Swasan : Destiny (Episode 30)


So to clear confusion this is a flashback of one month before. Lots of twists and turns take place during this phase. Keep reading

~~The Perfect Life ~~

**One month earlier …**

Swara’s pov ~~

Snuggled up on the sofa, with only one blanket and lots of junk food, his arms wrapped around me, we sat comfortably watching the movie

‘The Vow : A Real Story of Faith’

“How many times do you take seriously the vow ’till death do us apart’…” Leo had said. Paige lost her memory, she forgot about her own husband, her friends, her job…everything. Yet, Leo never gave up on her; for he had vowed to be by her side, to love her unconditionally till death did them apart.

Somewhere, I felt connected to this story. Leo had never given up on Paige, even when she left him. Just like us.. Sanskar never lost hope and he won me back. He never gave up…

Maybe my love wasn’t that strong, but his love was enough for me to fall for him harder; and look where it got us now!

More than a year and we were happy as ever. I was finally getting married to the man I loved…

My thoughts were interrupted by a slight peck on my cheeks.
“What are you thinking about ?” Sanskar asked, tucking the loose strands of my hair behind my ear.

“Just thinking how fast everything changed.” I relied playing with my fingers while he kept on planting soft kisses on my neck.

“Babe ?” I asked Sanskar, who was in a quite romantic mood now.
“Hmm?” He hummed pulling me closer.
“Did you like the film ?” I asked, switching off the television since the movie was already over.

“Yeah, but I like this film better. So lets continue…” He said with a smirk as his hands travelled down my back to my waist, pulling out my shirt.

“Stop! Not now, Sanky.” I said pushing him gently. He groaned and gave me a very bored look. I laughed.

“Sanky can I ask you something ?” I asked. He nodded but I knew he wasn’t much interested in talking right now.

“What if…what if I lost my memory some day ? What if I…I forget everything ? I’m afraid I’ll lose you again.” I said playing with the edge of his shirt. I knew it sounded really stupid, but I did feel that way. Losing him was something I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams.

Suddenly, I felt his gaze on me. I looked at him to see that his eyes were already looking into my eyes, searching for something. I didn’t know what…

“You know that’s a very stupid thought to have.” He said, half-serious.

“I know.” I mumbled.
“But still…if I were Paige and you were Leo, what would you do ?” I asked.

He sighed and pulled me onto his lap.
“If you would ever forget me, I’ll keep reminding you every day. Every single day I’ll tell you how much I love you, and I’ll never lose hope…” He said.
“Happy ? Now get out of this movie because nothing like that is going to happen in our life. Everything is going to be perfect …” He said nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck. I smiled, pushing away the thoughts that came into my mind.

That’s what I loved about Sanskar. He was always positive about everything. He never lost hope, and had a positive approach towards life. Think good and good things will happen….simple as it sounds. That’s what he had said once.

I stopped thinking further and concentrated on the moment I was having now, with Sanskar.

“What happened ? You are becoming more and more romantic these days huh ?” I asked.

“Yes, because I’m in in love with you…totally, madly, completely.” He said smiling.
“I know that.” I replied.
“I know you do. I just want to keep it saying again and again and again.” He said.

“Awwww!” I cooed and pulled his cheeks.
“Ouch! Don’t do that! I don’t like it!” He said. I laughed at how it had turned the other way round now. I used to be the one, who hated it when Sanskar pulled my cheeks; and when now I pull his cheeks often; he finds it annoying.

“Sholly!” I said in a baby voice, as he rolled his eyes. He was too cute sometimes…well, only sometimes. We were still the old best friends; we used to play pranks on each other, play PS3 together and sometimes even start fighting like Tom and Jerry.

Suddenly as if snapping us out if our romance, Sanskar’s phone rang. He groaned and he looked at the caller ID.

“Who’s it ?” I asked.

“Bhai. He knows exactly when to call.” He muttered and pressed the phone to his ear.

I could only hear the hmm, okay, yes, fine and bye from Sanskar. Ofcourse, he was in a hurry to end the call…

“What’s up ?” I asked once the phone call got over.

“He said our parents want to plan out everything before this weekend. You know like…engagement and stuff. So everybody is meeting up for dinner tomorrow at our place. That’s it ” he said.

“Oh…” Was all I could say. My parents were in a great rush and wanted me to get married soon. Same condition was at Sanskar’s place. They wanted us to get married within a month, but due to my new job and Sanskar’s busy schedule, we couldn’t really do that. So that’s when we decided on to get engaged first.

Sanskar and I never really gave a thought to how we would get married or how grand would the wedding be. All we wanted was to get married officially. Didn’t matter how many guests would be there, what kind of wedding dress I would wear, .. etc.

“By the way Mrs. Maheshwari, we were upto something really important. ” Sanskar said diverting my attention to him. I raised my eyebrows at the mention of my name…Mrs. Maheshwari.

“Mrs. Maheshwari ? Yeh kab hua ? There’s a lot of time for that…” I said as I felt heat rising up my cheeks.

“You better get used to this name, jaan.” He said, placing his lips on mine. I kissed him back gently and cuddled with him in the summer Sunday morning with our AC in full swing.

That’s how most of our days were spent. Sanskar was not much at home, and I always in the hospital, but being the sweetheart he is, he made sure whatever time he was home, he would give me all his time. He would pamper his princess with gifts and chocolates…it kinda actually spoilt me. But them again… I was loving my perfect fairy tale life — The Perfect Life.


Next update : DINNER

I hope u r not mad at me for the memory loss track.

Credit to: Anu

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  1. U me or hum? Is it the same plot u gonna carry or she will gain her memory back?

    I will like both the track whatever u choose.

    1. I’ve no idea about u me aur hum . Hopefully what I’ve thought should be unique 🙂

  2. Awwwww soooo cute???

    1. Tysm kritika. Hopefully u like the further parts too 🙂

    1. Ty shabrin 🙂

  3. Awsm part

    1. Tysm 🙂

    1. Ty yami. Keep reading 🙂

  4. ohh so this is before part?

    1. Yeah. Eventually you’ll get to know how Swara lost her memory . Just keep reading 🙂

    1. Ty newbie 🙂

  5. Hmm, I feel something like sad to see that how her perfect life got ruined just in a few moments.. But still ur ff was awesome, take your own time and write peacefully.. U know I wanna read more..

    1. Dont worry Isabel. All will go good for Swasan eventually. Hard times just test true love. And as I said just like Leo, Sanskar wil also win her Paige back but the story is gonna be different tho.

  6. I read all the 30 parts of ur destiny ff at one go….my eyes r burning but what to cudnt end without reading fully waiting for next PS I already read : the ster couple and i will start fix u soon i am a diehard fan of swasan and ur ff r just amazing

    1. I’m so glad u liked it dharsha. Star couple being my first ff I dont think was upto the mark but I guess this is somewhat better and I hope u like the further episodes too.

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