Swasan : Destiny (Episode 50)


Meet Again ❤❤

Swara’s pov ~~

His scent. His arms wrapped around me. His chin resting on my head. Our legs tangled under the blanket. I felt complete. It was him, not the blanket which kept me warm all night.

I had accepted the fact that I didn’t have the strength to stay away from him anymore. When I had decided to stay away from him, that was only because I didn’t want to hurt myself again. But staying away from him hurt the most.

After spending the night at Laksh’s home, I returned home in the morning. I couldn’t stop thinking about the night. Even though we didn’t talk much, I felt good in his presence.

One thing I worried about was Ishaan… Hr had gone missing all of a sudden and that too without informing me. Hoe could he? After I stormed out from there.

I called him to make sure he was alright…

“Ishaan…where the hell are you?” I asked.

“I’m uh… I’m home. Why? Is everything okay?” He asked, as if nothing happened last night.

“I should be the asking you that. Where did you disappear last night?”

“I um… I had some urgent work. So I just left. Everybody left early last night. Where were you?” He asked.

“Long story. I kinda passed out in the middle of nowhere, and then he came and carried me back home.” I said, narrating the whole incident in short.

“Wait, by him, you mean Sanskar? He took you home? And you guys what, slept together?” He asked, raising his voice, which startled me.

“No, we didn’t sleep together, but yeah, we like slept together. You won’t understand.”

“How could you sleep with him!” He yelled. Okay, and now, I was worried. He never shouted on me like that. He sounded like a typical abusive boyfriend.

“I didn’t! We just…cuddled, okay? And what’s it to you? You just promised me to stick around and left without even informing me!” I snapped back.

There was a long silence before, he finally spoke up.
“I’m sorry. I just feel very protective of you. I didn’t mean to shout.” He said, calmly. I felt like I was talking to some different person altogether. He didn’t sound like a typical abusive boyfriend anymore.

“Its okay. I need to get my mind off everything. I guess, I’m going shopping… Wanna join?” I asked.

Honestly, right now, I need a psychiatrist, for I was slowly turning crazy because of my shitty life. But as they say, shopping is cheaper than psychiatrist. Oh, and also its the best therapy. Shop till you drop…

“Yeah. Sounds cool. I’ll pick you up by twelve. Okay?” He asked. I muttered a quick yes and hung up.

I was relieved that at least I wouldn’t be thinking about Sanskar for the next few hours.

Sanskar’s pov ~~

“Dude, but I dont want to see this movie…” I said what looked like a hundredth time. But Laksh and Rohan insisted on watching this movie. I didn’t even remember the name. They had practically kidnapped me from my home, and pulled me straight into the mall.

“Trust me, you’re gonna love it.” Rohan said as we entered the theatre. I was in. I had no way to get out.

How fun is this going to be. . .

Two hours. Two whole hours of pure shit. This movie wasn’t even scary. Yeah, it was a horror film. But for a horror film, it sucked. Calling it scary would be an insult to all the good horror movies.

“That was pretty amazing.” Rohan said, once we were out. He was the only one among the three of us, who seemed to be amazed by this film.

“Bhai tu rehne de. You like anything that moves on the screen.” Laksh said with a really unhappy expression. LOL, yes, Rohan did like anything that moved on screen.

“I told you guys. Lets go home. I hate malls.” I said.

“Recently you’ve been hating everything. So we figured out, that you need to spend some time out of that room of yours.” Laksh said.

“You know what, lets just hang around here for a while. There’s not so much crowd as well.” Rohan piped in. I shook my head in defeat, knowing that saying a no wouldn’t mean anything. They weren’t going to let me go, plus, there was sense in what they said.

We sat in a café, on the top floor. Rohan was still trying to convince Laksh that the film was worth watching. But, Laksh in turn, started arguing with him. I choose to stay out of this useless debate on the horror flick and surf through twitter.

I scrolled through the feel and one tweet caught my attention.

**@SwaraRoy Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.. 😉 #shopping #bae

Swara and her clothes… No matter how many she bought them, she always complained that she had nothing to wear. Ofcourse, even I liked to shop. So no doubt, that we used to shop for hours and still not get tired.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to use washroom.
“Guys, I’ll be back.” I said, but none of the two noticed. Laksh was still listing some real spooky movies. I sighed and walked away.

I washed my hands and came out of the washroom. As I was walking towards the table, I ran into somebody.

She carried three to four shopping bags in her hands, and looked like she was in a hurry. As I bumped into her, her bags fell down on the floor. She gasped and sat down immediately, picking them up.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“No, its okay.” She said and looked up.


Its funny how Swara Roy and Sanskar Maheshwari seem to run into each other all the time! Now, that’s what we called destiny. . .

She got up straightening her dress.
“Hi…um…are you stalking me or something, now?” She said, in a rather cheerful tone.

I laughed.
“I could ask you the same thing. But no, I’m not. What are you doing here anyway?”

She gestured to the bags in her hand, holding them up. I nodded.
“What about you?”

“Ah. Well, I was working peacefully in my house, when Laksh and Rohan literally kidnapped me and dragged me to watch some film. It sucked.” I said.

“Oh! They’re here too. Is it the new horror film which released this week? I was planning to watch it today.”

“Don’t. Besides, it’s not even scary. It’s a kid’s movie. Rohan liked it though. And Laksh and Rohan are having an argument over the film right now.” I said.

“LOL. Anyway, I gotta go now. Ishaan’s here too.” She said. My heart sunk at the bottom of my stomach knowing that she was no more mine. A part of me was convinced that she loved someone else now, but the other part of me wanted to hold on. It didn’t believe what I saw. It wanted to believe what I thought. And I thought that, Swara still loved me.

“Oh, okay. See you around later, then.” I said. She nodded and turned around to leave. But something inside me wanted to stop her and so, I did.


She stopped and turned around.

“You, you’re happy, right?” I asked.

If she said yes, I would convince myself to leave. I would try to stay away from her and try to forget her. I won’t look back.

But if she said no, then I would stay back and wait till she realizes how much I love her.

I literally had my fingers crossed behind my back, as I prayed to hear a no. She looked at me for a minute, and walked a little closer.

“Yes….” She said. And again, I felt like somebody had snatched my heart from my body. Suddenly, I was empty.

She said yes…

She was happy. That meant only one thing — I was no longer needed in her life. If she didn’t love me like before, if she was happy with someone else, then it was the best if I left.

I would have left. Hell, I should have left. But I couldn’t. If she was happy, them why did her eyes tell that she wasn’t? Was I assuming things? Was she happy or just pretending? I wanted to ask her again, but I was interrupted by someone.

“Swara…” Someone called out. It was Laksh. Rohan walked behind him.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” He asked.

Swara shrugged, pointing at the bags. Laksh rolled his eyes.
“Girls.” He muttered.
“Anyway. Ab mil hi gayi ho, toh join us na. We were just heading out for lunch after sometime.” He added.

What? No! Why do things always turn against me? Her I was trying to get over the Swara Roy hangover, and there, these so called best buddies of mine were planning to ask her to join us for lunch.

She looked at me awkwardly, asking me for my opinion. Saying ‘No. Don’t join us’ would be rude. I had no option but to give in.

“Yeah. Join us.” I said.

“I would actually love to. But Ishaan is also here.” She said.

“Ask him too. The more the merrier.” Rohan said. I rolled my eyes, and Laksh shot him a death glare.

“Um…okay. I’ll call him up.” She said and went away to call Ishaan.

Now here, I would have to have super self control.

Ishaan was the guy whom I was slaughtering in my dreams since a week and today I had to be friendly with him and have lunch. I had to smile in front of him pretending to be happy, instead of punching the hell out of him.

God help me. . .

Next update : Things fell apart ❤❤

Yes, Swasan are gonna see each other! But Ishaan would also be there. Will their lies be caught by super intelligent Sanskar? Keep reading to find out!

Credit to: Anu

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