Swasan : Destiny (Episode 5)


~~My Saviour~~

~Swara’s POV~

“No thank you and good bye.” I said him before leaving. I didn’t want his help. The person I wanted to see the least was him. All because I was too guilty.

I walked out of Ishaan’s house hoping to catch a cab or something. But it was too late to find a cab. I waited for a good ten minutes but not a single soul was spotted on the empty street. So, I decided to walk towards the highway where I thought I could find a cab hopefully.

I walked with four inches heels on. My feet were hurting. I never wanted to wear them but my boyfriend made me wear them. Just for a moment I thought about back to his house and asking for a ride. But that was just for a moment. The next moment again my stubbornness and ego overpowered me.

Just a little more….I chanted this to myself walking down the street with depressing yellow lights. Everything was damn depressing. I was missing Sanskar all of a sudden.

I could hear ticking of my heels. But that was not all. I could also hear a couple of footsteps more behind me. I was startled and looked to behind only to see again a deserted street. I continued walking considering it to be my imagination.

But again, I heard the same footsteps following me. But this time instead of looking behind I started walking away faster. Trying not to trip because of those stupid heels, made my walk even more difficult. I heard the footsteps racing right now.

“Where do you think you are going ?” A thick voice spoke from mg back. I knew I was being followed and looking back was not an appropriate option. So I continued to walk. But all of a sudden someone stepped in front of me, blocking my way.

“where do you think you are going eh ?” He said in a disgusting and cheeky smile on his ugly face.

“Get out of my way.” I warned.

“What if we don’t. We just want to have some fun babe.” He exclaimed. But this time it was not the man in front of me. It was someone from behind. There were two of them, which made me realise I was in a ‘deep trouble.’

Before I could defend myself one of them tore a piece of dress which covered my arm. I was shocked and scared. I tried to run but one of them pinned his hand above my head. I was held against the wall. As the man was about lean in, I tried to set myself free but I was held too tight.

I realised going home alone was a really bad decision. He was right. In fact he is always right. It’s just me who always screws up the good things in my life…our life…
I could see what was going to come next, the men were planning to rape me. The man tore my sleeve which was now hanging. I was crying continuously and finally squeezed my eyes hoping and praying to be saved.

I burned under his touch. He smelled like alcohol. Soon his hands travel at the bottom of my dress and he was about to lift it up.
I was trembling with fear. There was so much anger inside me but I was helpless.
With my eyes closed, I was surrounded with nothing but darkness. My heart raced with an abnormal pace. I couldn’t feel anything but the cold air fanning my face. I opened my eyes only to see NO ONE. Yes, I was all alone.

The two men had vanished and I wondered about what the hell just happened with me ? Was it an illusion ? My doubt was cleared as I heard some some yelling and shouting from a distance. I was not hallucinating for sure.

I went closer to see a man indulging in a fight with someone. I was shocked to find him identified as none other than Sanskar. It was really him throwing heavy punches at the two men lying on the floor.

“Hoe dare you touch her. You blo*dy swine! Who the heck you think you are huh? I swear, if you ever look at any girl like that again—” He yelled at them kicking their lives out of them.

“Sanskar? Sanskar stop it!” I exclaimed recovering from the shock. But he didn’t seem to notice me. He just kept on hitting the two men who were now begging him to let them go. With no option left I had to step in.

“Hey. Sanskar please. Stop!” I cried pulling him away. He was strong but somehow I managed to do so. The veins in his neck had popped out with anger. He was sweating and panting heavily. I had never seen him this enraged before.

I sighed and cupped my mouth, crying. I was still traumatized. He noticed me at last. His dark eyes softened as he looked at me. He took out the jacket he wore and put it around me. It was warm and just smelled like him, which slowed down mg heartbeats.

“Its okay. Its okay. You are safe. Now, look at me, baby, I m here now, you are safe.” He kept on repeating those words in my ear. I cried loud, letting out all my fear.

“C’mon. Let’s get you home.” He said softly helping me up.

We stood by his car. My loud cries were little sobs now that only came out whenever I pictured that incident.

“are you okay ? Do you need some water ?” He asked, concerned. I shook my head.

“please get me home.” I cried with a cracking voice. It was all too much to handle, but also I couldn’t thank Sanskar enough for stepping up. He nodded understandingly.

“Okay get in.” He said opening the door for me. He got in after me, and ran to give me some water.

He still loves me… I still love him… Then why can’t we be together ?
I cursed myself for losing the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. I had hurt his ‘feelings’.

He was always saving me.
That night too he came in as a saviour …. My saviour

Next part : ~~Staring is rude~~

Guys I replied back to some if your queries in the previous episodes.

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Awesome sanskar the saviour…

    1. He will always be for Swara. Swasan is really not getting off my heads now.

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    1. Sorry couldn’t make it longer as my exams are still on but I promise to make it longer once they get over.

      Tysm for reading 🙂

  3. Sanskar is so caring…

    1. Yep. He will always be 🙂

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  7. Right now writing the next update. Its cute full of Swasan moments ?

  8. And its long episode. No worries X_X

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