Swasan : Destiny (Episode 40)


~~Homecoming and secrets ~~

Sanskar’s pov~~

It has been four days since that accident. I was feeling like I had lost a big part of my life. Nobody understood how hard it was for me to stay away from her. Four days and I hadn’t seen her. I hadn’t heard her voice.

Everyone tried to get me out of the house, spend some time outside, do stuff that I liked. But nothing worked… No matter what I did, or where I went, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about Swara. I only kept asking myself the same questions again and again –
Why me? Why us? Why can’t we ever be happy? Why destiny always set us apart ?

Currently I sat in my room, trying to focus on some presentation. As I was about to finish it and sleep, my phone rang. I looked at it and wondered why this person was calling me at such an odd timing. It was 11:30 pm and the person calling was Swara’s mom. I immediately picked up, hoping everything was okay.

“Hello? Aunty? What happened? Is everything okay?”

“Haan beta. Don’t worry. I’m sorry I called you at such an odd timing.”

“Nah, its okay. What’s up?”

“Actually I needed a favour from you.” She said and I waited for her to continue.
“I was thinking about planning a homecoming party for Swara. Now that she’s recovering, I think she needs to know about her past. And who could help me better than you?”

“Oh. That’s great. Yeah, dont worry. I’ll manage that.” I said.

“That’s great! So you text me all the details after finalizing things.”

“Yeah, cool.um…how’s…how’s Swara?” I asked.

“She’s fine beta. We are just not forcing her for anything right now, but I just hope this homecoming party idea will get back some memories. There’ll be people she knows, so I’m guessing that will help.”

I sighed. “I hope so.” I said and hung up. So I had to plan a homecoming party for Swara. It should’ve been our engagement party…

Swara’s pov~~

It had been four days since that accident and I wasn’t able to remember anything. Sometimes it was really frustrating…wait, who am I kidding? It was always so frustrating! It was like losing a big part of your life behind. One day, you sleep in your bed, happy with your life and the next day, you’re in the hospital and you don’t remember a thing from your past. All the good, bad, sweet memories are just…gone.

I walked and sat beside my mom on the dining table. She looked like she was making a ….list?

“What’s this list for?” I asked.

“Oh! This is the list of some people whom you knew…you know like, what do you call them, besties…?”

“And why are you making a list?”

“Because, there’s a homecoming party for you tonight! All of your friends are gonna be there.” She said.

“Mom, I really appreciate you throwing this homecoming party but I can’t go to party with a fractured hand.” I stated.

“C’mon you’re gonna be okay. The doctors have said so too! Now don’t be a spoilsport and decide your dress for tonight.”

I thought about it for a while. A homecoming party…wouldn’t that be a good way to meet all the people from my past? I was waiting for the right time to start recollecting the lost memories and now seemed like a perfect time.

“Alright.” I said and went back to the room.

After debating on what to wear, I finally ended up choosing something not so casual but not fancy as well.

It was evening time and I was ready to go…wherever the party was held. Mom said she would be dropping me off at the party.

Carefully, not to hurt my arm much, I got out of the car and before I even knew, I was attacked with hugs. Okay this was weird…

I just smiled at everybody and noticed someone standing alone in the background. It was him…that guy from the hospital. I wanted to know him, but I also wondered why he just stood out and didn’t even talk to me while everyone else did.

“Swara, look at you girl! You look gorgeous.” A girl said. I remember seeing her at the hospital as well.

“Thanks. Um… I’m sorry, do I know you? I just have a bad memory. I don’t remember anything…” I said, extremely nervous. For me, all these people were strangers. But for them, I wasn’t a stranger. Maybe they knew me since a long time…

“Don’t worry. Everybody knows that. By the way I’m Ragini. We used to be best friends.” She said smiling and I nodded.

“Best friends… I’m sure we still are?” I said and regretted saying it. I just dont know where that came from. I just said it.

“We’ll always be best friends. Now c’mon! Get in.” She said leading me inside.

Everybody seemed pretty cool. Nobody treated me like an outsider, in fact, I felt I belonged here…except one person. That guy from the hospital… I don’t know what his problem was, but he didn’t even come to talk to me. Whereas, that day in the hospital, he seemed pretty sad after seeing me.

‘Why am I feeling bad? Maybe we weren’t really close before…’ I thought and shrugged off his thoughts.

“I still remember Ragini’s birthday party. How I accidentally stepped on Swara’s decorations and she was so angry after that.” Kabir said. Well, I don’t remember any of this.

I was introduced to everybody again. Out of them, Laksh seemed to be the sweetest. I clearly remember seeing him at the hospital with Ragini. They were like the perfect couple and I wondered if I had a boyfriend before. My thoughts were interrupted by a light tap on my shoulder. I looked back to see someone I wasn’t really expecting…

“You okay?” He asked. Yes, it was the guy from the hospital. I smiled and nodded.

“I hope you aren’t bored.” He said. I looked at him again and that’s when I just froze… His eyes…they were so beautiful. But they were sad like something was bothering him. I couldn’t really make out what…

“No. I’m not. Everything is just…new, I guess.” I said, snapping back to reality. He nodded and was about to leave when I stopped him.

“Hey! Who are you?” I finally asked. I noticed his expression change and his face went pale. He wasn’t smiling anymore, I don’t know why, but I felt like I made a big mistake by asking such a question.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…its just that… I saw you in the hospital the other day, and it’s really bothering me. I thought maybe we weren’t so close before, but it’s just that… I don’t remember anything. I’m sorry for not recognizing you…” I said in one breath. He laughed a little and walked back towards me.

“It’s okay. I know you don’t remember anything and that’s completely fine with me.” He said and I felt relief wash over me.

“So…um…were we like…really close?” I asked as I couldn’t help but let out that curiosity inside me. He got a bit uncomfortable but quickly composed himself again.

“Uh..no. Not so close. We were just friends.” He said. Even after him saying that, I felt it wasn’t true. I felt like I knew him since years but I decided not to question anything else.

“Oh, okay. Anyway, nice to meet you–” I said but realized that I didn’t even know his name.

“Sanskar.” He said as soon as I stopped. Sanskar…that rung bells. That name was very familiar, but I decided not to say anything as everyone here seemed familiar.

Suddenly, we heard someone shout from the back. It was Ragini. She stood on a chair with a glass in a hand and was saying something which I couldn’t hear over the noise. So we went to take a close look.

“Hello everybody! I want to make an announcement. So please come closer. Specially Swara and Sanskar or Swasan as we call them…you guys don’t stand at the back.” She shouted and indicated us to come closer.

But why us? I looked at Sanskar with a confused expression, and Sanskar seemed a little uncomfortable with whatever was going on. We went a little closer and stood beside Ragini. I looked around and Laksh was trying to get Ragini down from that chair, but she shooed him away. It was pretty clear, that she was drunk.

“So we all know. Swara and Sanskar here…they’re soon going to get engaged… And what can I say? They just make such a cute couple! So I would like to raise a toast to my beautiful sister, my best friend, Swara and probably one of the nicest person I’ve ever met, Sanskar! Congratulations…you guys…and I wish you stay together like that, forever and ever! Wohoooo! Cheers!” She almost yelled and everybody just cheered on, raising their toasts.

I, on the other hand had no f**king clue about what had just happened!

Engaged? Me? Sanskar? When? How? So many questions! And my head was starting to ache. I was speechless and shocked. I looked at Sanskar who was already looking at me. He tried to say something but eventually gave up.

What does she mean by engagement? If I was getting engaged to Sanskar, then why did he say that we weren’t so close before?

I had no clue who was speaking the truth. I couldn’t trust anyone and suddenly, I felt like I was all alone in this crowd…

Sanskar’s pov~~

Dammit…Ragini. How could she even say such a thing at that time? No doubt she was drunk. I just felt so pissed off. I mean we were supposed to keep the truth away from Swara for a while. At least the truth that we were getting engaged…but Ragini had to spoil it.

Laksh was still trying to get her down, while everyone just cheered on. I looked around and saw Swara, tears forming in her eyes. She kept on looking at the floor. I tried to say something, to think of some lie, but then she looked up at me, and again I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t lie to those eyes who were so innocently asking for the truth.

Before I could digest everything, Swara stormed outside. Seriously, what’s happening in my life? I just followed her outside and decided to confront her.

‘Maybe this could change things…’ I thought.

“Swara! Swara, stop!” I said and she stopped immediately. Her eyes were full of tears, confusion was written all over her face and I felt really bad for her. I couldn’t imagine myself in her shoes.

“Swara, I’m really sorry about what happened in there. Ragini has the habit of talking rubbish at times.” I said.

“W-was that true?” She asked, her eyes not leaving mine even for a moment. It was impossible to lie to her, but at the same time, I didn’t want to put any kind of pressure on her.

“Was that true?” She asked again, louder this time and my silence said everything. It was true. It is true.

She looked away. What have I done? I had no clue about what was going to come next. How was she going to react? Will she remember everything?

“I don’t know what’s happening to me. I don’t remember anything! I don’t know what to do and I feel so helpless!” She cried. I felt broken. My heart ached at the site of her crying.

“I know. I understand–” I said, but she just cut me off.

“No, you don’t! Nobody does! It’s not easy to wake up one day and just…just forget who you are, your friends, your life, everything! Everyday, every f**king day since I’ve come home, I’ve tried to remember things. But nothing comes to me. Everything is just…blank! And now somebody just tells me that a guy I hardly know is my fiancé? How do you understand that?! Nobody can, because nobody here is in my shoes right now!” She yelled. I sighed as she broke down. I so wanted to go and hug her and comfort her and tell her that things are going to be okay. But at that time, staying away seemed like a right choice.

“It’s not your fault, Swara. I know you’re going through a lot and its hard for you to remember things, but I just want you to know that nobody’s going to force you into anything. If my staying away from you, makes you feel better, I’ll do that. I won’t come near you. Take all time you want, but I’ll always be there for you.” I said. That was the best thing I could say at that time to make her feel better. She nodded a little, and wiped her tears.

“I need to go home…please.” She said.

“I’ll drive you home, alright? Now c’mon!” I said. She hesitated a bit at first but then started walking.

As I was driving her home she looked outside at the empty streets of Mumbai.

“Can I ask you something?” She asked.

“Anything you want.” I replied with a smile. I felt a little relieved as she was at least on talking terms with me.

“How long… I-I mean…how long we were like … you and me..” She said and I understood what she meant. I wasn’t just sure was it the right time to tell her about us.

“Don’t worry. I’m okay. I just wanted to know…” She said, probably noticing my worried face.

I sighed. “Since we were ten.” I said and she gasped.

“What? Ten?” She asked, amused.

“Yup, in fact we went to the same school together.” I said as the conversation got a little lighter. I was no more worried about how would she react.

“Really? I don’t remember anything…” She said.

“I want to know everything. What happened after that?” She asked, curiously.

“After that? We kinda started dating…” I said and stopped at that part. She looked confused as well as amused. Before she could ask me anymore questions, I stopped the car in front of her house.

“What are you thinking?” I couldn’t help but just ask her.

“Nothing. It’s just that…. I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier. I was just frustrated with everything going on and that engagement thing was a bonus.” She said.

“Don’t worry about anything. Just take care of yourself and don’t try to force yourself into remembering things. There’s no hurry.” I said. She nodded and gave a weak smile.

“So go home now, and take some rest, okay?” I said.

“Yeah I will.” She said and paused
“We’ll um…meet again, right?” She added. I smiled and nodded.

“Ofcourse. Give me a call whenever you want to and I’ll be there.” I said, assuring her.

“Okay. Goodnight.” She said and got out. As she went inside, I sighed and thanked God for not making things worse. All I could now, was hope for her to get better soon. . .

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