Swasan : Destiny (Episode 8)


Thank you so much guys for your support the other day. I never knew so many people read this story. How would I if almost no one bothered to comment. It was kinda hurtful. Anyways !
The news is a reader asked me for the cast of Ishaan and suggested me Karan Wahi. I am okay with it. But Ishaan will be the villain soon. So I want your votes to decide if he will be Ishaan or not.


~Swara’s pov

I was lying on the couch thinking what just happened to me ? On one hand, I was happy that he was with me but on the other hand I was bound with my owe not to see his face again.
My life sucks..
I walk towards the window of my bedroom and there I remember what had happened five years ago. That was our confession night..

Its 11 p.m. I m sitting in my room all alone and even the Percy Jackson in my hands is not seeming to entertain me. I check my phone on the nightstand and I m again disappointed.

No call from him. Neither a message. Sanskar never does that. He never ignored me. Even if he’s busy he tells me that he won’t be able to talk. His sudden ignorance is worrying me.

I sigh and sink back into my bed. I m annoyed for my best friend…my only friend is ignoring me. Suddenly I m startled as something hits the windowpane lightly.

I look out curiously to see, little balls of crumbled paper being thrown inside my room. A few are lying on the carpet and more are being thrown inside…

What the hell…

I hurry towards the window to look down. My eyes widen as I see none other than Sanskar standing down. One paper he had thrown hits my cute nose. He is about to throw another paper ball but stops as soon as he sees me gazing down.

He flashes a smile waving frantically at me. Only one question pops out in my mind – What the hell is he doing here nearly at midnight ?

“Sanskar ! What are you doing here ?” I ask as I m bewildered.

“Get aside I m coming up.” He says not caring to answer my question. I m confused as he climb up the pipe straight up to the first floor.

“Hey.” He says once he is up hanging up from the window.

“Are you crazy? What in the world are you doing here at this hour of night ?” I ask.

“Well. That surely is a very good way to greet your best friend. But my hands are killing me so pull me up.” He says. I shake my head and pull him inside.

Once he is up, he pants and straightens himself dusting off the dirt from his clothes. I noticed him wearing the shirt I had gifted him on his birthday. But I don’t care about that.

All I know is that he was ignoring me all time. He got me worried and sick with his unusual behaviour. I hit his arm and push him away before he could say anything.

“Ow. Why would you do that ?” He exclaims rubbing his arm.

“Dont even ask why. How…how dare you to do this to me ?” I say hitting his arm again.

“What..what are you saying ? Are you crazy ? Swara stop it !” He exclaims but I don’t listen to him and keep on hitting him with whatever I get in my hand.

First its a pillow, then its a quilt, then a book…and finally he holds my wrists tightly restraining me from making any further damage to my own room.

“Shit. Are you drunk ? What’s wrong ?” He asks completely taken aback by my outburst.

“You ask me what’s wrong ? What’s wrong is that you have been f**king ignoring me. Where were you since a long time ?” I demand.

“Uh..well…I was at…home.” He mutters. Liar !

“Don’t lie. Your mom told me that went to Pune.” I state. He shyly rubs the back of his head and looks down at me.

“Yeah. I did. I m sorry. I just wanted to surprise you with something. So I didnt tell you!” He says sheepishly.

“Guess what Sanskar ! You did surprise me by showing up at my window at such an awkward time.” I say annoyed.

“I m sorry Swara. But hey. I got something for you.” He says. I cant help but look at him. Only I know how much I had missed those eyes of his.

He reaches his hand to his back pocket and pulls out something. Its blue ….. sticky ? He shuts his eyes once he takes it out.

“Oh heck” he curses. I understand its a chocolate. That too a squished and soft one. Its completely molten. I supress my smile even though I find it really sweet of him to get me a chocolate.
“I m so sorry. It was supposed to be good.” He said.

“Did you come here just to give me a molten chocolate ?” I ask.

“No..not at all. I actually wanted to apologise for not answering your calls.” He says. “Swara. I want to confess something to you…” His eyes are locked in mine. His intense eyes are making me go weak on my knees.

“What is it ?” I manage to say hiding my nervousness. I was never so nervous around him. Then why now ?

“Swara you know we have been friends since a long time. There’s nothing you don’t know about me. You have stuck by my side however the times were — good or bad. You have seen me rise and fall. You are my best friend. But I don’t know how, when and why I started developing feelings for you.” He says. He’s not joking. He’s freaking serious.

I stare at him with my jaw dropped. I can’t believe whatever I m seeing and listening. And I do certainly have a clear idea of what’s gonna come next.

“Sanskar I –” I wanted to say something so badly but I had officially run out of words. He interrupts.

“Let me finish it.” He comes closer to me. He sighs deeply and says “I love you, Swara. And its not some sort of crush or something. I really – really – really love you with all my heart. I don’t know about your feelings, but I can’t hide mine anymore. I just want you to know whatever you chose will be fine with me…even if it means not seeing you for the rest of my life…”

I m speechless. This man..my best friend is in love with me. How am I supposed to hide my feelings ? Especially when I m feeling the same thing. I had to let him know.

“I know its okay if you don’t feel the same for me. I understand ..” He rambles nervously as I cut him off with a slight peck on his cheeks.

He hugs me tightly.
I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Screw the butterflies I could feel the whole zoo in the pit of my stomach !

I pull away only to be captivated by those eyes of his again. He is smiling as if he has conquered the whole world. I can feel the heat rising up my cheeks.

“I love you Sanskar. I always have and I always will..” I say. He presses his forehead against mine.
“You don’t know how happy you have made me today.” He says.
“If you don’t mind I would like to have that molten chocolate now. That’s my favourite.” I chuckle and we both laugh silently .

**Flashback ends

Those were the days when happiness was at peak. But what am I doing right now ? I can’t spoil his life and take that risk again. Sorry Sanskar, I have to do this for YOU. . . I love you. . .

“Swara meet Laksh, Kabir, Rohan and Abeer. We all were in same junior college.” Ishaan said introducing me to his friends at his party.

“Hi nice to meet you all.” I said with a forced smile.
I had nothing against the boys. Its just that I wasn’t in a good mood to anyone. The only reason I was present at the party was that I wanted my mind to get off that kiss. But my luck turned out against me as soon as I learned Ishaan has invited Sanskar as well. Though he hadn’t arrived yet.

Just then the doorbell rang. My heart fell in the pit of my stomach. It was probably him. How was I going to face him ? Was it going to okay if we talk ? I wondered. I peeped at the door from where I just sat. Ishaan had already opened up.

“Hey buddy !” I heard Ishaan’s voice coming from a distance. I saw Sanskar giving him one of those awkward manly hugs.I wanted to hide somewhere. I chose to stay out of sight and entered the kitchen.

From corner of my eye I could see Sanskar looking around. Obviously he was looking for me. The moment he spotted me in the crowd I tore away my gaze from him and struck up a random conversation with a girl.

“Swara, honey. Come here !?” Ishaan called out from the living room. I wanted to avoid and stay away from Sanskar but I couldn’t say a ‘No’ to Ishaan. I know it was going to be really awkward.

“Hello Swara. Come have a seat here.” Abeer offered and shifted a little. I sat in the space between him and Sanskar. My heart did a flip flop as soon as his skin brushed against mine for a brief moment.

“Really Swara. Its so good to meet you at last. Ishaan doesn’t shut about you. We feel like we know you since years.” Rohan said.

“Sanskar does. They went to school together.” Ishaan piped in. Great ! Thank you Ishaan. Everyone’s gaze shifted to Sanskar. He shifted a little nervously.

“Yeah. Same batch.” He said.

“Really how was he in school I bet a naughty one !.” Kabir asked. I laughed at the memory of little Sanskar. No doubt he was naughty.

“He was indeed.” I answered.

“Okay guys. Lets have some music ? Yeah ?” Ishaan announces. He got up from there and headed towards Dvd player. The others followed him leaving me alone in between Sanskar and Laksh.

“So tell me something about yourself ? About London ? What do you study ?” Laksh asked.

“I m doing specialisation in neurology. I m in my final year now. It will be done by the end of this year. Hopefully after that I get a job in some hospital as an intern or resident doctor.” His mouth formed an ‘o’ shape as he processed everything I said.

“So you are a nerdy genius who loves books.” He asked in mocking tone.
“That’s right. When we were kids I always used to ask her to come out to play but she always refused. And she even turned into an insomniac for the sake of her medical entrance tests. However she changed for better as she matured.” Sanskar spoke up.

“I didn’t know you both were so close.” Laksh said.
My smile faded away. Yes, we ‘were’ close. ‘Were’ in the past tense. Sanskar too looked very awkward. I guessed it was the right time to leave this conversation.

Next part : ~~Drunk in Love.

The party continues in the next episode. A lot of drama is going to happen. Stay tuned and don’t forget to vote for Karan Wahi and comment me about how the story has been so far . . .

Credit to: Anu

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