swasan destiny make us together (episode 1)

My ff start from ragini pushed swara into river and married to lakash(sanskar entry will be late guys)

Ragini get married to lakash and here swara is saved by some people
At hospital swara regain consciousness and recall what her sister said and tear started coming out from her eyes she tries to get up but docter stop her
Docter: you cant go you are weak
Swara: no docter I have to go its important
swara insist so much so docter give her medicine and she goes from hospital in much struggle
in taxi swara is reciming her happy moments with her sister and her betrayal and crying she is just like a lifless body and reach to badi and see some people are taking off the decoration she goes towards her house and knock the door shekar open the door
swara crying: baba

shekar: who are you
swara: baba what are you saying I am your daughter
shekar: I have only one daughter I have no relation with u
and closes the door swara shout baba and cry
swara: baba please open the door
sumi comes out from dida house and see swara
sumi: swara

swara see sumi and come towards her but she was about to fall sumi hold her
sumi: sona are you ok
swara: ma what is this what happen ma
dida: I will tell u sona
sumi: ma please let it be see sona state come sona
swara: no ma I want to know the truth
dida tell her the whole truth how ragini do drama of sucide and how lakash marry ragini and how shekar break all relation with sumi swara fell on floor like a lifeless body and tears are coming from her eyes
swara: na ma this cant happen baba cant do this and faints
sumi and dida get worried and take her inside and call the docter
docter comes and check swara
sumi: what happen to her docter
docter: due to injury on head and shock she get faint I am giving this tablet give her she will be fine
dida: thanks docter

sumi cares swara head and weep and think something
after half an hour swara gain sense and see sumi beside her and she huridly wake up and hold sumi hand
swara: ma we will make baba understand
sumi: swara beta there is no use of it he doesn’t belive us so I don’t want this relation
swara: but ma you love him please ma I will tell soory to baba dida tell ma na
dida: sumi is telling right sona

sumi put hand on swara forhead
sumi: you know sona what is love love is the pure felling if we love someone we have to take stand for our love we have to trust our love but your baba first break me by leaving me alone in front of wloe society but I somehow mange but today he said bad things about my parvareish today again he doesn’t belive me today again he betray me today again he left me I am not doll swara I know I love him but I also have a slef respect (tears coming from swara sumi and dida eyes) swara true love is that which belives you in every situation trust is the base of any relation if there is no trust there is no relation also

swara: yeah mom you are telling right
swara wipes her tears
dida: so that’s why we are going from here
swara shocked: why mom
sumi: bcz I want you to start your life from new begning and you have my swear you will not say no
swara: ok ma but before that I have some work
sumi : ok beta now you rest
and sumi and dida go for pacing
and here swara is reciming about all the happy moments and crying

precap: swara going to maheswari mansion

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