SwaSan – Destiny Works Teaser 1


I hope all of you liked my fan fiction till now many of you want a jealousy track so I decided to put one but with done intense romance??

Swara is packing tiffin for kids when some one hugs her from back shocking Sanskar???

Boy – hello Shona

Swara – OMG How are you long time

Swara and the boy talk and Sanskar fumes ??

Boy (thinks) – Shona I will free you from here you are mine when Sanskar gets these kids I will get you for sure!!????


Scene 2

Sanskar is playing with Sanaya

Sanskar – baby can you tell me who this boy is??

Sanaya – he is **** uncle (I haven’t decided his name) he is bad please save mom he really loves mom and is obsessed with her


Scene 3

Lonely place ??

Girl – why Sanskar why?? You left me for that Kavita now my track us free you are mine I will become Mrs Sanskar Mageshwari!!!

So how is this promo.. I know it’s filled with suspense and I haven’t decided the the boy and girl name yet????

My questions -:

1) who is the boy???

2) why Sanaya hates him??

3) how is Swara friendly with him??

4) who is the girl??


Keep guessing and keep reading my ff ???? and comment on this promo and read my chapters too!!!??


Guys I am coming with a OS too on Saturday ????? or Sunday ?☺️???.. It’s titled dosti?Ishq❤️ aur gaana???…

So what do you want on the weekends the Maha episode of destiny works????? or OS???!!!! It’s up to you guys???

???Till then Bye and Regards???

Credit to: Arohi:)

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  1. interesting

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  2. Interesting……post soon

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  3. Awesome post today if possible
    Maha ep on weekends

  4. interesting..

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  6. Awsum promo full of suspense? waiting for the OS?

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