Swasan : Destiny (Episode 3)


~~You ?~~

Swara’s POV (When Abhi is greeting
Sanskar and others)

I stood under the dark sky trying to count the stars. They were infinite in number. Counting them was next to impossible. But yet I did it. I did it every night. I made me feel like he was there with me. I couldn’t forget those sleepless nights when he used to take me to the terrace. We used to cuddle in the cold and count the stars in his or my home. Reliving those moments, gave me peace and happiness.


Third person’s POV

Swara is in her room reading “How brain functions ?” Sanskar messages her “I love you.” She gets the messages and replies right away “I love you too.”

Sanskar is shocked seeing she replied. He thinks “Swara is again getting insomniac.”

He goes to her house which is three blocks away and sneaks to her room.

Swara : I knew you would be there.

Sanskar : What is all this baby ? You and your medical books. Why are you not sleeping ?

Swara : I m not feeling sleepy.

Sanskar : Wait. I ll make you.

They both sneak into the terrace and swara rests her head on his shoulder.

Swara : You know, I love seeing stars and counting them.

Sanskar : I love it too.

—after few hours —

Sanskar : How many stars did you count baby ?

Swara : Forty thousand five hundred fifty three. No fifty four. What about you ?

Sanskar : One.

Swara : (lifting her head up from his shoulder) Huh?

Sanskar : For me only one star exists and that’s you… Swara.

Swara blushes and buries her face in his solid chest.

**Flashback ends**

Swara’s POV

But it was all in the past. It had been two years since I had seen him last. Two years since I had heard his voice. It was really hard to get over him but eventually I had to. He was never meant to be mine.

“Swara.” I heard someone call my name. I could recognize this from anywhere. It was Ishaan. I smiled and turn around, only to spot someone who was not at all expected.

It was him. Sanskar.

I couldn’t help but wonder about his presence. My smile faded away as soon as our eyes met. My heart skipped a beat and I was cold and numb physically.

Abhi slid his arm around my waist, snapping me out. For the first time I flinched under his touch. Sanskar’s gaze towards us made me more uncomfortable.

“This is Sanskar. I assume you must be knowing him. Best Business Executive of the year. Anyways, he’s also my best college mate..” Abhi said, introducing to my very own…. ex.

“and Sanskar this is…..” And before he could complete he was interrupted.

“Swara…” Sanskar blurted out. His voice sent shivers down my spine. It felt good when he said my name. It always made me feel special, something which I never felt with Ishaan.

“You know her ?” Ishaan questioned her. That’s when I was really tensed. I never wanted Ishaan to know about my relationship with Sanskar. I knew immediately he would not be able to handle it well.

Sanskar eyed me for a couple of seconds. Probably trying to figure me out. I had to lie to him to leave Mumbai, two years ago. And now I was in an official relationship with his best friend. He was bound to feel cheated.

“Yeah. We were uh.. classmates in school. Right Swara ?” He tried to cover up for me. I tries to fake a smile but failed miserably.

“That’s cool. There’s at least one person whom she knows. Otherwise she is not a party animal, you know ?” Ishaan laughed.

“I wonder how that happened ? Previously, Swara never needed a reason to party. Right Swara ?” Sanskar asked, looking at me.
I was freaking out. With much difficulty I had killed the old swara and give birth to new one. I didn’t want Ishaan or anyone to know about my past.

“Hey you never told me that.” Ish said.

“Slipped out of my mind. Doesn’t matter. I hate parties now.” I stated folding my arms across my chest. I just wanted to get out of the place.

Ish laughed earning a death glare from me which made him shut up. All this while, Sanskar didn’t tear away his gaze from me which made me even much more uncomfortable.

“alright. I m gonna attend the other guests. You guys chill and enjoy each other’s company or anything. I ll catch you guys later.” Ish announced and left for the house.

He has stepped out leaving me all alone with Sanskar. It was awkward as none of us knew what to say. I dont know about him but I, wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Much to my surprise, Sanskar chose to stay back.

I looked far away into the sky. I had gone back to my good old game of counting the stars.

“You still do that ? Counting the stars ?” He asked standing beside me. I looked at him. His features were pretty sharp, he had changed a lot. He was fitter than before. He seemed to be very different in appearance. But one thing that still remained the same were his eyes. His hazel brown eyes, that still managed to take my breath away.

“Yeah I do.” I nodded referring to his question. He beckoned.

“So since when you and Ish…” He trailed off expecting me to understand. I could sense the pain in his eyes when he asked me this.

“Almost a year. He’s a nice guy.” I said. Clearly I attempted to praise Ish in front of Sanskar. But I couldn’t do so. For I knew Sanskar was always better than Ish. He was the best.

“Yeah. He is. I guess.” He chuckled.

I nodded and decided to walk inside. Getting bored inside a party full of strangers was definitely a better option than getting embarrassed in front of Sanskar. As I was about to go in his voice stopped me.

“Swara?” He called out. I turned around to see him leaning back against the fencing. It looked like he wanted to say something so badly but he couldn’t. I only waited for him to proceed.

“I missed you.” He said after a few moments of silence. I didn’t know what to say. I missed him like the moon missed the sun during the night.

“I missed you too.” I said. How much ever i tried, I couldn’t hide this from him. He sighed and took a step closer towards me.
Without hesitating even for once, he took my hands in his. His warm touch made me weak again. I was as cold as ice.

“If you did then why did you leave me?” He asked like an innocent child.

“No. I can’t tell you Sanskar.” I said quickly. He sighed.

“I m tired of listening the same thing Swara. I know there’s a big reason behind this. Its not too late okay… Just tell me. Speak up. Is it me ? Did i do something wrong ?” He asked desperately.

I shook my head. Oh I wish Sanskar I could tell you the actual reason. “No Sanskar its not you. Why don’t you just let that go ?” I asked obviously troubled by his behaviour.

“Let that go ? What do you mean by that Swara ? Its not some game. Its my heart you have played with. Every single day after you left, I have spent cursing myself; thinking what had I done wrong to make you leave like that. You on the other hand. You just moved on with some other guy. Like we had nothing. Was it so easy for you ?” He asked angrily gripping my wrist tightly which hurt me.

“Sanskar let me go.” I said struggling with my hand.

“No I won’t. Not this time Swara. I won’t leave you till you give me the answers that I deserve to know. Why did you do this to me? Why did you ruin a lifelong friendship and a three year old relationship just like that ?” He demanded.

“I already said I cant tell you. Just let me go Sanskar. You are hurting me…” Trying to set myself free.

“No. You are hurting me. Just stop with this nonsense. I don’t care whether you date anyone or not. I just want to know the truth. Why did you leave ? Are you so heartless ?” He asked.

“Yes. I m heartless. I don’t care a damn about anyone’s feelings. I just care about myself. I m a selfish woman. I can only think about my own good. Are you happy now ?” I yelled at him. Thank god for the loud ear bursting music that no one had heard us.

I pulled out myself from his grip and walked back myself.

At last when everything in my life had gone back to normal he had to come again in my life. I didn’t know what my destiny held for me now.
But whatever I saw coming wasn’t good…


Next part :
One Jealous, the Other Stubborn.

Hope you liked this episode. Any guesses who is going to be stubborn and who would be jealous ? By the way POV means Point of View. I saw many people asking.
And don’t forget to drop your lovely feedback and tysm for the love you showered so far. Love you loads.<3

Credit to: Anu

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