swasan destiny make us together (Part 4)

Hope you like this concept and sanskar entry will be late so guys enjoy and give comments
My story start when dadi tells ragini that lucky loves swara not her and ragini get shatrred by listening this after listening this ragini runs out of house crying and after her swara and shekar also run after her

Ragini is running on road
Swara crying: ragini please ruak jao meri baat toh suno
Shekar: ragini beta ruk jao
Ragini didn’t stop crying runningly and suddenly for behind of ragini a car is coing swara see it
Swara: ragini hato ragini
But ragini is not listening swara runs faster as cae was about to hit ragini swara pushes ragini but swara get hit by car and fell on ground with pool of blood shekar see this
Sekhar: swaragini
Ragini see back and see swara In pool of blood and run towards her shockingly and take her head in her lap
Ragini: crying swara khoon swara why you did this
Swara winches in pain: ragini please belive me I never loved lucky please
Ragini: I belive uswara
Suddenly swara closes eyes

Shekar comes their and sit near them
Shekar: ragini beta we have to take swara to hospital
Shekar about to touch her but ragini jerks his hand
Ragini: papa my shona is sleeping don’t disturb
Shekar crying sakes ragini
Shekar: ragini hosh me aao we have to take her hospital
And shekar stop a taxi and lay swara down and sit and headed towards hospital both are crying ragini only murmuring one this happen bcz of me and tears are coming in her eyes they reach hospital and swara was taken in hospital and shekar inform sumi and dadi and they come to hospital

Sumi runningly come: shekar where is shona
Shekar said everything to them and both started crying suudnly they see ragini stting on chair and murmuring
Ragini: meri shona iss halat me meri wajah se ha I am responsible
Sumi goes and make her stand
Sumi: ragini what are you saying
Ragini: ma everything happen bcz of me what if something happen to shona I have listend her ma na then this not happened
Dadi: na ladoo issme thari galti na ha
Ragini: nahi dadima all haapen bcz of me only shekar is helpless seeing one is struggling for life and one is shattred
Ragini is murmuring same thing sumi slaps hersumi: ragu you did nothing shone will be fine don’t wory beta
Ragini: sachi ma kuch nahi hoga na meri shona ko
Sumi cares her face

Sumi: nahi beta our shona is strong kuch nahi hoga use
And ragini hug sumi crying and sit on chair it has been three hous no news about shona all are wooried after 3 hours docter come out of ot all run towards docter
Ragini: how is my shona
Dadi: yeah docter tell us how is she
Docter: as injury on head is very much deep we can say anything about after she gain consiouness with 24 hrs otherwise she can slip in coma
It’s a thunder strom for all docter goes

Ragini: no this cant happen run to hospital mandir
Nurse gives medicine slip to purchase from shop and dadi consle sumi

Precap : ragini slaping lucky

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