swasan destiny make us together (Part 1)


This story is little different from other stories guys so read and give your valuable comments

The story start with a huge mansion is shown as we go inside a room is seen as we enter we see a girl is sleeping and seeing a dream
Girl is crying and a boy is standing near her
Girl crying: please don’t leave me I love you please
Boy pushes her and she fall down and he hold another girl hand
Boy: but I don’t love you baby and both girl and boy srimk
The girl who fall start crying
Girl: but you promise me you will not leave me
Girl 2 smiling: but promise are mend to be broken you foolish girl right baby
Boy to girl2: yes jann lets go
And they left and the girl crying
Suddenly the girl who is seeing this dream get and start crying
Girl: I hate you and I hate myself for loving you I hate the word love all are selfish and start throwing her room things here and crying due to soung a lady come to room and see the girl
Lady: shona beta what are you doing beta stop
Yes the girl is swara
Swara: no ma I hate him ma I hate him all betrayed me ma all
Yes the lady is somi
Somi goes and hug swara and swara also hug her
Swara: ma I am that bad that all left me first dad and then he also ma why don’t god give me love in my fate is I am that bad and start crying
Somi make her sit on bed and wipe her tears
Somi: my shona is best she is not bad
Swara lay her head on shomi lap
Swara: then why everyone leave me ma
Somi start caressing her hair
Somi: don’t worry beta one day someone come and take away all your wound and give you this much love that you will forget all your pain
Swara: no ma I will not do the same mistake again I will not love anyone it make us weak I will not
Somi cry listening this and after sometime swara sleep in somi lap only
Somi: shona when you will get your true love na you will forget all pain and god how much you will hurt my shone please send some one whose only smile make my shona smile

Screen shfit to a meadim house and we go inside a room a boy wake up and his smile is shown
Sumi: her eyes have only true love for my shona
Then screen shift to the house that boys eyes are shown
Sumi: and he make my shone colourfull life full of lightnes
The boy get up and revome the curtains of room light come in room and he closes the eyes and feel the air
Sumi: who heal my shone everywound and give her only happiness when god when and cries swara hairs
Here screen shift to that boys house again a lady call him
Lady: sanskar beta come you will late for your interview beta
Yes the boy is sanskar and lady is ap his mother
Sanskar open his eyes and smile
Sanskar: coming mom and see outside the window
And sceen slipts in sanskar seeing outside with a smile on his face and swara sleeping in sumi lap with tear drained face

How will they meet and how love happen when swara hate love so much so read and get to knoe about it


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    Nxt one soon..

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    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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