SwaSan – Destiny Works Chapter 7



Hello guys I think many of enjoyed the last update!!! Moving forward many of you asked me about pihu jealousy, she jealous because she was the only child and she used to get extra affection and sanskar you to love her very much but now she has to share love with her siblings and sanskar loves all kids equally but loves his kids more as he stayed like 5 to 7 years away from them!!! I hope I cleared all your confusions!!!

After Party everyone was really tired so they went to their rooms and in SwaSan room They entered their room really tired and sanskar went in the washroom to change his clothes and came out and saw swara struggling with her saree Dori so he went towards her…

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

He moves towards her and opens her dori and his hands keep touching her back which give her goosebumps.. he slowly removes and leaves his hot breathe on her back aand says something I a husky voice
Sanskar (husky voice) – you will soon be mine!!

Saying this he kissed her neck and went away from there and swara was blushing hard and thought something and became serious
Swara – what happening?? I need to find out why sanskar betrayed me???

Saying this she went to her bed when the kids entered their parents room and started admiring their room and swasan and the kids have a good time

Sanskar – kids come lets sleep together today
Swara – yes your dad is right
Sanaya – yeah good idea I am near dad
Ruhaan – I am with mom

They all have a family time and sleep peacefully unware of dadi drama tomorrow

Next morning


Swara, ruhaan, and sanaya are awake and trying to wake sanskar up..

Ruhaan and sanaya – mom you wake him up we are going to our room
Swara – ok

Swara goes to wake sanskar up and says – sanskar get up yaar please
Sanskar pulls swara thinking she is sanaya as he promised her to give her and morning kiss..
Sanskar – princess you woke up.. good morning (he kisses her forehead)
Swara – sanskar get up
Sanskar – swara you I thought its sanaya yaar
Swara – get up
Sanskar – ok

Sanskar goes to the bathroom and comes out getting ready and swara enters from the door and there is towel in between swara doesn’t see that and trips and sanskar catches her and they have an intense eye lock

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re

Sanskar and swara were involved in the eyelock and sanskar was about to kiss swara and she closed her eyes when they heard dadi voice from down stairs
Sanskar – let’s see what is happening new now
Swara – come on



Dadi is screaming like hell and pihu is standing besides her and swara ocmes and asks what happen
Dadi – see sanskar chore listen see your daughter I understand but why is she wearing a dress like this?? And she doesn’t know to cook too see my pihu knows all that!!
Sanskar – dadi come on don’t react its not her age to cook and more over she is looking adorable in this dress so what the problem?? Every child wears this

Sanaya is wearing cute pink top and blue jeans with hair open!!

Dadi – ok fine but make her learn to clean utensils
Sanskar – stop it my princess will learn all this when she grows up!! Now everyone go back and enjoy..


Precap – Sanskar’s Accident and New entry in SwaSan life too!!!

Guys for new entry I kept hiba and dhruv ( they were mantu Amaya in tere shehar mein)

Guys I end this here I am sorry for a short update I will come up with a long part on Tuesday I guess and sorry for not updating yesterday!!!

One more thing guys please take me as your friend and not a writer so please in comments please give your introduction too I will give mine next time!!!

And before all this I even wrote a SS so read that too – its named Modern revealations SS it has 3 parts!!!

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Credit to: Arohi :)

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