Swasan : Destiny (Episode 49)


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Swara’s pov ~~

I ran away. I stormed out of there and ran as far as my feet took me. I didn’t want to be there. I was a liar. A selfish liar.

The way he shouted on me, I felt there was a bit of truth somewhere in his words. But then again, all those things which Ishaan had told me…it was not possible to ignore them too.

I didn’t know what was the truth. I didn’t know whom to believe. The man who was there when Sanskar wasn’t, or the man who claims to have loved me every second of his life.

I knew Sanskar didn’t even want to see me again. But somehow, his words hit me hard. He called me a whore in front of everyone. He shouted at my face in front of all those people. Did I deserve it?

Who’s fault was it? Mine? Because I lied to him about sleeping with Ishaan? I lied because I didn’t trust him. I wanted him to feel what I felt when I found out that he had cheated on me.

Or was it his fault? Because he had completely blocked me out from his life after I acted like a b*t*h? Had it been anybody else, they wouldn’t have seen me again. But he did.

Or was it Ishaan’s fault? Because he was always supportive and there for me when I needed a friend. When I needed somebody to tell me about my past, he was there.

So who’s fault was it?

I didn’t know where I was. But I just ran away, and came across a small, dark alley. The rocky road, broken brick walls…it all seemed strangely familiar. Have I been here before? I didn’t think so. I didn’t remember anything.

I don’t know what happened at that particular moment, but I closed my eyes and went back into the past…

~~”Don’t touch me…” I said.
“C’mon! We just want to have some fun!” He said. I don’t know who he was. He pushed me back, pinning me against the wall. He was not alone. There was somebody else. But I couldn’t see their faces clearly.

The next thing I remember was that everything went black, and suddenly I saw a familiar person.

“Don’t dare touch any girl again…” He said, punching the hell out of the other two men.

I could only see his back. His veins popping out because of anger and he was breathing heavily. Before I knew, he turned around.

I shot my eyes open sweating heavily. Everything around me was spinning. I could hear multiple voices echoing in my ears.

**Dont touch me…
**We want to have some fun…
**Don’t you dare touch any girl again…
**And then, I saw Sanskar.

I tried taking support of the wall, but before I could reach out for it, I lost my balance.

The next thing I remembered was that I was being carried away. I had no idea where, with whom, but I was in somebody’s arms. I was too weak to open my eyes and see.

Lost and tired I closed my eyes completely and gave up…

Sanskar’s pov ~~

She stormed off leaving everyone dumbfounded. What was I doing there? Those people have had enough of drama for the night. I ignored all the looks from people and walked out.

I didn’t bother to drive. It wasn’t even safe to drive in this condition. Instead, I just walked somewhere. Ofcourse, I planned on going back to get the car, but only after cooling down a bit.

As I walks down the road, I came across a small, dark alley. Not wanting to attract any problem, I decided it would be better to turn around and leave. Such places aren’t really safe.

Just as I was about to leave, my eyes fell on something… Or rather someone. A small figure, standing numb in between the alley. It was a girl…and from what I saw, she didn’t seem so fine.

I couldn’t help but walk upto her. As the distance between us became shorter with each step, she was becoming oddly familiar to me.

It was until a couple of steps away from her, when I realized it was none other than Swara.

Seriously now? What does destiny plan for us? We were coming in front of each other again and again.

I walked upto her, only to see that she was sweating. She looked weak and tired. Like she had just run marathon. She looked at me one last time and her eyes just rolled back into her head.

Before she could hit the ground, I caught her. Unconscious, she laid in my arms. “Swara? Swara, get up. Shit. Hey, get up, baby.” I said, shaking her, trying to wake her up. But she didn’t respond.

I couldn’t process what all just happened. One moment she was on her feet, and the next she just collapsed! Having no other option left, I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to where everyone was.

It wasn’t a long way back. I walked as fast as I could, and while doing so, I took a look at her. She had her eyes half open, but she was still in that sleepy zone.

“You saved me…” She said, almost in a whisper. I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted to get her back home.

“You’re always saving me…aren’t you?” She asked in a low, weak tone. I had no clue about what she was saying, but I knew the only way to keep her awake, was to talk to her.

“Somebody has got to…” I said. She smiled weakly and closed her eyes completely.

‘No, please don’t…’ I prayed.

“Swara, baby just hold on for a while. Stay with me, jaan. We’re almost there.” I said, trying to keep her awake, but I couldn’t. She was cold, and wasn’t responding to anything I said.

I was there within ten minutes. Not to my surprise, Laksh was standing at the gate, pacing around impatiently. I expected him there after whatever happened inside.

“Dude! Where did you disappear? Are you nuts or what –” He said, pissed off, but stopped midway as he looked at an unconscious Swara.

“What happened to her? Is she okay? Where were you guys?” He bombarded me with his questions.

“I’ll tell you later. We need to get her in.” I said and he quickly nodded, walking inside followed by me.

As we went inside, I noticed that everybody was gone. Hardly an hour passed since all that drama and people had already left? There was no single soul in there, except Ragini.

She was sitting on the chair, rocking back and forth, and got up as soon as we went in. Ofcourse, she was worried. Worried would be an understatement, because she was freaking out after seeing Swara.

“Swara? Oh my god! What happened to her? Is she okay? She’s not waking up, Sanskar! What happened?” She asked. I tried my best not to burst out.

“I don’t know. She passed out.” I said, as walked into the room.

Carefully, I placed her on the bed. She wasn’t moving a bit, and that was starting to scare the hell out of me.

“I’ll get some water. She’ll be okay.” Laksh said, walking out.

I sighed and buried my face in my hands. I felt miserable. I felt like laughing at my own condition. How happy I was before this whole accident thing, and how life has changed now making me the most unlucky person on this planet.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I looked back to see Laksh. He sat beside me. I held on to hand. Ragini sprinkled some water on her face, and all we could do, was to hope for her to wake up soon.

After a few seconds, she moved a little. She scrunched her eyebrows, making a weird face. Slowly, she fluttered her eyes open, looking around.

I sighed with relief as Laksh patted my back.

“You scared us.” I said. She looked really confused, obviously not aware of her surroundings, and tried to get up. I helped her sit up straight.

“What am I doing here?” She asked eying Raglak and me.

“You passed out. Thank God, you are okay.” Ragini said, almost crushing Swara in her arms.
I wish I could do that. . .

“I passed out? When? Where? How? Why I don’t remember anything?” She said, panicking.

“Hey, hey. Its okay. You are okay. Stuff like this happens to everyone and its normal. Don’t worry…” Laksh said, calming her down.
I should’ve been doing that. . .

Swara, who was almost ready to lunge on us, sunk back on the bed, holding on to her head.

“No! Its not normal…” She said, barely in an audible voice. We just waited for her to continue.

“I don’t what happened back at the alley. But… I saw something.” She said, looking at her hands. She was on the verge of crying, and before we knew it, a few drops of tears rolled down her face. Somehow, I still dreaded seeing her crying.

“What did you see?” Laksh or Ragini; one of them asked. All I did was staring her, trying to figure her out.

“I saw… that… I was there. In that alleyway, and then these two guys… I don’t know who, but they just came and said something I don’t remember clearly, but the next thing I saw was you… Sanskar… He was beating them up.” She said.

I heard her and I didn’t know what to say. She remembered…that night when she left Ishaan’s house and got into trouble. She may not remember it clearly, but at least she remembered something and that was more than enough.

“You should rest Swara… You’ll feel better.” I said. I surely didn’t want her to think about her past and torture herself more. She looked at me for a couple of seconds and then nodded.

“Sleep here for tonight and give me a call of you need something, okay? Goodnight.” Laksh said and left followed by Ragini.

“I should go too. Take care.” I said and was about to leave when she stopped me. I wasn’t expecting it. . .

“Sanskar…” She called out and it just felt so right. Hearing her calling me like that again. It felt like the old good times.

“Can you…um…stay here with me? I just don’t want to be alone…” She added.

As much as I wanted to stay, I also knew it would probably be one of the biggest mistakes of my life, if I had stayed. I knew it for sure, that I wouldn’t be able to hold back, and I would fall for her more.

“I can’t. I’m sorry…” I said, regretting every word.

“Please… I need you… Please.” She said, her voice cracking in between as tears welled up in her eyes. This was only getting more and more difficult for me. I couldn’t stand it when she cried.

I wiped those little tears before they could roll down further. “What are you crying for?” I asked, sitting beside her. She shook her head and move aside, giving me some space.

“Because I need you…” She said and after a long time, I saw truth in her eyes. I smiled and put an arm around her. She was still cold and weak.

“I’m always there for you. Don’t you know that?” I asked.

She nodded.

A long comforting silence engulfed us. Sometimes even when you don’t say anything, you’re just able to understand what the other person wants to say. Suddenly, the words aren’t important. Only making sure, the person you need the most is right beside you can make you feel better.

She rested her head on my shoulder and started playing with my fingers and I don’t know for how long, we sat there without saying a word.

“You saved me? Didn’t you?” She asked, staring into the blank space.

“I did….”

“You’re always saving me…”

“Somebody’s got to..” I said.

“Can I ask you something?” She asked. I nodded.

“Why are you always saving me? That night…I may not remember anything clearly, but I do know that something terrible would’ve happened if you wouldn’t have reached on time. What happened that night?” She asked and I was kinda expecting she would.

“Nothing happened that night.” I said avoiding that topic. After she passed out, I didn’t think it was a good idea to tell her anything else.

She moved away a bit, to look at me. Her hand rested on my cheek, her eyes staring right into mine.

“I need to know, Sanskar. More than that I deserve to know everything… Just like you do. It’s haunting me…it keeps on haunting me every day. I can’t live like this. Please, just tell me everything.” She said.

I just looked at her, making sure she would be okay after hearing everything. I didn’t even know if she would believe me or not, but she wanted to know the truth.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked.

She nodded. “Why do you want to know? I mean, what’s the point in knowing the truth? You’ve moved on, right? Even if you knew everything, you would’ve still chosen somebody else over me.” I said.

“You think so? Sanskar, I really love you. You have to know that. But we can’t be together…” She said.

Here it goes… The same lines which she had said when she took that stupid vow. Some things never change, I guess. Her stupid attitude is one of them.

“I know. I guess, we’ve no future together. At least not after you slept with him.” I said, slightly annoyed by how things were turning out to be.

She rolled her eyes at me, and instead of moving away, she moved closer.
“You shouldn’t be concerned about that.” She said, burying her head in my chest.

I chuckled. “You seriously think I’m concerned? Honestly, I feel bad for Ishaan. He doesn’t know what he is dealing with.” I said referring to Swara.
“Where is he anyway? Shouldn’t he be cuddling with you here instead of me?” I asked.

Swara hesitated a bit. “He must’ve got some work. He’ll call later…” She said.

“He seems like a very caring boyfriend, doesn’t he?” I asked, teasing her even more.

“He is…” She said more confidently this time.

We spent the next couple of hours, cuddling. We didn’t even talk much. Just cuddled together. It was like the old times, the difference being that, that was the time when we were actually happy. We knew nothing could come between us…and now, we weren’t sure about anything.

There was only one question on my mind.

**Will she ever be mine?**


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    1. Thanks. She’s not in the condition to ask and I have planned something for exposing Ishaan’s lie ❤

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    1. Sorry MM. Destiny is going to end anyway. And Fix You will also end I guess in the 40th episode. But I have a mega surprise for you all. Just wait and watch ❤

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  7. Turaifa Shafenaz

    Whatever U do, Just Don’t Rush Plz. Give It A Complete & Proper Ending. <3

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