swasan destiny make us together (Prologue)


Guys I am writing my ff on swasan hope you all like it
Its just a prolounge
A room is shown a girl is sleeping and see a dream in which she is standing and in front of her a boy is standing the girl and crying but it doent effect the boy
Girl: please don’t leave me I love you
Boy1 laughs and hold another girl hand
Boy1: but I don’t love you baby

The girl cryingly fall on knees
Girl please don’t leave me I will die without u please
Boy1: so what I don’t care just go to hell
And he start to go with that girl and girl open her eyes and start shouting don’t leave me please don’t go and start shouning after hearing her voice a lady come and hug her
Girl: ma tell him to come na ma
Lady: beta please don’t cry
And console her and girl is continuously crying and lady thinking when my beti get the one who love her from heart and tear come in her eyes
Scene changes

Boy2: please trust me I don’t did anything
Girl: trust and you I have see everything with my eyes and this girl
Boy2: I reall don’t know please trust me and fall on knees
Girl crying: I belive you but you also betray me I just hate u go away from my sight
And a pair of eyes seeing this and srimiking
Who is the girl crying
And who is the boy1 and boy 2 what relation girl have with them
So guys if you like plot then please comment


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  1. Nice interesting continue plz

  2. Awesome

  3. Astra


  4. Srusti

    Ur’s concept was amazing and continue it plzzzzzzz

  5. Arshaanya

    Girl is swara boy1 dun knw ay guy whom she loved n he cheated n boy 2 sanskar i guess so…
    Its vry intrstng
    Continue soon

  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Interesting concept dear.. Plz continue..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  7. SNY

    Interesting dr….
    Nxt one soon.


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