWARA .. U didn’t do good by playing two pranks at me in a single day.. Now u have to bear the consequences …

Saying this he moved towards her .. He badly wanted to savour the sweetness of her body but he stopped himself.. He could see that SWARA was shivering .. Her hands become sweaty.. He thought that may be she is uncomfortable ..

Sa: it’s ohkk SWARA .. If u want time then it’s okay with me.. I will never force any rights on you…

Sw: who told u this?? Did I say anything ?? No na, then why did u make ur own assumption.. I don’t need any time , I need only my husband, my soul mate

She stopped in between when she felt a warm sensation of hot breath on her neck.. The sensation of sanskaar’s lips on her neck … Swara shivered

Sw: sanskaar let me complete …

Sa: but u only said u need ur husband
( sanskaar started his teasing )

Sw: but..

Sa: what but!! That means u r not comfortable

Sw: no … But

Sa: matlab u r comfortable

Sw: but…

Sa: so u want to say.. U r not comfortable.

Now frustrated of sanskaar’s teasing questions .. Swara kissed him straight on her lips.. Sanskaar deepened the kiss to explore her mouth.. There tounges met.. Sanskaar’s patience level broke.. He let her silky hairs open, took SWARA in his arm and laid her down on bed….

Note: though I have made sure not to use any offensive word or so .. To be serious there are lot of play with words down .. I have already told u but trust me there’s nothing vulgar I have added in this.. If u think that it has something vulgar then u are most welcome to criticize me.. And if u think that the word bosom is vulgar then u r mistaken because if u have read merchant of Venice by Shakespeare .. A course book in school then u must have come across this word not once but many times.. It is clearly advent there ..

He laid down her on bed and licked her ear lobes. SWARA was drowned in shyness .. She knew what was coming up and she was ready for it.. After all it was she who had ignited this fire.. He again looked at her glowing face and placed trails of kisses from her face to her collar bone upto her neck and down to the cleavage area… SWARA moved and turned her back toward him not able to meet the intensity of his eyes.. SANSKAAR smiled crookedly seeing her wife blushing.. His arms roamed all around her creamy white skin which was exposed by her deep blouse. He gently plucked the dori of her blouse and opened. He made her face him. His mouth again planted on her .. This time more firmly . His hand was slowly removing the blouse from her shoulder.. SWARA shivered under his heated touch.. When SANSKAAR bit her near her collar bone.. She moaned in pleasure.. Very less did she know .. That the clothes which were hiding their sanity was discarded long .. Long back.. She shook when SANSKAAR reached her bosoms .. Her heart seemed to pounce out of the cage of her chest ..the touch of his skin on her body made her crazy.. Her hand slowly roamed on his back pressing him more to herself. He caressed every inch of her body and Then met her fevered eyes. SANSKAAR entwined her fingers with hers ” SWARA .. Are you ready “.. She nodded giving him a positive sign .. They merged not only physically but also emotionally .. Spiritually.. When they became one.. Their emotions reached to a height where they were all swirled .. There passion had reached to the pinnacle where to stop them was impossible.. The eternal bliss they received was evident on their faces .. They knew that they were each other’s greatest pleasure not only for now but for forever… THE END


Credit to: Riya

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