Swasan : Destiny (Episode 27)

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This is the last episode of Winter Tale but its not end of Swasan : Destiny. Keep reading and commenting !!

~~Last Day~~

Swara heaves a sigh of relief after setting the huge tree in her living room. It had been lying in the attic for a year now and now with Christmas nearing it was time to take it out again. As she does so she waits for Sanskar to come home. He has gone somewhere out and he’s leaving tomorrow. Yes, he will be leaving for India and Swara again would be left alone.
Sanskar had promised to decorate the tree with Swara. But unfortunately, he hasn’t arrived yet . . .

She lays back on sofa, waiting for him to come home. Its 11:00 p.m. . .

Soon its 11:30 p.m. And then its finally midnight.

What’s taking him so long ? Swara wonders. She groans and roll in her position in the sofa staring at the lush green blank Christmas tree. Its just a tree without any decorations. She frowns at the sight.

Just then the doorbell rings. Swara knows its Sanskar. Who else would want her in the midnight ? She looks outside the window and its pitch dark. She can sense the upcoming snowstorm. As she’s about to open the door, Sanskar beats her to it. He has a key.

“Santa Claus is in the house !” He cheers throwing both his arms in the air. Swara shoots him a glare and lays back on the sofa. Sanskar frowns to see an undecorated tree and a disappointed Swara. He understands the situation and is by her side in a moment.

“Hey, what’s wrong with my boo ?” He asks, moving out a few strands of hair covering her face.

“You know exactly what’s wrong !” She huffs. He sighs and takes his coat off. He crosses his legs and sits down in front of Swara.

“I’m sorry, princess. I was at a meeting and it had to be extended. I tried to contact you but my phone had no network. I’m so sorry, Swara. . . ” He says and plants kiss on her nose before she can talk.

Swara understands his situation. Work can be pain in the ass, sometimes and that keeps her from staying upset with him anymore. She smiles and caresses his face, feeling the slight stubble on his chin.
“Its okay. Anyway. . . Merry Christmas.” She says. It’s past midnight, which means it’s Christmas at last.

Instead of wishing her the same, Sanskar just shakes his head.
“Uh-huh. Not yet. It’s not Christmas until you decorate this tree, that too with me !” He says and gets up from the floor. Swara looks at him in awe. He’s tired and just back from work. Yet, he wants to decorate a Christmas tree at midnight, just for her.

“C’mon! Get up potato! Help me decorate this tree. Man, it’s too big. Have you gathered all decorations ?” Sanskar asks, going through all the boxes full of buntings and shiny and colorful decorations.

Swara grabs his arm and stops him which causes him to look at her. All the tiredness has suddenly vanished from his face. Swara wonders how. And without saying a word, Swara pulls him into a bone crushing hug. Sanskar is confused at first, but then, he gladly hugs her back.

“You don’t have to do this, if you’re tired. You know what matters the most to me ?” Swara asks.

“What ?” He asks, resting his chin on the top of her head. Swara can picture him smiling at the moment.

“You. . .you being here tonight matters the most to me. You’re all I want. So thank you for being with me. All this seems like a winter tale.” She smiles nuzzling into his arms. No matter where and how she is, being in Sanskar’s arms makes her feel like home. Like it’s where she truly belongs.

“You know what, Swara, last year on this day itself, I had made a Christmas wish for the first time in my life. And that wish was you. . . Today it feels so good to have you in my arms. Like it’s all a dream. I just don’t want this dream to end.” Sanskar says. Swara notices the slight hint of sadness in his voice as he talks about the end.

“First of all, this is not a dream. And secondly, there is no end to our love. It’s beyond infinity . . .” She says.

“Okay…” Sanskar mumbles against her ear.
A few moments of comforting silence prevail and then he finally speaks up
“Alright enough of these emotional dialogues. Let’s decorate the tree!” He beams, pulling back from the hug. Swara chuckles at his excitement. She is equally enthusiastic about the task.

Then, Swasan take out all the stuff needed for decoration. From the wreath to the stocking. After a couple of hours of fun along with work, Swasan’s tree is finally full of multicolored decorations. Swara switches on the lights and now, its lit up as well. It looks beautiful . . .

“Isn’t it pretty ?” Swara gushes standing in front of it.

“Hmm. It is indeed. But not prettier than you.” Sanskar comments. She laughs and hits his shoulder playfully. He pretends being seriously injured. Swara smacks him again and pounces on him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I love you…” She mumbles against his neck.

“I love you more…” He replies back.

“Merry Christmas, Sanky…”

“Merry Christmas, Swara…”

Next Sanskar carries Swara to the room and snuggles with her till the both of them fall asleep. It continues to snow till morning and Swasan’s Christmas tree stands in the living room adding beauty to the season.. ..

All goes well in the night till Sanskar wakes up and gets ready to leave. Before for India, he kisses Swara’s forehead and drops a letter on the nightstand.

A new day dawns. But Swara is upset as Sanskar left without telling her. She finds out a letter. It has red hearts drawn on it. Swara wonders how he manages to make her smile even in his absence. She reads it aloud.

Don’t be sad because I left. Just six months more and we will be together again forever… And also, I didn’t wake you up because you look too cute and peaceful when you sleep and once you get up, the devil gets back to action. Now my cute little devil, stop smiling to yourself and get ready for your university because today is no more holiday. . .
Miss me.
– S :-)”

She is in awe and gets ready for her university. . .


The winter tale ends here. Comment 🙂
Next update : He is ignoring me . . .
That’s what I told u in the spoiler. You’ll get to know the reason tmrw probably <3

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