Swasan : Destiny (Episode 55)


~~Dream vs. Nightmare~~

Third person’s pov~~

She walked into the old ballet studio. It was huge, with mirrors everywhere. Just a few dim lights lighted up the place. She knew this place very well, as she had been attending her ballet classes here as a kid. The only sound that was heard, was that of her boots hitting the marble floor. Neither Ishaan, nor Sanskar was present there.

“Ishaan? Where are you? I’m here…” She called out, looking around.

Her heart skipped a beat, as a sound of footsteps slowly approaching her was heard from her back. Abruptly, she turned around only to see Ishaan.

“I knew you’d come…” He said, running a hand through his hair.

“Where is he?” Swara asked straightway.

“It was pretty easy to convince you to come, wasn’t it?” He asked.

She sighed and looked at him with all the hatred in her eyes, that could possible burn a person.
“You wanted me to come, I came. Now you’ve to let him go. He’s not a part of this.” She said, trying her best to not to show her fear.

“He’s a part of it, Swara! You see, I really love you. But my hatred for him is no less.” He said.

“What do you want? Me? Fine. I’m all yours. I’ll go wherever you take me. But you’ve to let Sanskar go.”

“That didn’t take much. I mean, it was so easy to fool you, Swara…again.” He said. Swara, who had no clue what he was talking about, was starting to feel that something was wrong.

“What does he mean by he ‘fooled’ me?” She thought.

“I lied. Sanskar’s not here. And I don’t know, where he is, but I’m sure he’s gonna feel really bad when he comes to know that his precious Swara is dead.” He said.

Swara was shocked, angry, betrayed and hurt. She did not know whether she would get out of there, dead or alive.

But this time, with a killer in front of her, she was not afraid. There was no fear in her eyes. No fear of Ishaan. No fear of dying.

“Why are you even doing this?” She asked.

Ishaan chuckled. “Because I want him to feel the pain I felt when I lost you three years ago. Only I know how I have survived. He took you away from me, and now, I’m gonna take you away from him…this time, it’s going to be for ever.”

To that, Swara just smiled. “I don’t think so. No matter what he did, I love him, and there is nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody who can separate us.” She said.

“That’s pretty intense. You are dying now. So let me tell you the truth…another truth.” He said.

“Sanskar never cheated on you. I lied, only to turn you against him. I honestly thought that this plan would work out, but that guy has got his hooks deep inside you. You went back to him, and that’s what left me no option but to kill you.”

After hearing this, Swara was shattered. She did not what to say. Suddenly, she was robbed out of her sense. She had been so rude and arrogant to a guy who had loved her so much. Who gave his entire life to her. She trusted a stranger blindly, and treated Sanskar so badly.

A feeling of immense guilt washed over her, as tears slipped down her eyes.

“Oh, and one more thing. I tried to kill you that day. Remember that accident? I planned on finishing this little game that day itself. But you survived that day. My bad. . .”


On hearing this, Swara was practically fuming. She had never felt so betrayed, and so angry before. She could literally rip his head off.

“How dare you…” She said, hating Ishaan with all her heart.

“Oh no. How dare you, baby? How dare you leave me like that? You insulted me enough with that slap of yours. But not anymore.” He said, as sound of his footsteps got louder, and faster.

Soon, Ishaan was inches away from Swara. She gave him a disgusted look, while he smirked.

“He’s gonna regret this, Swara. Every bit of this.” Ishaan said. His eyes darkened with lust and hatred. Swara felt like she didn’t know who this man was anymore.

“You’re so cruel.” She said as he got closer to her. Pinning her against the wall, he ran his finger through her face.

Swara could feel anger boiling up inside her. With all her strength, she pushed him away. Ishaan stumbled backwards, losing his balance, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity for Swara to run.

But she was not going to run…not this time. She knew if she would’ve ran away that day, Ishaan would’ve come back for her. She wanted to finish it off..right there and then.

Just as Ishaan regained his balance, she punched his face really hard, not giving him even a chance to speak. Her patience level was at it’s peak, and all the anger and frustration, bottled up inside her was coming out.

“You’re gonna pay for this, b*t*h.” He said. His fist was about to make contact with her face but before anybody of them could realize, Ishaan was back on the floor.

Swara, who had her eyes squeezed shut, opened them to see Sanskar. Many questions were in her mind – How did he come to know I was here? Was he hurt? Where did he leave me and go?

But right at that moment, she was the happiest person on the planet. Ishaan was half unconscious in the floor. Sanskar turned to look at her, hurt. Before he could say anything, she jumped on him, engulfing him in a tight hug.

She was smiling, and he had no clue why. “I love you…” She said.

“I love you too, but…are you okay?” He asked.

“Ofcourse, I am. I don’t know how to apologise to you, because I’m so ashamed of myself for treating you so bad. I’m sorry, I was a b*t*h. You kept on saying sorry even when it wasn’t your fault, and I kept on thinking that you cheated on me before. I was stupid, idiot, foolish…to not see your love. Our love…but I promise, it’s going to be okay. I may not remember anything, but I just want you to know that I’m ready to make new memories…with you, because I love you so much and I would be the most horrible girl in the world to let you go now..” She said, looking him in the eye.

He couldn’t believe his ears. Smiling ear to ear, all he could do was nod. No words came out of his mouth. He was the happiest person in this world, right now.

He wrapped his arms around her, but before she could hug him back, she noticed Ishaan standing back on his feet. He pointed a killer object towards Sanskar – a gun.

Sanskar, who had his back towards him, obviously didn’t see it coming. But Swara did…

She remembered how Sanskar had always been saving her. But this time, it was her turn to save him…

“Watch out!” She exclaimed pushing Sanskar aside. She stood in front of him, taking the bullet on herself.

She collapsed down, losing her balance, as she was shot in her abdomen. Sanskar looked down in shock. He almost stopped breathing after seeing everything. Ishaan too, stood there, frozen, for his aim was not right.

His grip from the gun loosened as the gun fell on the floor. Sanskar immediately, scooped up Swara in his arms. She was cold and pale. He could see his NIGHTMARE coming true in front of her eyes.

“S-Sanskar… I… I …love you…” She managed to say. Tears formed in her eyes, after seeing her like that.

“No, no please….no. You’ve to stay with me, baby. You can’t leave…stay with me, okay?” He cried.

“I – I want… to…but… I – I dont think… I can… Maybe this is what destiny wants. I’m sorry…” She said, almost in a whisper and closed her eyes.

He felt so weak and numb. But he knew she wasn’t dead yet. He could feel her heart beating and he had to bring her back anyhow.

He laid her back on the floor, and stormed at Ishaan. He couldn’t stand the person who destroyed his life.

He punched him, knocked him down and threw him at a glass wall. The glass broke, shattering into pieces. Ishaan tried to fight back, but stopping Sanskar was next to impossible.

He pinned Ishaan against the wall, making it difficult for him even to breathe.
“You’re…not strong, Sanskar…” Ishaan choked out.

“I’m strong enough to kill you.” Sanskar said, tightening his grip around Ishaan’s neck. He winced in pain, his eyes begging to let him go. But this time, Sanskar was not going to pity him.

“You tried to kill her. You tried to turn her against me. You tried to destroy my life.. But nothing worked out. Do you know why? Because our love is strong. It’s more powerful than your hatred.” He said, angrily.

Ishaan was too weak to talk. “I won’t kill you. That would be too easy. You deserve to live with this.” He said, and smashed him against the wall.

“And remember one thing for life. Swara is mine. You dare to harm her again, and you won’t be left alive.” He spat, and threw Ishaan to the floor. Ishaan limped, and tried to get up, but his body was too weak. He just fell to the floor unconscious.

Breathing heavily, Sanskar looked at him for a couple of seconds. He felt ashamed that he was friends with a guy like Ishaan.

His attention quickly shifted to Swara, who was unconscious on the floor. Just as he reached her, he heard noises from outside. It was Ragini and Laksh, who rushed inside first.

They knew about this whole situation. Sanskar had informed them. Sanskar looked at Laksh and then at Ishaan.

“I’ll take care of it. You go, and take her to the hospital.” Laksh said, assuring Sanskar. Sanskar nodded and carried Swara to the hospital.

Even though the biggest problem of their life had been taken care of, Sanskar and Swara were not yet out of danger. Swara was shot, and Sanskar couldn’t bring himself to accept the fact that he was back in the same place where he was, a month ago – the ICU …


Next update : Finally foreverβ™₯β™₯

Hey guys. I will miss writing this so so so much! Awwh. And thanks for ur lovely comments in the last episode. And especially to the silent readers who broke their silence. When I started counting the number of readers I was hell shocked. It’s around fifty. Its surprising β™₯ and awesome as well πŸ˜€

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Should I write an epilogue too? What do you think?

Credit to: Anu

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    1. Ow. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually posted the epilogue of Fix You. I hope u like it. And thanks for reading and commenting β™₯

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