swasan destiny make us together (Part 2)

Soory gyurs fro late as I am busy give your valvauble cooments
Part 1

Today episode start with somi goes out of swara room and call servent
Somi: dolly clean all the mess of swara room without disturbing her ok
Dolly: yes mam
And somi goes from their
Here scene shift to sanky house sanky goes to washroom and get freshnup and come to his mom
Sanky smiling: gm mom
Ap: gm beta come lets have breakfast
And sanky start doing breakfast and after breakfast
Ap goes to kitchen and come with a bowl
Ap: my son get this job
And put curd and suger in his mouth
Sanky: don’t worry mom I will get this job
Ap smiles sanky ee watch
Sanky: ok mom bye love you and kisses on her cheek
Ap: best of luck aur sambal ke jana
And sanky take auto and goes to his destination

Here in swara mansion swara wake up with dull face and open her eyes and goes to washroom and clean her face and see herself in mirror
Swara: no swara you cant become weak you have to show them all that I am storng not weak from now I will not cry I will show him what I am but for this I have to get where he is
Swara call someone
Swara: did you get any news about him
Swara: I want him anyhow search him
And cuts the call and hits the wall
Swara: don’t wory I will get you and I will punish you and smrik
And then she get freshnup and ready in office formal dress and come out of room
Somi: shona come beta have breakfast
Swara: no ma I have work in office
Somi; but beta
But swara go from their
Somi get sad for her daughter

Swara come out and put glasses and driver open the door and she sit in car and start going towards her office
Here sanky come to karma company for his interview and wait their after sometime his turn come and he has given all answer correct and goes after interview end they appoint a girl not sanky sanky get disspoint and get sad all goes from their and sanky start going then he listen someone talking
Men1: you know this job is given to that girl bcz she is related to some big man you know
Men2: yeah this only happen today talent is of no use just recomndation of some –powerfull and get job
Sanky listen this and get angry and goes from their
Here swara come to her office after seeing swara all started working all wishes her as she is going towards her cabin she see her pa is talking on phone and after seeing her she cut the call
Pooja as swara pa
Swara: pooja come in my cabin strictly
Pooja fearky: yes mam
Swara goes in cabin and sit on her chair
Swara: so miss pooja did you comleted mr>Mehta file
Pooja: not mam just little bit
Swara get angry
Swara: rohit gi ve her dues to her and give an ad for pa ok
Rohit as swara company manager
Pooja: soory mam please don’t do this
Swara: here is your resgnation letter I sign on it
Pooja: soory mam please don’t do this mam crying
Swara angrly: I said get lost I don’t want lazy person like you in my company did you get that
Pooja get feard from swara and goes from cabin crying all see this
Employ1: today she also gone
Employ: don’t you know how strict mam is
Employ: yeah lets do our work if boss see then next is our number and they engroos in work
And swara also start doing work and rohit goes from cabin
Here sanky come home angrly and sit on sofa
Ap: what happen beta
Sanky: ma nothing you know ma I didn’t get this job
Ap: don’t worry beta next time you will get job
Sanky: no ma today there is no value of talent only recomndation only I cant do anything ma and teardrop from his eyes
Ap come and sit near him and wipe her tear
Ap: beta don’t worry all are not same and you are my strong beta na so don’t woory you will get job I belive my son
Sanky: really mom
Ap: really now give your million dollar smile
Sanky smiles and hug ap

Precap: sanky coming to swara office

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