SwaSan – Destiny Works Chapter 9 (Hot Romance) (indecent content)

Hello guys sorry for being late pls comment MANYA are couples they will be Gillian but then good today is really short update

SwaSan room in morning they are sleeping peacefully and Sanskar is disturbed by the sun
Sanskar sees Swara and cares her hair and kisses her forehead
Sanskar – GM get up princess
Swara – good morning Sanskar (Pecks lips)
Sanskar – get up and be ready today night we are going somewhere and wear something hot ok
Swara – ok



Sanskar comes and picks Swara and is mesmerized seeing her in which dress till her knee and they both leave to the venue


Farm house??

Swara – Sanskar it’s beautiful
Sanskar- specially for us
Swara – lovely OMG swimming let’s go put our legs in it
Sanskar – come on

Swara and Sanskar go there and Pitt their legs but suddenly Sanskar pulls Swara is water

Swara – Sanskar
Sanskar – Hush romance time
Swara stays mum

Sanskar rotated Swara and she unbuttons his shirt and they both had an EYELOCK and Sanskar dug himself in her neck and keeps kissing and she mourns and he then lifts her from water and takes her to the bed without braking the EYELOCK

He makes her lay on the bed and comes over her and kisses her neck and she shivers he then kisses her earlobes then her eyes then her forehead then her both cheeks then near her lips and finally he comes to her lips.. He first goes slow and then starts sucking making her gasp and keeps kissing her… Swara feeling shy moves around and her slimy back is shown Sanskar smirks and Kisses her back and he then unzips her back zip and kisses her she then turns and he open till her shoulder and kisses there he then makes her naked and kisses everyone’s of her body and leaves his hot breathe and love bites… Swara wanted revenge so she came over him and kisses his chest without any mercy and keeps scratching and then they come under a blanket

The moons and stars witness the Union of the loves birds????


So guys I end it here sorry for short but before new entry you need texting romance so next will be MANYA entry till then keep reading destiny works??????❤️❤️❤️

Sorry if it wad not good?????

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  4. I can’t understand this story plz tall utarra ne kia kia tha k swara 6 sal sanskar se dor rahi ye story to serial k us trak se start hoi thi jb swara or rajad river me girte he pher 6 year lap k bd ye story start hoi utarra ne kia kia ??

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