Swasan : Destiny (New FF) Intro

Anu here!! I hope you remember me. I’m writer of the Fanfic Swasan : Destiny and currently writing Fixing Broken Souls

Good news for Destiny Readers!

I hope you have been missing my fanfic Destiny a lot. Because I have been missing writing it like hell. And few of its readers have been asking me to start a sequel for that. I don’t know about the sequel but I am somewhat planning to write a prequel of it. Yes! A Prequel.

We all know that Swara and Sanskar were childhood sweethearts in the fanfic. But I’m sure you also want to know, how they become friends then best friends and then started liking each other followed by love! Don’t you wanna know the sweet journey?

So yeah, I’m going to start the prequel fanfic soon. Its going to be titled “Childhood Sweethearts”. If you really wish to read it, just let me know by commenting. I would definitely start it soon. But for now, enjoy reading Fixing Broken Souls.

Thanks for the love and care and everything! I don’t think I deserve it but still I’m so overwhelmed by the response I have gotten so far. Its just hard to believe my journey here. Thanks a ton!!

Do comment about this new idea that has popped in my mind. Criticism is most welcomed too! And if you don’t want the prequel do let me know. Its all in your hands.

Do comment ♥

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  1. U know what m in cloud 9 after this news. It’s enough to so my excitement. 🙂

  2. All d best…a prequel is gud…but don’t make a sequel coz i don’t wanna see any clash bw dem anymore..let dem live “HAPPILY EVER AFTER”….please… And abt d prequel..i wud love to read abt “HOW THEY BECAME LOVE BIRDS…AND HOW THEY FALL FOR EACH OTHER”

  3. pls do write childhood sweethearts
    definitely we gonna enjoy
    will wait

  4. Pls go ahead

  5. Who says we dont want.. we want it badly…. hope to see u soon

  6. cant wait fr it dear… Was a die hard fan of destiny…start it soon… Waitng eagerly fr it…

  7. Anu.. how can we forget ur name… don’t b so humble… ur writing is just awesome. .. I loved ur destiny at start n enjoyed it till swara again went to new York. ..whn their fight got settled thn dont know why I lost interest in that… but I was constant reader of ur ff fix u… bt really excited to know how dat sweet love story started the sweet starting…plz continue

  8. Uh know what when I saw Swasan: Destiny in the Index .. I was like smiling foolishly n everyone was eyeing me like “wth is wrong with you..?” I am sooooooooo happy today .. Uh made my day dea… Please start with it soon.. N yeah what about the epilogue of Destiny.. Waiting for that badly.. Have you posted.. If so then please send a link.. 🙂

  9. Plzzzz go ahead dear

  10. i m in 7th sky……
    plz start soonnn………dear………

  11. Turaifa Shafenaz

    It Is Somewhat Like My Belated Birthday Gift. Pls Continue. & Anu Can U Plz Give Me The Links Of “Broken Soul” As I Missed Some Due To Family Functions & Bengali New Year. Love U.

  12. Dudeeee…..
    I can’t believe it… I’m Soo happy…..

    Though I loved fix you more…I was musing destiny as well… but now a prequel….WOOOWWW…..

    LOVE YOU ????

  13. Wow Anu so you are planning to be back with Destiny well you are most welcome girl….Really sorry Anu for not commenting on fixing broken souls but what to do nowadays annual exams gonna start so was busy with it’s forms and preparing notes… Read each epi just now in one go and I’m bound to say I’m loving it ??

  14. Go for it dear.. we will be waiting for this

  15. amazing idea……waiting for it….

  16. Anu missed you a lottttt. I’m super excited for your prequel!!! Pls update the first epi soon!!!!!!

  17. Hi anu… I can’t tell y how happy I am.. I always loved destiny more than fix you.. And I will be the happiest if it happens.. I really love your idea of prequel thing ..

  18. Thnku thnku thnku soooo much?. I just loved swasan:destiny nd frm there only I got to know about swasan:fix you nd then fixing broken souls nd they are also awesome!!?. Pretty excited for childhood sweethearts please post it ASAP????

  19. I know u told me have patience but I tend to get excited like this, anyways I’ll wait?

  20. Really happy by knowing that…keep it up dear

  21. Posted the prologue for Childhood Sweethearts. Hope u all like reading it 😉

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