Swasan : Destiny (Episode 35)



~~Swara’s pov ~~

As I hung up the phone after talking to Sanskar, I let fall myself into a big pool of tears. I don’t know why, but I just felt like letting them out. Ofcourse, those weren’t the sad tears, they were happy ones.

“Oh God Swara. Dont cry! You stupid girl, you shouldn’t be crying today. Paagal.” I scolded myself as I quickly wiped those tears before anybody would come and notice them. As I said, those were the happy tears, and they didn’t last long. I smiled unknowingly as the thought of Sanskar and our happy future came into my mind.

I smiled at myself for being so silly and grabbed my bag and car keys. Ragini, who had also insisted on accompanying me to the dress-store was already waiting downstairs, talking to my mum.

“Hey Swara! You ready to go? I was talking to your mom about how amazing the preparations are!” Ragini said.

“Yeah, its amazing. Now lets go!” I said.

“Oh and girls, you both are going to go and get the dress and come back here. Not going anywhere else. We’ve to get Swara ready and there’s a lot of work to do. Now go, and drive SAFELY. I’ve heard a lot of accidents are taking place these days because of the bad roads.” Mom started with her motherly talk.

“Yeah, mom. We’ll be safe. Dont worry. Chalo…” I said as I walked out with Ragini.

“This road sucks.” I complained as I drove carefully on the bumpy road. Ragini nodded, understanding.

“Acha by the way, is Ishaan coming? You invited him, right?” Ragini asked all of a sudden.

“I don’t really know. I invited him because I thought we were on good terms. But he just said he won’t come. He sounded really upset with something.” I replied.

“I’ve tried telling you this before as well. Ishaan still has feelings for you. Ofcourse your engagement with Sanskar is the reason behind him being upset.” Ragini said in a matter of factly tone.

“Don’t start again Ragini. Why can’t you just see that now even Sanskar has no issues with him.” I said, getting a little irritated. Since Ishaan has returned, Ragini has kept on bugging on me that Ishaan’s not good. At first I thought it was really sweet of her to say as she cared. But then, she just kept on telling me this all the time. It got irritating. Now Sanskar is also on good terms with Ishaan but Ragini couldn’t see that.

“Fine if you feel so offended then I won’t say anything bad about Ishaan. I was just trying to warn you.” Ragini said ending the conversation there itself. I just rolled my eyes and kept on driving. . .

Ragini’s pov ~~

‘Why can’t she just see it? Ishaan still feels for her. The way he looks at her… its just… I don’t know…’ I thought as I looked out of the window. Its not like I wanted Swara to get back with Ishaan. I would only be out of my mind to think like that! Its just that, I felt very protective of Swara. She was more like a sister to me, and I would seriously break the bones of the person who tries to hurt her.

I couldn’t get that look of Ishaan out of my mind. His eyes… The way he looked at her. Not even for a second, I thought that Ishaan loves Swara. There was only jealousy in his eyes when he saw Sanskar. That spoke a lot…he wasn’t happy with the engagement stuff going on. . .

What troubled me the most was the look on Ishaan’s face whenever he was with Swara. I don’t have the right words for it, but I was that something was going on in his devilish mind. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

My thoughts were interrupted as Swara hit the brakes. She seriously needs some driving skills. . .

“We’re here!” She exclaimed. I looked around and saw the shop from where she bought the dress. It was on the other side of the road. . .

“Ragini where are you lost?” I heard her asking as she tapped my shoulder. Just as I was about to reply I heard mt phone ringing.

Laksh calling… The screen read.

“Swara. You go and get the dress. I’ve to take this.” I said. She just rolled her eyes and got out of the car. I sighed and pressed the answer button.


“Hi babe. Where are you?”

“Um..with Swara? I told you that I’m out with her. Anyway, what’s up?” I asked.

“Nothing… I was just wondering have you spoken to Swara about Ishaan?” He asked.

Not again… The thing that was bothering me so much was bothering Laksh as well. However, he never spoke to Swara about this. He pushed me to do so.. And well it never ended up well.

“Yeah babe. I did. But what’s the point? She won’t believe me. And I really don’t want to get into a fight.” I said. He sighed. And then we kept on talking about when and how to make Swara realize. This was gonna be tough. . .

Swara’s pov~~

I just dont know what’s up with Ragini lately? She’s been acting weird… I was really worried about Ragini. Most of the times, she was in her own world. She spoke less as well. I couldn’t help but wonder about how it all started with Ishaan’s return. She knew him since only a couple of weeks but had already turned me against him completely. God knows why…

I blocked those thoughts from my mind for a while and concentrated on what I had come to do.

The dress…

So beautiful… I couldn’t help but admire it when the shopkeeper wrapped it and put it in a bag nicely. It was mine now! Soon I paid him and left with the dress.

I got out of the store to see Ragini still talking on the phone. She looked really annoyed and again I started worrying about her. She always told me all her problems, we had no secret between us. But now suddenly, she was acting so distant. So weird. I had absolutely no clue why. But I wish I could just take all her worries or help her in any way possible…

I smiled at her and she looked at me from the inside of the car, in the other side of the road. She waved and mouthed something. Since I couldn’t understand anything I gave her a confused look.

Dress? Dress….something. She said and pointed towards the bag in my hand. I gestured her that I was coming back and I’ll show her the dress soon.

We laughed as I walked ahead to cross the road. Meanwhile Ragini kept making weird faces while talking on the phone. One moment she was normal and the other moment something was wrong with her again.

I noticed Ragini looking at the right and then, suddenly she looked at me abruptly. Her expression changed from happy to pure horror as she said something, which ofcourse I couldn’t understand.

Before I could react or even think anything I was thrown away by a very heavy object. It didn’t take much time for me to realize that I was hit by a car, and before I knew I was lying in the middle of the road.

Suddenly all noises around me were draining. Unbearable pain was felt in my arm and my head. The pain was so much that even when I wanted to scream, I just couldn’t, nothing came out. All I could see were a few cars stopping, people running and at last…Ragini…

Tears rolled down my face and soon my vision got blurred. No voice was heard, nothing was clear… And then… Everything was black.


Next update : World Torn Apart ~~

I hope the story is going good enough that you want me to write more. Please let me know guys 🙂

Credit to: Anu

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