SwaSan – Destiny Works Chapter 3


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Hello guys I am really happy with your responses on my fan fiction……. Guys I have my sis also writing ff… guys please read my BFF kavya ff MER AASHIQUI AB TUM HI HO!!!

Todays episode is really exciting in my opinion….



Soon after dadi comes out she starts showing her fake sympathy on AP indirectly taunts her which makes ragini mad but sanskar punces before ragini

Dadi – AP ji you know you guys show much love to swara but why not ragini and pihu?? Agree or not swara is dead and pihu is the next generation

Ragini – DADI MA

Sanskar – (interrupts) shut up dadi swara is not dead she is alive and she will return really soon…

Dadi gets irked and goes from there soon everyone go to their room to sleep


Sanskar Room

Sanskar – swara I know you are alive I will soon find you and make you wear this S&S locket till then stay in my dreams!!!!



Kids – mom we are leaving for school bye bye.. don’t forget to pick us!!

Swara – don’t worry I will pick you

Kids – ok

They have a group hug and the kids leave for school



The kids are waiting for swara but she forgets to pick them and they get worried suddenly sanskar sees them

Sanskar – hey kids whats up its late what are u doing?? Are you not going home!

Ruhaan – no buddy mom forgot to pick us so we are waiting

Sanskar – OMG how careless ok come with me I will drop you!! by that I will see your mom and house too!!

Sanaya – done!! Come on

Sanskar drops the kids and was about to leave

Sanaya – uncle please come with us na please

Sanskar – ok come on

Sanskar lifts sanaya and sanaya smiles and shows tongue to ruhaan and ruhaan fumes!!


Sanskar knocks and soon swara opens the door and sanskar is stunned to see swara and she is shocked

Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

SwaSan are shocked to see each other and have a eyelock

Tu rooh hai toh main kaaya banu
Taa-umr main tera saaya banu
Keh de toh ban jaaun bairaag main
Kehde toh main teri maaya banu
Tu saaz hai, main ragini
Tu raat hai, main chandni

Sanskar remembers swara kissing him on cheek,their date where he proposed her
Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

Swara remembers sansar hugging her,their wedding,he gifting her kangan, and suhaagraat

Hum pe sitaaron ka ehsaan ho
Poora, adhoora har armaan ho
Ek dusre se jo baandhe humein
Baahon mein nanhi si ik jaan ho
Aabaad ho chota sa ghar
Lag na sake kisi ke nazar

Sanskar remembers her falling from cliff and she says I LOVE U

Sapna jahan dastak na de
Chaukhat thi woh aankhein meri
Baaton se thi tadaad mein
Khamoshiyan zyaada meri
Jabse pade tere kadam
Chalne lagi duniya meri

Suddenly swara remembers sanskar leaving her hand and breaks the eyelock and has plenty of tears..

Sanaya – mom why are you crying

Ruhaan – yes SHONA I hate tears

Sanskar – swara.. I missed you

Sanaya – HUH you know each other mom tell who he is

Ruhaan – yes tell

Swara – none of your business.. go to your room

Sanaya – mom please (she keeps pestering)

Swara – sanaya (she was going to slap)

Meanwhile sanskar shocked seeing swara with kids and swara stop slapping and hugs her and ruhaan joins them

Swara – kids he is your father

Kids – what???

Swara – sorry I had to keep you away from him now go inside meet him afterwards

The kids obey and go in..


Sanskar is still in shock knowing he has kids and his life is alive in front of him..

Sanskar – what was that swara

Swara – none of your business.. just meet the kids and go we are leavibg soon from here

Sanskar – what why you can’t

Swara – yes I can now leave

She was about to slam the door on his face but sanskar stops

Sanskar – swara wait you are still my wife so I have rights on kids you will have to stay in 2 month relation and the one kid custody will happen DEAL?? (in mind) I’ll prove myself and you and me will become forever together

Swara – deal

Swara – kids meet your dad and pack your stuff we are going to stay with him (she goes to her room and starts packing)

Sanskar – yeah sure come on you will stay life long with both your parents (he smirks)

The kids are so happy that they hug sanskar and kiss him on cheek and sanskar is overwhelmed and they call him ‘DAD’ think about him he was like on cloud nine listening ‘DAD’



Swara is really scared like after 5 or 7 (I don’t remember) years she will meet everyone and nervous too sanskar sees her and smiles

Sanskar – don’t worry I am with you
Swara – I don’t need people pitying on me!!!

Sanaya – DAD stop see ice cream lets have treat please mom never lets us have ice cream please

Swara – sanaya!!!

Sanskar – HAHA come on treat from my side

Ruhaan – thanks dad we love you


Sanskar sanaya in unison – choco chip with double truffle chocolate

They are shocked but hug each other and sanaya sits on his lap and has ice ream they enjoy having it..

Ruhaan gets jealous and goes to swara and they both share and strawberry ice cream and seeing this sanaya shows him tongue and indicates him that she is with dad

Swasan seeing them fight laugh..


Hope you all like it.. please comment and if any question shoot it down I will answer in my next chapter!!!!
Precap – Reaching Maheshwari House and DRAMA!!!!

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