swasan destiny make us together (Part 3)

Part 2

Next day sanky wake up and freshnup and open newspaper and saw ss company add for pa he got happy and comeoutof room and huggedap
Ap smiles: what happen my son is looking so happy today
Sanky: you know mom thir is vancy for pa in ss company and I am going their
Ap: yeah beta but this much happy for interview
Sanky: no mom you know the ower of this company achieved this much in very little age so I am happy I will meet her
Ap: ok beta then get ready I will serve your breakfast
And sanky goes to get ready
Here in swara mansion
Swara come for dinner
Somi: gm shona
Swara: morning ma

And then start eating breakfast somi see her
Swara: ma tell me what you want to say
Somi: shona I am telling ragini called me today
Swara: why she is calling us now
Somi; she is asking forgivness
Swara see somi and tear come in her eyes thinking about them
Somi: shona
Swara: ma you want to forgive them I don’t mind but I cant what they done with you and me no ma never
And stand up
Somi: beta breakfast
Swara : I am done ma
And goes
Somi crying; when she will forget all happened with I know my shona is break from inside all hurted her god please give me my shona back
Here swara wipe her tear and put glasses and sit in car and started going towards office
Here sanky also left in taxi
At signal swara car stop as light is red and at some distance sanky taxi is also their swara open the car see outside and see a old lady is trying to cross road but cant so she is about to come out of car she see a young man come and hold that lady hand and make her cross the road after seeing this a little smile come on swara face and signal goes green so driver start the car and as swara car goes the men left behind
Swara come in office and see many contender for job she directly goes in her cabin and take all of their interview but none catch her exceptation
Swara: what is this rohit no one their who has capiblity
And bangs to table

Here sanky comes in office and goes to reception
Sanky: excuse me I came here for interview
Rep.: but you are late
Sanky: yeah I know but i get late due to some reason
Rep> pk let me tell mam
Rep. call swara
Rep.: mam a contender come as he wants to give interview
Swara: tell him to go he is late
Rep. sir you can go
But sanky take the reciver swara was about to cut call but stop listening voice
Sanky: mam please one chance I will prove myself please

Don’t know what happen to swara
Swara: okay come
And hearing this rohit get shocked as this is the first time their boss is allowing someone who is late
Sanky put the reciver
Sanky: okay tell me where in mam cabin
Rep. mam agreed
Sanky smiling: yes why
Hearing this she is about to faint but sanky hold her
Sanky worried: what happen
Rep.: nothing you will get to know now go

Sanky get confused and go in cabin as he open the cabin door he see a angel is stting with formal clothes harin open
Sanky: beaty with brain and smiles
Swara see him
Swara: you can come in mr.
Sanky come in senses
Sanky: sanskar maheswari mam
And swara see his face and rember the men who helped the old lady (yeah guys that was sanky only)
Swara: okay sanskar sit
And sanky sit ansd swara take hi file and check all qualification ans ask some question and sanky give their swara get impreesed

Swara: so sankar you best in this so you are slected
Sanky jump in excitement hearing this
Sanky: thanku mam you know mam I want to do work with you thank u so much
Swara: ok ok listen first don’t ever come late in my office and another rules rohit my manger wirll tell you now you can go
Sanky little bit sad by her rude behavour
Sanky: okay mam
And they goes
Sanky and rohit come out of cabin
Rohit: so sanskar listen come at office at correct time10:00 am you can come one min. early but not late mam not like late comers work on time no faltu taking in office and yeah if a small mistake happen mam will fire you
Sanky shocked: this much strict rule sir

Rohit smiles : yeah and don’t call me sir you can call me rohit okay
Sanky: okay sir I mean rohit
And rohit goes from their
Sanky murmur: how can you work here sankt this much strict rules mam is beautifull but lady gabber also but don’t worry sanky will manage and smiles and goes from their happily

Precap: ragini coming in swara office

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