Swasan : Destiny (Episode 36)


~~World torn apart~~

~~Sanskar’s pov ~~

Only a few hours to go… Few hours later, I would he officially engaged.
I couldn’t help but think about the wonderful evening ahead of me. Most importantly I couldn’t stop thinking about Swara. Its crazy how even one day hadn’t passed since I met her and I was already missing her so much again. It was really hard staying away from her, bur honestly it was worth it. Even during my business tours and all I missed her a lot. But all the tiredness just vanishes somewhere when she just comes and wraps her arms around me. I’m the happiest when I’m close to her. I’m the luckiest when I get to spend sometime with her.

I was sitting in my room going through Twitter, when Laksh walked in. Lets just say he had a really stressed look on his face. He is only like that when he has a fight with Ragini.

“You okay?” I asked. But he seemed to be lost in his own world.
“Laksh?” I called out again, this time louder. Thankfully, he was dragged back to reality.

“Sanskar…I need to talk to you.” He suddenly spoke up in a really serious tone.


“Its about Ishaan…” He said. What about him now? Everything was falling into place. Ishaan and I were on good terms. Not that we were back to being the best buddies, but we had no issues whatsoever.

“What about him?” I asked, still engrossed in reading the tweets. What can I say? Some of my office mates were really funny…and so were their tweets.

“Look, dont freak out, but Ishaan is…” He started but was immediately cut off my a phone call. He picked it up while I kept scrolling through the page.

“What?!?!?” Suddenly the voice beside me exclaimed, startling me. I looked at Laksh, and he looked like he’d been just told that the world is going to end in the next five minutes.

“Laksh…hey…you okay, bro? I asked but he just sat there frozen, listening to whoever was there on the other side of the line. I wondered who gave him such a shock that he cant even speak. I tapped his shoulders multiple times and then started shaking him. Only then, I was finally, able to bring him back..

“Are you like…seriously okay? I’m really worried.” I said while he stared blankly into the space. This was really worrying me now but before I could ask anything else he spoke up.

“Swara…” He said barely in an audible tone. It was fairly audible enough for me to hear and that one name caught my attention.


I was really worried now.
“Laksh… What’s up? What about Swara…” I said pushing him to say further. Damn this was really getting annoying and the look on his face was scaring the shit out of me.

“Say something!” I said, annoyed by his actions.

“Swara….s-she had an a-accident..” He replied coldly.

Accident? What is he talking about? What accident? Is she even okay? Various thoughts…various unwanted and horrible thoughts crossed my mind as he mentioned about the accident.

“What accident? W-what are you talking about” I asked, getting more impatient.

“I-I dont know. I’ve no idea. Ragini called and she said she’s in the hospital with Swara. She was crying and I couldn’t make out what she was saying…” He said getting back to reality.

“Which hospital?” I asked, trying not to panic. But in reality my heart was in my mouth.

“W-we need to leave now.” I said grabbing the car keys and headed outside followed by Laksh.

At that moment all I could see was Swara. I heard Bhabhi calling out my name as I ran outside, towards my car. I didn’t pay attention to anything. All I thought about was Swara…

“Calm down, Sanskar. Maybe its not that serious. She’s okay. It’s nothing.” I kept chanting to myself as I drove on the empty and bumpy streets of Mumbai. Tears were starting to form at the corner of my eyes. But I couldn’t be so weak. I had to reach hospital on time. I had to see her.

Meanwhile Laksh kept on calling Ragini. I dont know whether she answered or not, I didn’t care either.

Within fifteen minutes we reached the hospital. I felt like an adrenaline rush inside me as I ran past the corridors. I had no clue where to go.

Suddenly a familiar figure caught my eye… Ragini. She sat there, on one of those small chairs with her head in her hands. I rushed towards her as my patience level was decreasing.

“Ragini? W-what happened? Where’s she?” I asked looking at a pale and crying Ragini. Her cries even got louder after seeing me there. Seriously… What the hell is going on?

“Ragini…Ragini baby dont cry. What happened? Where’s Swara?” Laksh asked as he stood next to me.

“Laksh…I … I dont know… She just…” Her sobs got louder. She couldn’t even utter a word without crying and that worried me the most.

“She just what, Ragini! What happened? Just tell me where she is!” I yelled not caring where I was.

“She’s in the ICU….She… She got hit by a car….and then she just….started bleeding and fainted..I got her here and the doctors said it can he fatal.” She said.

As soon as those words left her mouth my heart sank. This couldn’t be happening! This cant happen! She can’t leave me like that…

My whole body was numb, and I felt weak. Like there was no energy left in my body. I didn’t know how to react. I just stood there…frozen…not knowing what to do.
“Sanskar…she’s fine, alright? She’s going to be okay. Just like before.” Laksh assured, but it sounded like he was more assuring himself.

One moment I was happy. I felt things were falling back into place and I could think nothing could affect mine and Swara’s relationship now… But how wrong was I? The other moment I received such a news which gave me a deep shock. Something I hadn’t expected…

And within moments, my world was torn apart… … …
This was so sad to write :'(

Credit to: Anu

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