Swasan : Destiny (Episode 51)


~~Things fell apart ❤❤ ~~

Swara’s pov ~~

Could life get more shitty and awkward?

It sucked right now. Me squeezed in between Laksh and Ishaan. Sanskar sitting right in front of me with Rohan beside him. All he did, was to keep staring at me all the time, making me feel like an alien.

His eyes said “I’m betrayed and I’m not happy with your choice.” But that smile on his face…it said, “I’m really happy and I’m proud of your choice.”

“Swara, where are you lost?” Ishaan’s voice echoed in my ears as he tapped my shoulder. I was staring right at Sanskar and he was staring back.

“Nowhere.” I muttered.

Ishaan looked at Sanskar for a couple of seconds and then went back to whatever he was doing on his phone. There was an awkward silence between us, as nobody on the table spoke.

Until finally, Laksh started. “So you guys are like, together now?” He asked looked back and forth at Ishaan and me.

“Uh, yeah.” I replied. Laksh nodded, but I knew that he wasn’t happy with whatever was going on. Nobody was, I guess.

It was really getting hot in there. As I took sip of water from the glass, I felt an arm wrap around me. It was Ishaan.

Awkwardly, I smiled. Laksh seemed to be busy in a conversation with Rohan, while Sanskar was busy with his phone…or at least he pretended to be.

“What does my baby want to do after lunch?” Ishaan asked, giving me quite a shock. I didn’t really think that this ACTING was necessary right now.

“We can go home, right?” I asked.

“Or we could go somewhere else. Maybe my place?” He said, pulling me closer. His grip around me tightened, almost making me choke. Sanskar didn’t even bother to look up at me and that bothered me a lot. He wasn’t jealous, huh?

“No, not today.” I said, as sweetly as possible and gently pushed him away. Ishaan rolled his eyes.

“Then when? All I want is you, Miss Swara Roy.” He said rather cockily.
Okay, now this was going a bit too far. . .

“Some other day, but not today, Ishaan.” I said.

“Trust me, baby. You’re gonna love this.” He whispered in my ear.

I looked at Sanskar from the corner of my eyes. He seemed quite pissed off as he furiously typed something on his phone. I swear, if he would have done that more faster, his screen would have broken.

Ishaan turned my face, so that I was paying all my attention to him. I opened my mouth to say something but before I could,he pressed his lips on mine.

WHAT. . THE. . ACTUAL. . f**k??

I was shocked, embarrassed, angry, confused…everything at once. Ofcourse, I was taken aback by sudden bold reaction of his. I felt so many eyes on us. Laksh, Rohan…even Sanskar.

As i moved back,I tried to push Ishaan back, but he only held on to me tighter. His hands travelling down my back. I burnt under his touch as anger boiled up inside me.

At once, when I couldn’t take this anymore, I pushed him away harshly. He looked completely taken aback, and before he could react, my hand made contact with his face.

I slapped him… A tight one.

In front of many people, which included Laksh, Rohan and Sanskar, I insulted my so called boyfriend in front of all these people. But I didn’t care who looked. I didn’t like what Ishaan did.

“How dare you?” I asked, with bitterness and anger in my voice.

“Swara baby, I –” He seemed to realize what he just did, but I cut him off.

“Excuse me.” I said turning to Laksh, who seemed as shocked as everyone else. He got up making way for me to get out.

I knew it very well that Ishaan would come running after me…and he did. Grabbing my arm, he spun me around abruptly. Even his light touch hurt now.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He said.

“Upset? No, you didn’t upset me. You forced me! How could you, Ishaan?” I yelled.

“I know and I’m sorry, okay? I won’t do it again. You said, you wanted me to pretend to be your boyfriend and so I did. But I guess I shouldn’t have got carried away like that. Its just that… I couldn’t control myself.” He said, shamelessly.

“Shut up, you jerk! I told you that I’m not in love with you! Why the hell don’t you understand such a simple thing! Pretending to be my boyfriend is another thing. But kissing me in front of everyone? How can you be so cheap?” I said, really irritated with his actions. I also let out all my anger that was slowly boiling up inside me.

I thought we were alone. Nobody was even listening to us. Little did I know, that our small secret was no longer a secret.

As I showered Ishaan with abuses, I noticed his expression change. It was turning from calm, to angry, to rage, to lust, and that’s when he broke it…

I had never seen Ishaan like that…ever.

( A/N : You’ve but you dont remember, Swara)

“How dare you?” He asked clenching his fists. Now, I was starting to feel something odd about him. Like he was not Ishaan, I met few weeks ago. He was someone else.

Before I knew it, he pulled my hair, and closed the little gap between us. It pained. I winced.

“How dare you say that to me? You b*t*h! How dare you?” He yelled throwing me to the floor.

I was shivering when I somehow managed to get back on my feet. I planned to run, but he pulled me back, slapping me hard. I tried to fight back, even punched his face, but all of a sudden, he was strong.

He pushed me hard as I hit the ground again. I laid there in pain, and looked up only to see someone I was hoping to see… Sanskar.

He looked really angry. He helped me up and examined my face. His hand then made its way to my cheek, which was blue and black. It stung.

He looked hurt when he looked at me. But then, all that sadness in his eyes was suddenly gone as he looked at Ishaan. He was fuming…

I sensed something terrible was going to happen…

He gently pushed me back and stood in front of me.

“Sanskar, what are you doing here?” Ishaan asked.

Instead of replying to him, Sanskar stayed quiet. It looked like anger was boiling inside him. And Ishaan too, was not going to let go.

“Just go, Sanskar. She’s my girlfriend. Let me handle it.” Ishaan said, trying to keep calm.

Sanskar just rolled his eyes and chuckled. He changed his body language all of a sudden.

“Your girlfriend? I’m sorry, when did that happen?” He asked. “Oh was it when I left and she asked you to pretend to be her boyfriend?” He added.

That’s when all shit went down. He knew. He knew everything!

I looked at him — shocked, confused, embarrassed and ashamed of myself. He was probably going to think that I’m insane to be lying to him like that.

“How do you know?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“How does it matter?” He asked.

Next, he looked back at Ishaan. I could sense the tension in the air. I did not want the guys to start a fight. But I guess that wasn’t gonna happen…

Before I could process everything happening around me, I realized that Sanskar and Ishaan started biting each other’s heads off.

Ishaan on the floor, and Sanskar punching the life out of him. I was too weak to even go and stop then, bit somebody had to…

“Sanskar, stop it!” I tried to stop them from a distance, but none of them seemed to hear what I said. They just kept on hitting each other.

“Stay away from her.” Sanskar said.

“Don’t tell me what to do. She’s mine.” Ishaan said, with the same anger in his voice.

“She’s not. You never loved her, Ishaan. You always used her.”

“You left her alone, Sanskar! You didn’t care when I did. She’s mine.”

That’s enough… It was all too much to take.

Was I some kind of property these guys were fighting over?

I had to step in. I walked over to them and pushed them apart, while they were too busy destroying each other’s faces.

“Just stop it, just stop it! What’s wrong with you guys?! Stop fighting like animals! I’m not a property that you would fight over! Do you even understand what all I have been going through?” I yelled, not wanting to cry in front of them. But eventually, I did…

Sanskar opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again. Both of them stood dumbstruck in front of me, bruises covering their faces.

“Swara, I’m sorry…” Ishaan muttered, but his tone was still harsh.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare say anything to me! I trusted you Ishaan. I never thought that you could hurt me like that…” I said. He looked sorry for once as his hand made its way to contact my shoulder. But before he could, Sanskar stopped him.

“I said stay away from her.” He said, his hands turning to fists again, ready to punch Ishaan anytime again.

“Stop it! Who do you think you are? Some rich, famous businessman girls are crazy for? Nobody knows how you really are! You can never love someone, Sanskar! You can only hurt them in the worst way possible. Just like you have hurt me before!” I said, looking him in the eye.

I just looked at them, defeated. I had enough of this. I wanted to run away from everyone. Run away from Sanskar amd Ishaan. Run away from my current life, and so I did…

I ran away from them. . .


Next update : Almost lost you ❤❤

Happy to see Ishaan getting his share of punches. Sometimes, its just too good to feel that you all hate his character so much. I mean, I have been successfully able to make you all manage to hate him. That’s kinda an achievement for me. The story doesn’t end here! There’s a lot more to it <3

And Turaifa I hope u liked this episode. Ishaan getting punched by Sanskar and slapped by Swara x x

Keep reading and commenting!!
Ishaan is out now, I guess. Swasan will unite in the next episode x x
Keep smiling 🙂

Credit to: Anu

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