Swasan : Destiny (Episode 37)


Laksh’s pov~~

What was going on? Why was this happening to them? They deserved happiness…not this. I couldn’t see Sanskar like that. I couldn’t see Ragini like that. Most importantly, I couldn’t see Swara like that.

The doctors had said she was still unconscious. She had lost a lot of blood and for her arm fractured. Everybody was worried, sick. Ragini couldn’t stop crying. Swara’s parents, who had just arrived, they couldn’t even stop thinking about their daughter. But the person who was affected the most was … Sanskar.

He sat there with us but mentally he was somewhere else. He looked like he was okay, but he was not. He was shocked, broken and worried as hell. He hadn’t spoken even a single word to anybody. As far as I knew him, he was probably breaking from inside. After seeing him like that, made me feel worse.

Everybody sat thee in silence as a doctor approached us.

“Mr. Maheshwari?” He said, gathering everyone’s attention. Sanskar stood up and looked at doctor with full of hope in his eyes. He was a very positive person and I knew he was capable of handling any kind of pressure. But this….what id some had news? Would he be able to take it?

“How is she, doctor?” Swara’s mom asked.

“We’ve been checking her for a while but she’s still unconscious. I’m afraid if she doesn’t gain consciousness she will go into coma..” Said the doctor.
God, no. Please don’t let this happen…

“W-what do you mean by she will go into coma?! You cant let this happen. I mean you’re here to save her!” Sanskar yelled.

“I’m sorry son, some things even we doctors cant control. We’ll wait for next four hours and see what happens. We can only pray for her now.” He said and left leaving us all worried.

“I can’t lose her again…” Sanskar said in a barely audible tone. I wish I could make everything right for him and Swara, but I could only wish…

“Sanskar, just calm down, okay? You’ve to be strong. If Swara was here she would’ve wanted us to be strong. Have faith in god and everything will work out…” I said, attempting to make him feel a little better.

“It hurts…Laksh. It really hurts. I cant live without her.. I really cant..” He said, taking deep breaths as his voice started cracking in between. His eyes were watery and red. I’ve never seen him this miserable. I didn’t have to say anything to him so I just engulfed him in a hug .

All we could do now was to sit and pray…

Sanskar’s pov~~

Why is this happening to me? Why am I losing her again? Why me? Why us? What wrong has Swara dine to deserve this? I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t just sit there and wait for some miracle to happen; but on the other hand I couldn’t even do anything. Nobody could. I could see my life going away from me in front if my eyes. I could see a pale and fragile Swara lying there lifeless. But I couldn’t save her…

I walked towards her unconscious and weak body and sat down beside her. There were a few minor scratches on her face which was barely visible from distance. She had hit her head and got her arm fractured. That took me to the day when we had decided to climb a tree at the backyard of my house and Swara had ended up falling. She had got her right hand fractured and I still remember how I had completed the homework for her everyday.

Then I was dragged back to reality where we’re not kids anymore. And this time she hadn’t fallen off a tree. She hadn’t only got an arm fractured. This time…it was worse.

I gently took her hand in mine and planted a kiss on her knuckles.
“Hey baby! I guess you’re still asleep, huh? Everybody is so much worried about you.. Ragini, Laksh, mom, dad.. Even Ashmit was asking about you. That kid just loves you so much! Please wake up jaan, for me…” I said as unknowingly tears rolled down my face. I stroked her hair and held her hand close to my heart.

“I love you so much, and I really don’t want to lose you again. I just wish it was me lying in place of you. I cant see you like this… I want my Swara back. I want to see those beautiful eyes of yours and also your million dollar smile again. So please…just wake up. I promise, I’ll never let anything happen to you again…just come back…because if you leave this time, I wont be able to survive…” I said and kissed her forehead.

I stayed in there with her for sometime. Soon Laksh and Ragini came in as well. They’d already dropped my mom and Swara’s mom and dad back home. It was just three of us here right now.

Ragini sat beside me. I noticed her after a long time. Her hair was a little messed up and her face pinkish because of crying. She really loved Swara and at that moment I really felt bad for yelling at her earlier.

“I’m sorry Ragini. I shouldn’t have yelled at you before. I was just… I dont know, out of my mind. I’m glad she has you…” I said to Ragini. She gave me a weak smile in return.

“Its okay. I know what you must be going through…” She said.

I sighed and tries to block all that bad thoughts away that were running in my mind.
I couldn’t lose her again… I won’t lose her again… I’ll do anything to get her back… And that was a promise I had made to myself…

First time I wrote Laksh’s pov . I hope u liked it .

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Hey anu long time na….. Actually it was my bro’s engagement yesterday n I was busy with that……Sorry couldn’t comment lately…but I read all the parts today and truly the story is getting interesting day by day….. Keep it up….pls update fast.
    One more thing, I happed to read a few one shots today. In that I found the 24 hrs in London wala story. I liked it. But pls let it be an is only….you continue with this ff pls

    1. Aww I missed you and your ideas a lot. Glad that you are back. Congo for your bro’s engagement . And I hope you’re talking about Love in a day coz that’s the only is I wrote. And btw the story of 24 hrs in London is a little different from that one. I’ve not thought yet but soon I’ll think <3

  2. loved it..as always superb episode..!! 🙂 btw Anu where r uh from?? n which schul n class ??

    1. Tysm. I study in DAV and I’m in 13th 🙂

      1. 13th ??

    1. Ty Dhara you’re such a sweet heart <3

  3. anu superb and I m a silent reader I couldn’t control my self from commenting. I am a south indian loved it very much.I have commented for destiny only so tq

    1. I’m glad u did. I’m also half south indian. Actually my moms punjabi na. No probs dear <3

  4. tooooo good

  5. Nice and emotional

    1. I guess I wrote these days only to make people cry <3

  6. Turaifa Shafenaz

    Hey I Used To B A Silent Reader. But, Today I Commented In All 3 Chapters 2 Vote Destiny. Plz Chose Destiny. I’ll Not B Able To Comment Every Time But I’ll Try If U Continue This. Sorry For The Typos.

    1. Ow. I hope u like my decision <3

      And thanks for commenting. Means q lot to me. I actually cane to know about a new reader today. Thanks a ton !!

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