Swasan – destiny’s love (episode 2) LAST PART


Guys this is again riya.. My full name is Riya Malik . Thank u to all those who commented on the previous part… This is the end part of the story.. The last part was not proof read so it had many many typo errors .. Sorry for that.. Manage with me
In the previous part, swara was declared dead by the doctors and now the story will take 1 month leap

It’s been 1 month since swara died. I came back to St. Louis college. This is the only place where I feel peace. We spent 1 year of our life in this college. It’s atmosphere has presence of swara. I love to sit in the music room of this college. The music room was swara’s favorite place. She loved singing when I played guitar for her. I everyday play her favorite tune still expecting that one day she will come and sing with me. I have become a living corpse. My life without swara is incomplete. I am only living to take revenge from that zahir.
Like any other day, I entered the college portals, but today something was different, as if something good was going to happen. I moved towards the music room. In between, I heard that some new girl has entered the premises, but I was least bothered. I moved towards the music room, took the guitar, closed my eyes and started to play my swara’s favourite music. I was continuously playing when I heard a girl’s voice. She started singing on the tune. It was swara’s voice, her words. We completed the song and I opened my eyes and I saw swara.. I know she was alive. I know she couldn’t leave me. I left the guitar and hugged her tight, but she pushed me and started shouting on me.

THE GIRL- hey you mr. what do u think of yourself. How dare u hug me. Huh.

SANSKAAR- swara, what are u talking. Pls don’t joke. I knew u were alive but where were u since these 1 months. Why didn’t u contact me. Tell me swara!!

THE GIRL- excuse me, pls get ur mental treatment done. I am not someone swara. I am shanaya, shanaya rathore

I cupped her face and continued…

SANSKAAR- swara pls swara. Don’t joke. Look u can’t do like this. U know na how much I love u then why are u doing this. Chalo now leave all this.

She jerked my hand and started yelling
THE GIRL- see I am not any swara, twara, whatever .. Don’t u understand, I am shanaya

The dean entered the scene, Listening to the noise. He told me that shanaya is just a look alike of swara and not swara. But my heart wasn’t ready to believe what the dean said. I knew she was swara, my swara

( I will refer the girl as shanaya only)



I behaved very rudely with that guy. I didn’t want to do so but here, I had come for a special mission and I shouldn’t be distracted by it .. He was the same guy , I see everyday in my dreams. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he mends my mood, sings the same song which I sing few minutes before and …. He is the guy who kisses me. It is quite awkward for me. These dreams always trouble me and gives me immense head ache. Seeing the boy of my dreams, infront of me , I just lost my temper. But who is swara??? And why is he referring me as swara.




I started following her day and night. One week past. It had become my regular habit. After the college got over, I again followed her. Today, she was not going to some other place instead of her house. It was a restaurant, though not a very famous one. As she entered, she approached a man sitting on the side table. The man wore a cap so I wasn’t able to see his face. I with extreme carefulness sat on the next table to hear their talks.

SHANAYA- bhai, I entered the college. Now we can start our mission. And then raw have to pay for the misdeeds done to us

THE MAN- shanaya, but the man u have to tackle is very cunning. He is a raw agent and all people in raw only know to kill innocent people. Take care of yourself and I am sure, u will only fulfil our revenge and destroy the team

SHANAYA- bhai but first show me the pic of man.

The man showed her a pic and I was shocked to see that it was a pic of mine

THE MAN- SHANAYA, u need to kill this man.

SHANAYA- bhai what are u saying, I know that he has done many wrong things but I can’t kill him and I think u misunderstood him. He can’t do that.

THE MAN- how can u say like that SHANAYA. U know na that our big brother is in coma just because of him

The man , then removed his hood. He was none other than zahir’s brother, akaash. That means zahir is in coma. But why is swara calling her bhai and referring herself as SHANAYA. I need to know what the matter is. I looked up to see swara’s expression. Tears welled up in her eyes. Though she was now SHANAYA, but the thought of killing me , hurted her. Akaash was leaving the restaurant and I followed him. He reached a dark place and smirk played on his face. He laughed like mad and then started saying ” SANSKAAR Maheshwari .. Today will be ur last day .. Ur swara.. Ur love will only kill u by her own hands ..
Anger started rising in my head.. I went up to him and gave a tight punch on his cheeks.. His lips started bleeding

SANSKAAR- tell me what have u done to SWARA .. Tell me

And I again punched him hard

AKAASH- aww.. Poor boy .. U wanna now what happened to ur swara.. So listen.. When u took her to hospital .. We were also present there. We thought to kill her but then we thought she would be a great use to us . We payed the doctors to tell u that ur life, Swara is dead and her dead body has been claimed by someone.. Poor u.. Then we took her to our home and gave her memory suppressing injections and she forgot everything .. Now she considers herself as our sister and can do anything for us .. That is what she is doing and today she will surely kill u ..
But do u know why will she kill u .. Because we told her that u all are cheap persons who supply drugs and girls for money.. And now she hates u people.. Hates u all .. Hates

I started beating him black and blue..
I was stopped by someone’s voice

( now as u know that SHANAYA is SWARA so I’ll refer her as SWARA now)



SWARA- stop sanskaar!! How dare u beat my bhai

SANSKAAR- listen to me .. He is not ur bhai neither u r SHANAYA rathore .. U r SWARA gadodia.. My SWARA

SWARA- what do u think of ur self ., u will say anything and I’ll believe u.

I thought that SANSKAAR is a good person and bhai thought of him wrong but seeing my bhai in this state , I couldn’t help .. Thank god that bhai called me here otherwise I don’t know what SANSKAAR would have done with him .. I removed my tears and took out a gun from my jeans and pointed at him. I didnt want to kill him because i loved him.. I loved him .. Though I saw him only on my dreams .. I could feel his love.. But this man which I was seeing in front of me was a completely different personality and I hated this man. I felt a sharp pain in my head .. I got flashbacks of someone shooting me. But I controlled myself …

SANSKAAR- SWARA .. Will u really kill me?? Will u kill ur SANSKAAR ??? Don’t u remember anything?? Don’t U remember that even u were a raw agent.. Even u loved me.. Even zahir and AKAASH were ur biggest enemies.. Do u remember nothing dammit!!!

I replied a no but I myself was confused.. My head was paining badly and something flashed in my mind .. Me and SANSKAAR were kissing and someone shot me and it was none other than zahir .. SANSKAAR was right. My eyes were becoming blurry

I saw that akaash rose up with a gun in his hand and pointed it at SANSKAAR from back
I was shocked.. I shouted sanskaar’s name and the trigger was pushed.. I shooted akaash .. I shooted him and then fell down unconscious
I got up from my deep sleep .. Only to see a man sobbing beside me.. It was SANSKAAR .. I looked around and I guessed , I was in a hospital , at the hospital bed .I quickly recollected the past incidents .. My memory was back .. I remembered everything from A to Z .. I stood up and hugged SANSKAAR tight .. Gave a kiss on his cheeks and said a sorry. His sobs vanished and he passed a sweet smile to me and then captured my lips with his .. I was first shocked but then I responded

SANSKAAR: u know how much I missed u.. Accha leave all this .. U lazy bones now go change , we have to meet ur dad.

SWARA- thank u SANSKAAR, thank u for everything.. I didn’t know what would have happened to me if u weren’t there

SANSKAAR – I will always be dere for u but now stop being emotional , go and change

SWARA- accha baba, I am going .. Chillax..

I went to the washroom to change and found a beautiful anarkali suit in the bathroom closet.. I wore it and came out. I was blessed to have SANSKAAR .. And I won’t ever leave this blessing .. SANSKAAR did the necessary formalities and then we headed to the car..

When we reached gadodia mansion, I rushed fast , went and wrapped my arms around dad.. He was very happy seeing me.. For about 10 minutes he hugged me and didn’t allow me to go away from him.. I looked around to see that sanskaar’s whole family was present in the hall.. I took blessings from the elders.. I saw a priest also sitting in the mid and he was having our kundali.. Wait wait.. What’s going on .. I was all confused when SANSKAAR came and whispered in my ears ” be ready to be my wife Ms. SWARA gadodia.” I felt like jumping at that moment.. The priest declared that the most suitable day for our marriage was tomorrow .. I was all Crimson red by now and SANSKAAR was all set on teasing me more.

We got married and lived our life with pure ecstasy of love .. It was destiny who made meet.. It was destiny who separated us.. It was destiny which again made us meet.. Had it not been destiny, then it would have been a complete story of the swasan

I was thinking to write one more part.. If u want me to write a continuation of this part .. Then I’ll surely write it .. It would have their wedding masti and of course wedding night ???

Thank u for all those who read and commented .. Will come back with the next os soon in the month of May.. Till then keep well and enjoy

Credit to: Riya

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