Swasan : Destiny (Episode 34)


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**Three weeks later**

Sanskar’s pov ~~

February 21st…finally! Finally the day had arrived… I was getting engaged! Oh yeah, I was on cloud nine, too happy to control myself.

I wanted to cry, laugh, dance all at once. I was going to be engaged! After almost three years of hardship, I and Sanskar would be together.

We always kept saying, that for us, marriage was just a piece of paper. Yes, it was. We were already like a married couple! Spending time together whenever possible, fighting over small things and then making up quickly…isn’t it all married couples do?

But now…when the day of engagement had finally arrived, I was beginning to feel nervous. And excited. And happy.

I have to look good today. What if I do something embarrassing tonight? What if something bad happens? What if my dress doesn’t fit me?

So many what…ifs’! Oh and ofcourse….how could I forget the dress!

The dress which I had planned to wear was an elegant, ethereal navy blue gown. It had embellishments all over, with a stretch silk lining and a tulle skirt overlay that fell to a soft train.

The moment I saw the gown, I fell in love with it. Without having any second thoughts, I decided to buy it. But unfortunately, the one that I saw in the store was the last piece and to my bad luck, it was already sold out.

But I ain’t that unlucky! The shopkeeper told me that they had another same piece which was going to be delivered to their shop on 21st, which was the special day. So yes, I was going to wear that beautiful gown on my engagement. All I had to do was just go to the shop and collect it from there.

I just couldn’t control my excitement!!

Sanskar’s pov~~

“Sanskar, come downstairs, beta!”

“Chachu, play with me.”

“Sanskar did you try out the suit you’re going to wear tonight?”

“Bow bow…”

“Chachu let’s play soccer!”

Various noises were heard from downstairs. First it was mom, then Ashmit and now even… Mickey was making noise.

‘Why is everybody shouting? Can’t they realize that I just want to be alone.’ I thought mumbling random words to myself.

I was getting engaged. This was one step closer to marriage. How am I gonna do it? What if I mess up something? My mind was flooded with tons of questions. I knew they were stupid and pointless but still…. I did not know how to silence these thoughts.

Few of my close relatives had already arrived. Mom had asked me to come and meet them, but all I could do that moment was to lock up myself in a room and try to calm myself down. It wasn’t like I was getting married today. There was still time for that.

Just as I was about to go outside to meet everybody, a loud banging noise was heard.

“Ashmit! Don’t bang the door. I’m coming..” I said as I went to open the door.

To my surprise, I wasn’t the little guy banging. It was none other than my best friend – Laksh.

“Oh God. Why were you banging? I need my door, you know?” I said while walking back inside, followed by Laksh, as he laughed.

“Why do you need that door? Oh! I get it now… You and Swara will be needing it after you guys get married, right?” He said. Seriously? Well, yeah. He was right. But this was definitely not the time to talk about all this.

“To yahan kya kar raha hai?” I asked plopping down on the bed.

“My best friend is getting engaged and also I know he is nervous as hell…so isn’t it my responsibility to cheer him up?” He said, sitting down beside me.

“That’s…really nice of you… Thanks bhai.” I said.

“Don’t thank me. Aur beta, how do you feel now?” He asked.

“How do I feel? Nervous… I guess. I mean I’m happy. Really happy. But you know it won’t be the same now. Like… I’ll not be alone anymore. I’ll have somebody by my side, somebody to come home for, somebody who’ll be my responsibility. It’s just …. weird. I guess.” I said staring at the wall blankly. I waited for a few seconds for Laksh to say something. But he didn’t respond. I turned to look at him, who was looking at me like he’d seen some alien. Did I say something really stupid?


“Dude, you sound like a girl.” He said.

“Shut up.” I said. There was a long pause after that. “Do I?” I added.

“No. Just kidding. Don’t worry yaar. Its natural to feel like that. Its great that you and Swara are finally happy. Just dont think much about tonight. Go with the flow…” He said with a light punch on my arm.

“You’re right.” I said. He sighed and got up.

“Chal then. I gotta go. I’ll come back in an hour or so, yeah?”

“Okay bye.” I replied as he walked out.

I laid back on the bed and decided to call Swara. I wished I could meet her. I really missed her but nobody would let us meet before tonight. I wondered whether she was feeling the same thing as I was, as I pressed the call button and waited for her to answer.

“Hello?” She spoke so innocently as if she didn’t know who was calling.

“Hello missus.”

“Oh hello! Missus and all, huh?” She exclaimed. I smiled as a long silence prevailed. I could almost hear her breathing and some shuffling in the back.

“Sanky, you there?” She asked, breaking rhe silence.

“Hmm. Yeah?”

“Sanky… Its happening. Can you see it? This is what we wanted since so many years and its actually happening now.” She said and I could picture her smiling now. She was thinking exactly what I was thinking…

“Yeah. Its happening. Its like yesterday we were in school and today we’re here…” I said.

“I love you. I love you so much. I just want you to know that… No matter what happens I’ll always do.” She said as her voice cracked.

“Babe, you okay? Are you crying?” I asked, getting worried.
Was this time to cry? Shouldn’t she he happy?

“I’m not crying, okay. My eyes are just sweating, that’s all.” She said.

“Seriously? That was so lame.” I said letting out a chuckle.

“Shut up! Uh! Why am I getting so emotional? I’m sorry…”

“That’s okay. Now don’t cry and I love you too.” I said.

“Acha.. I gotta go now. Everybody is so busy with the preparations and nobody would let me help. I’m only allowed to go to the store and get my dress for tonight. I can’t wait to wear it!” She said.

“And I can’t wait to see you… Anyway, you go now. I’ll see you tonight’s, love you and take care…”

“Love you too…forever…okay bye!” She said and hung up.


Next part : ~~Unexpected ~~

We are inching now close to memory loss track again. How it had happened .
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Credit to: Anu

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  1. Swara lost her memory by a sudden accident or a planned accident by some1 like Ishaan..?? Wanting to read more so waiting.. Hmm I’m really gonna miss ur lovely ffs fr about 2 months as I won’t be allowed to use my phone since my exams are approaching.. So I’m really upset and a lot sad.. 🙁 But pls knw even if I dnt comment that ur ffs are always perfectly great.. U write incredibly awesome.. Ur ffs will always be rockin.. So be happy and keep on writing.. Luv u always.. Tc..

    1. Your questions will be answered soon dear. And ill miss you badly. All the nest for your exams. Study hard and do well.. Thanks you so much and I hope that ill get to talk to you soon. Just do well in ur exams as study should always be the first priority 🙂

  2. Yaar what is that precap:unexpected and I know that this was the time swara met with an accident and got memory loss but………yaaa k

    1. Yep she meets an accident and losses her memory. Totally expected one lol.

    1. Ty newbie <3

  3. Oh ya..bt I like it this way only any..but yes story has to go on..

    1. Even I hate twists but at the end many readers like this masala and stuff 😛

  4. Happy holi to u n all swasanians 🙂 I like Sanskar’s pov in this.

    1. Awww. I love Sanskar so I guess his povs are always good <3

    1. Tysm Shabrin !!

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