SwaSan – Destiny Works Chapter 8



Hello guys I was really happy with your responses!! Coming to my characters I am making the boy and girl first jealous and obsessive then good as negativity is not so good every time!!!

Who do you want -:
1. Shesha and Ritik 2. Mantu and Amaya



Swara and sanskar enter there and have a silent moment but swara breaks it
Swara – sanskar thanks for the support
Sanskar – no swara I just did what is right
Swara – but still
Sanskar – fine.. welcome
Swara smiles and leaves and sanskar thinks
Sanskar – swara you will soon be mine destiny brought us together now no one will separate us

And he sings on and laksh looks on and they leave for office

Laksh – bhai why are you so happy today
Sanskar – I am happy because (stops and thinks) no no I can’t tell him BIWI KA CHAMCHA he will tell ragini and then dadi no (to laksh) I am happy because KARWACHAUTH is coming…
Laksh – ok.. I am also happy because last time it wasn’t good this time I will make it best for ragini
Sanskar – good lets go our office now
Laksh – yes
They both leave for office smiling unknown of the storm coming up..


Sanskar leaves as he has some work at home he informs laksh and leaves from there and leaves in his car for house!!!



Sanskar is driving happily to home but suddenly a truck comes and hits his car and he gets crashed and is bleeding the people near there take him to the hospital and call the family members

Ap – swara actually sanskar
Swara – what happen badi ma
Ap – beta sanskar met with an accident
Swara after all this fell like her whole world scattered and rushes to the hospital handing the kids to Sujata and tells the family to stay in house and told not to inform dadi too



Swara – hello excuse me!! Where is sanskar maheshwari ward??
Receptionist – its over there ICU
Swara – thank you
She goes there and stand out soon doctor comes out
Swara – how is my sanskar
Doctor – he is fine but if he doesn’t get conscious now he slips in coma
Swara – can I meet him
Doctor – yeah sure



Swara sits near sanskar like a lifeless body and says – sanskar please get up!! I still love you I just left you because you left me you could have pulled me back but you left me please get up not for me but for your kids
Sanskar hands move and swara calls the doctor and they shift him to a normal ward and give him discharge



Sanskar – driver you go
Driver – ok
Sanskar – swara I want to answer you questions so ask me
Swara – no sanskar lets go home first
Sanskar – no ask
Swara – fine..why didn’t you pull me back
Sanskar – because Uttara pulled me back (tells everything)
Swara – Uttara can’t do all this alone its some one who odered her!! We have to find out!! I’m sorry sanskar I doubted your love sorry I don’t deserve you
Sanskar (hugs her) – shush swara don’t say that I love you very much now lets go home
Swara – I love you too

Sanskar comes home and everyone treat him really good and he and swara come to their room and swara starts caring for him and slowly he becomes OK and they both decide to make this a happy family again!!!!

Precap – New Entry in SwaSan life!!


I am sorry if you didn’t like guys one more thing I am ending this fan fiction really soon so I made their union soon!!! Share your views

Credit to: Arohi :)

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