Swasan : Destiny (Episode 23) (Forever and Always)


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~~Forever and Always~~

Swara’s pov ~~

I looked at the passport in my hand, at my clothes lying on the bed, at my bags which were packed. Everything was packed and ready to go except ….me. Yes, I had made my decision of staying back and making up with Sanskar for these two years. The things I missed…. I wanted them back. . .

I threw everything away and rushed downstairs to find my mom first. I went to the kitchen but she was nowhere to be seen. Next, I rushed to the backside of my house but she wasn’t there as well. I ran back upstairs to her room.

I burst open the door her room and there she was. Her head snapped up as soon as I entered and she gave me a confused look.

“Swara ? Aren’t you supposed to leave ? It’s almost four!” She exclaimed frowning.

“I’m not going mom. I’m going to stay. I’m going to apologise to him for everything. I’m going to make up for the last two years now…” I said.

As soon as I said that, my mom’s frown turned into a warm big smile.
“I’m so glad that you made the right choice, Shona. I’m happy that I finally got my daughter back…” She said pulling me into a hug.

The mother-daughter hug lasted for a while and then I pulled back. I’d to meet Sanskar.
“Mom! I’ve to go and see him. Now!” I said.

“But Swara. I think its about to rain now. Don’t drive in the rains. Go and see him tomorrow.” Mom said.

Tomorrow ? I can’t wait so long!

“I can’t wait that much! And don’t worry, I’ll drive safe. Okay now….bye!” I almost jumped in excitement and gave my mom a small hug and flew downstairs, out towards my car.

Third person’s pov~~

It was thundering. The bright blue morning sky was now dark grey. The wind was howling, the trees were looking as if they were dancing under the rain. It was getting cold outside…

And there was Sanskar. Standing alone under the dark sky, getting soaked in the rain. His perfectly set hair was wet and his shirt was sticking to his body.

He hated the rains and that day, the dark sky reminded him of himself. He was the sky and Swara was his sun. Now that she was gone, he was all alone. Like the grey sky was dark and sad without the sun, Sanskar was incomplete without Swara.

Meanwhile, Swara was driving to Sanskar’s place as fast as she could. Unfortunately, she couldn’t drive too fast because of the slippery roads. She couldn’t stop smiling to herself whenever she thought about Sanskar.

Somehow she made it to Sanskar’s house after driving on the slippery roads and taking various shortcuts.
Swara got out of the car and rushed towards the main door. Her heart was beating louder but she didn’t want it to stop. She was happy, excited and nervous to see him.

Finally the door opened revealing Sanskar’s mom along with little Ashmit. Sanskar’s mom, a little confused at first, smiled when she realized that Swara was actually here. She had not left…

“Swara! You didn’t….go ?” She asked, surprised.

“No – I – I couldn’t. Where’s Sanskar ?” She asked directly.

“I don’t know dear. He thinks — you are gone. So he said he wanted to stay alone for sometime. He didn’t tell me where he is –” Sanskar’s mom said with a disappointed look on her face.

Swara’s heart sank as she heard that.

‘He wants to be alone. It’s raining heavily. And God knows where he is –‘ She thought. Her mouth formed an O shape. But she’d to find him, no matter what.

“Swara beta come in. He’ll be home in sometime.” Sanskar’s mom said.

But Swara couldn’t wait. She was scared for him. He was out there somewhere in the storm all because of her.

“No. I – I’ll go and find him.” She said.

“Swara its raining. You won’t be able to drive in this storm. Let alone be finding him…” Sanskar’s mom said.

“He’s alone in the storm because of me. I’ll find him. I have to find him.” Swara said and turned around to leave. Sanskar’s mom tried to stop her but she knew Swara won’t stop.

Swara tries rubbing the tear brimming out from the corner of her eye with the sleeves of her t-shirt and hopped into the car. She closed her eyes and thought of all places where Sanskar could have gone.

The first place that came to her mind was the one where they’d gone a few days back. Where she had said that she loved him and it was raining that day as well.

Her vision was blurry as she opened her eyes. She blinked a few times and prayed that Sanskar was there and he was fine. She drove even faster than before since there were not much cars on the road.

The viper was on and Swara was frustrated as she couldn’t focus on the road because of the viper that moved in front of her in that way. Anyway, she had almost reached her destination…

She looked at both sides of the road. But no car or person was seen. And then suddenly, her eyes fall on a familiar car. It was a white coloured Audi R8. She heaved a sigh of relief as she saw that car…. Sanskar’s car.

Sanskar stood facing the dark forest. He was lost in his own world…in his thoughts about Swara, of course. He thought how his life would be without Swara. Will he be ever able to forget her ? Everytime he asked this question to himself he got the same answer–

No. It wasn’t easy to forget.

He was so lost that he didn’t even realize that a car pulled up behind him. It was Swara.

Her heart was still beating loudly as she saw him in front of her, all alone. She took slow and nervous steps towards him. A part of her doubted whether he would forgive her or not, but she couldn’t hide her feelings anymore.

“Sanskar?” Swara managed to say while keeping her voice steady. It was too cold outside, and the rain didn’t seem to have a plan for stopping for another few hours.

He heard it…he heard his name being called. That voice… It was the most sweet and comfortable voice for him. He opened his eyes, which were closed as soon as he heard the voice.

‘Dammit Sanskar. Stop thinking about her. She’s gone. How can she be here ?’ He thought.

“Sanskar…” Swara called out again. This time louder. Maybe he wasn’t able to hear her, she thought.

Sanskar took a deep breath and turned to his left from where the voice was coming.

There she was…Swara standing in front of him; her hair all wet and she completely drenched. He scrunched up his brows in confusion.and then his eyes grew wide as a soccer ball.

“Swara?” Was all he managed to say. Swara took another step closer to him and now both of them were facing each other. It was thundering and it was difficult to hear the sound of anything except the howling wind.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hi. Swara what are you –” He said but she cut him off.

“First listen to me..” She said. He didn’t say anything since he had no idea what was happening.

“Look. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…okay ? I acted like a b*t*h….” She said as the wind roared.

“I’m so sorry. I acted so childish….so stupid two years ago and left you! You probably don’t even want to see me again. But all I can do is to apologise!” She said louder.

“Even after how I acted and even after seeing me with Ishaan…you loved me.. I thought you must’ve forgotten me completely in these two years….you must’ve given up! But I realized you never did! You never gave up on me.. on our love.. It’s just that your love was stronger than mine. I was too weak…I should have realised that staying away from you would only make me weaker.” She continued and took one step closer.

“But they say…it’s better late than never. And now I’ve realized that you make me strong. I don’t exist if I dont have you…” She said in a low tone now.

“Ah! I know I must’ve lost all my chances and you must have given up on me now…but still I don’t want to live in a guilt that I broke your heart because of my stupidity….so I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything…” She said.

He was taken aback for a while after this long speech of hers. He didn’t know what to say. Of course, he was happy….but it was like a sudden change for him. One moment his life was miserable, the next moment everything falls back into place.

“Kuch toh bolo..” Swara cried. Her voice was cracking due to the cold.

“Kya bolu…” He kept on looking blankly at her.

“Kuch bhi. Just say that you forgive me. I love you and I also know that you don’t –” she started but he cut off her in between.

“I love you…” He blurted out.

There was a long pause; but Swara flashed a smile. A smile that always lit up his world.

“I love you, Swara. I always have and I always will…” He said.

“I love you too, forever…” She said.

The rain didn’t seemed to stop and so did Swara and Sanskar. They kissed in the rain. Their lips moved in sync as Sanskar smiled in the kiss. He tried to pull back but she only held on to him tighter. Finally, he gave up and grabbed her waist. He couldn’t stop himself from wanting her more.

Finally they broke the kiss and look into each other’s eyes.

“Now what ?” Swara asked.

“Now we go home and continue what we have just left incomplete…” Sanskar said.

“And what exactly is that…. ?” She asked.

“You’ll see when you get home….” He said cheekily.

“Acha. Well, then I’m eager to see…” She said as they both burst out laughing.

Finally, overcoming all difficulties and obstructions, Sanskar and Swara had got back together and had promised to love each other…forever and always… ❀

They were destined to be together… And no one could defeat their destiny.


This update dedicated to my friend FallingStar. I loved your version too but its just that I thought about the ending like this.
I suck at romance. So please forgive me if you don’t like this.
There’s a lot more to come if you want me to continue πŸ™‚

Credit to: Anu

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