Swasan – destiny’s love (episode 1)


Hey guys .. I am riya.. Won’t say I am new to this but of course I have written something after a long time … So let’s start I won’t give any introduction to characters .. People will gradually come to know about them .. It’s a two shot .. Hope u enjoy reading.. May b u find it a lil boring in start but pls pls do read till end.
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The story starts with
**************Sanskaar’s pov**************
Fresh morning , fresh memories. Today I had to meet the owner of Gadodia industries at his home for a great merger deal. Sharp at 6:00 a.m , I reached his home. Though I was asked to meet him at 7:00 a.m, I reached 1 hour early because of my dad’s insistence . After all I travelled all the way long. He must have thought that I may take time to reach Gadodia mansion which is in the outskirts of Kolkata, but me being a super fast driver , was a play of few minutes to reach this place. The weirdest part of this meeting was that why it was in such early morning ..I asked the question to dad and he said that Mr. Gadodia liked working in early morning and they are very punctual. Are they insane people.. Seemed so.

I finally reached the large mansion. I parked my brand new Audi at a side. All things seemed to welcome me.
The gates were opened, cool breeze surrendered themselves here, birds chirped sweetly and the fragrance of flowers enchanted me. It was surely a perfect place in the outskirts of the noisy Kolkata. Broken by the trance, I heard some joyful sounds, the beautiful voices of the laugh attracted me towards them. Yes, there was a big garden beneath the large gates of the mansion. There were lots of children playing , giggling , screaming with joy, etc etc, but what caught my attraction was a beautiful petite body playing tennis with a child. What was this girl, probably 20 years of age, was doing among the kids but one thing which was clear was that she was spreading happiness. Putting aside these thoughts , I focused on her.. Or I may say I struggled to see her face.
I finally saw her
The way she moved to push the racket.. The way she landed down to pick the shuttle cock.. The way her silky hairs covered her face .. The way she moved the locks from her face .. The way she smiled .. The way her eyes gleamed with joy .. The way she managed to make me fall for her at first sight .. Yea I fell for her .. I love her at first sight .. But the twist in take was that this wasn’t the first time I was meeting her. Yes, I fell for her at first glimpse but this was the second time I saw her. I first met her approx. 2 weeks back . It was a rainy day, so of course it was raining dogs and cats. I was stuck up in a stupid traffic mess. I wandered my eyes and there I saw a girl, the same girl , dancing on the tunes of rain drops with old people. Last time it was old people , this time children… Wherever she went she was and epitome of happiness. All people were dancing , I came out of my car and moved towards them . I was all drenched, but o didn’t care because all my mind was focused on the beautiful girl infront of me. Someone mistakenly pushed her and her fragile body landed straight into my hands. I securely locked her in my arms and then made her stand straight. I wanted to stop the time but can’t do. She murmured a sorry and left. I tried to follow her but the Loud honking of the cars reminded me where I was.. I wanted to meet her desperately and destiny helped me in that. I’m She was god’s perfect creation .. The word ‘ beautiful ‘ was less for her. But who was she ??? Huh!!!
On interrogating from a guard, I got to know that these children were kids of the people who worked for Mr. Gadodia .. Seems Mr. Gadodia is a very kind person .. Da but he didn’t tell me anything about the girl.. Did her parents also work here ?? I asked him about her.. He was about to reply when someone shouted ” Shona beta, today we have a meeting with Mr. Maheshwari. Go and get ready fast. Kids make ur didi understand “.. I moved my head to see whose voice it belongs, as I guessed it was Mr. Shekhar’s Gadodia and that means that the girl is Swara Gadodia .. The sole heir of the vast Gadodia empire.. My thoughts were again broke by her melodious voice or I may say my swara’s melodious voice .. She replied saying ” Dad no tension .. The meeting will be successful .. No tension. ” And then she ran and hugged her dad. She’s fast but I may say she has a heart of gold .. Otherwise in this generation who plays with worker’s kid .. After the father- daughter duo broke their hug , Mr. Gadodia spotted me .. He rushed and came to me and pounced upon me with questions ..

Shekhar- Mr. Maheshwari .. U here so soon.??

Sanskaar- Mr. Gadodia ,actually dad asked me to leave soon as ur house is quite far away from my residence. I hope no problems

Shekhar- no Mr. Maheswari . Y we will have any problems. Come inside

Sanskaar- pls call me sanskaar ,Mr. Gadodia !! Not Mr. Maheshwari .. Sounds a way too formal

Shekhar- Yes young man but u should also call me uncle

Sanskaar- done uncle

Shekhar- And yes meet my daughter swara

Swara- hello sanskaar.. Welcome to our home

And then we formally shaked hands.. Her touch was so soft. I could now see her more properly .. Her milky white skin was slight pinkish at her cheeks.. Her dark blue orbs had some sort of magic.. Her button shaped nose perfectly suited her.. Her rosy lips added more beauty to her face … Phiuu.. God help me…

After a long , tasty breakfast, we headed for our meeting. On the way, I spotted swara .. She accompanied us and we moved to a big room. Swasa started telling us about the necessary details. I was awestruck by her professional skills.. She was excellent business head. She settled beside me. I kept staring her and didn’t notice when I dropped a pen from my hand. I bent down to take it when I saw something which shocked me. I saw a mark, a mark on swara’s leg . But that wasn’t a normal mark. It was a mark the undercover agents of RAW got. There was a same mark on my hand as I am also an undercover agent. I gasped in shock. I left from their quickly informing them that I had some important work. I know they must be shocked by my action. I quickly headed to our secret office. This time I had to be disguised as a student and enter the college premises where Mafia dealers were supplying drugs. But I wasn’t alone in the mission, there would be a girl accompanying me. On reaching my chamber, I asked my parallel delegates to show me the girl’s pic. And to my surprise, it was… SWARA. She was truly an amazing girl, one who had all capabilities of the person I wanted as my life partner. Now the time was to make her fall in love with me..
I asked the officials to call her now to the office. They did so. She reached running after sometime and was shocked to see me there. The others introduced us.. And from tomorrow we are gonna work on our mission in St. Louis college.
We have spent one year of our life together for This mission and I know that she loves me. Our mission is finally finished , the drug dealings have ended and now, today I will finally propose her.
( I know that the college part is not there.. Sorry I couldn’t add it. It’s already very long)



Sanskaar blindfolded me and asked me to come somewhere. My instinct said that today he will propose me. I was waiting for this moment since a long time. When I first saw sanskaar, he was all drenched. Anybody could fall for him but I stopped myself as I know that a secret agent’s life is very difficult. I didn’t want to risk his life but when I came to know he is also an agent and that to partner in my mission, my happiness had no bounds. The day finally came for which I waited and waited and waited.
He opened the cloth and a bright Ray of light sparked my eyes . I was astounded by the decorations. It was an open garden. I was getting goosebumps out of nervousness when I realised he landed on his knees.
SANSKAAR- swara u r the light of my life, my soul. I know That u don’t like long speeches neither I know flattery words. I can only say swara, I lobe u forever and ever. Will u be mine ???

And then he took out a ring from his pocket. Tears welled up in my eyes. My voice choked. All I managed to say was a ‘ yes’ and then he slid the beautiful diamond object in my thin fingers. He stood up and made a very upset face. He asked me to say the three golden words.. He was striving to listen it but a naughty idea popped in my mind. I thought of teasing him. I went near his ears and spoke ” SANSKAAR u know Na that the three golden words have been taught us from playgroup and today I wanna say it to u, I shouted THANK YOU, PLEASE AND SORRY.

And then was ready to run from there but sanskaar held my hand and pinned me to a nearby tree
SANSKAAR- not so easily swara, at least not today.
He brought his face dangerously close to me and touched his forehead with mine and asked me to say those words. I replied a no. He then tickled his nose with mine and again asked me to say but my answer was same. He then caressed both my cheeks with his but I again replied a no. Now he leaned towards my lip. There was and inch gap when I placed my hand on his mouth. It was not that I didnt want him to kiss me but the kiss won’t be perfect without my response. I then started speaking ” SANSKAAR u r the best thing that has ever come in my life. I loved u since I first saw u but I was afraid but today , I can shout in front of the whole world that I love u Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari. I love u
And after my words I gently removed my hand from his mouth, entwined our fingers and placed my lips on his rogue lips. It was a soft kiss .. No movement of tongues, no biting , no sucking but a one filled with loads of love. We stopped when we were out of breath. I was blushing hard I moved in the centre of garden not able to face him out of shyness. Here, sanskaar also came behind me, he cupped my face and again kissed me but this time with loads of passion. I wanted to respond back with same passion but I felt a great pain in my back. I heard a loud sound of shooting of gun and then something pierced my body. It was extremely painful as if someone snatched my soul. I realised it was a bullet. I wanted to be with sanskaar to kiss him, to love him but may be destiny wasn’t allowing me.. My knees were melting, I was no longer able to hold myself. Even my eyes left my support and I fell into a deep deep pit. No, I don’t want to die .. I don’t want to leave this world soon




Swara fell unconscious in my arms surrounded with pool of blood. Zahir, the Mafia dealer had shot swara. I tried to wake up swara but all in vain. Zahir escaped from there. With trembling hands, I took swara to hospital. She was admitted the operation was going on. I prayed hard. The doctor finally came out after 5 hours and informed me that

She can’t leave me like This. No this can’t happen.. No ways .. I fell down on the floor with the thud and cried miserably.. In no time , there was another news waiting for me that her dead body is taken by someone
I hate myself.. I hate myself for not being able to protect myself

Is this the end of the story? Of course not..
The ending I have not written.. I’ll try to post it by tomorrow

Credit to: Riya

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