Swasan : Destiny (Episode 26)


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Winter Tale : Part 3
~~Ice-Skating and Chocolates~~
Third person’s pov ~~

Sanskar glances at his watch one more time. He does it again and again and again. He’s growing more and more and more impatient as every minute is passing by.

He can see people his age chilling with their parents and friends and families. Some are playing in the winter snow. Some are enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in their warm and cosy houses just like Swasan did yesterday . Some are gathering around the fire, roasting chestnuts. It’s the most beautiful time of the year. It’s Christmas.

Just as he’s about to call Swara, his eyes land on a figure walking towards him. His lips curve into a perfect smile as he spots Swara walking from a distance. Swara takes heavy steps in the snow that has just started to stick to the ground. She smiles back at Sanskar.

Once she reaches him, he pulls her in a warm hug.
“You look beautiful.” He whispers in her ears sending shivers down her spine. She pulls back. Her cheeks are rosy as she blushes at the compliment.

“Shall we ?” He asks putting his hand out. She links her hand with his and starts walking down the street.

The lights have filled the whole city. People are in a cheerful mood. Swara can smell the freshly baked cookies as she passes by a bakery. She can also hear the Irish jig that’s been played inside a little cottage. There are many couples taking a stroll just like Swasan. Christmas is not only the season of merriness and cheer; but its also the season of love. . .

As they pass a few little shops down the street, Swara’s eyes land on La Maison Du Chocolat. It’s one of the most well known chocolate shops in London. Swara squeals like a little kid. She has always had a sweet tooth.

“Chocolates!” Swara exclaims. Her eyes lighting up with joy. Sanskar rolls his eyes and chuckles at her CUTE behaviour.

“Come on!” She urges dragging him inside the shop along with her. As soon as they get in, the smell of rich cocoa fills their nose. The little cottage like shop is filled with Christmas lights. There’s a beautifully decorated tree beside the counter. ‘Let it snow’ by Jessica Simpson is lightly played in the background. The atmosphere inside is very warm and cosy.

“Hey! Merry Christmas!” An old man greets them behind the counter. Yes there’s still a day left to Christmas. But people are just so excited everywhere.

“Merry Christmas!” Sanskar smiles at the old man.

“Sir, ma’am what would you like to have ?” He asks. Swara looks at the whole display in front of her. Damn. They look too tasty. All of them. She eyes them like a child eyes his favourite candy.

“Ah! It’s difficult to choose.” She mutters, dramatically throwing her hands in air, causing Sanskar to laugh. He knows if Swara were to chose between whom she loves more — her mom or her dad, she wouldn’t be that confused. But when she gets to choose a chocolate, she makes it seem like the entire world’s functioning is going to depend on that.

“Well. I like the truffles…but I like the bars too… Then there’s this flavoured ones too! Dammit. Why is this so difficult ?” Swara’s absent-mindedly talks to herself. Even the old man chuckles.

“I know, right ? Well I can assort them and give you. In that way, you can try them all.” The man suggests. She snaps her fingers and flashes him a smile.

“Perfect.” She says. Quickly he takes out a box and places the milk chocolates, truffles, whips and fudges in it. He wraps the box in a pretty red coloured paper with little white hearts drawn on it. He hands the box to Swara for which she pays.

“Thank you.” She smiles. The man shakes his head and hands Swasan a couple of cute candy cane shaped toffees.

“Here its from me. It’s good to see young kids in love. Have yourself a merry little Christmas.” He says. Sanskar’s arm goes around Swara’s waist as he smiles at the old man. Swara looks at him and sees nothing but love for her in his eyes. He’s not at all afraid to show it.

“Merry Christmas you too.” Sanskar says as Swasan exit the shop.
Swara looks at him lovingly. He knows she’s looking at him. It’s making him feel more and more conscious; even though he’s liking it.

“What?” He asks Swara once they are out, walking in the cold again.
She shrugs. “Nothing…..just…..thank you.” She says.

“For what ? The chocolates ?” He asks. Swara shakes her he’s and stops on the way. Sanskar is confused.

“For coming into my life. For not leaving one chance to prove how much we love each other. For forgiving my big mistakes which I always regret. For accepting me the way I’m and for giving me so much respect. I love you, you know that ?” Swara says with tears threatening to roll down her eyes.

Sanskar breaks into a smile and wipes them off before they could roll down.
“I should be the one, thanking you. You’re an angel, Swara. My angel. You’re all I ever wanted. Whenever you’re here, by my side, holding my hand I feel like there’s nothing I have to achieve now. I just want you to know that I love you more than anything else in the world. We’ll be together, yeah ? Forever and always…” He says.

“Always…” She repeats his word as he pulls her closer in a hug. Swasan then continue to walk to the ‘Canary wharf’ for their next adventure — The Ice skating.

❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

“Are you sure you can skate ?” Sanskar asks Swara for a thousandth time. She nods her head vigorously, again. He’s really scared of this whole ice-skating idea. But c’mon, its Christmas. What’s the fun you have if you didn’t ice skate at Canary wharf during Christmas.

“Tie those laces, love.” Swara says. Sanskar nods and ties the laces of his black skates. Swara’s is brand new white with make of her initials carved on it. Being a good skater, she was gifted those during her birthday by her London friend Jen.

“Are you ready ?” Swara asks excitedly. Sanskar is unsure, yet manages a slight nod.

“Don’t worry. You’re gonna be fine… well, unless the ice breaks and you fall in the freezing water… I hope you can swim…” Swara jokes. But unfortunately, it turns out to be very serious statement as Sanskar looks terrified.

“Can – can this happen ?” He asks. He’s mortified at the moment. His eyes ready to pop out of his sockets. He just wants to run away from the place. Swara laughs and shakes her head at his cute expression.

“No babu. That never happens. I was just pulling your leg, the way you did yesterday. The hot chocolate, remember ?” Swara laughs. Sanskar rolls his eyes and pokes her shoulder. Swara can see the nervousness on his face. Clearly, he doesn’t want to do this.

“Okay, just take a deep breath, alright ? Breath in… Breath out…” She comforts him first. He does as he’s told.

“Okay. Good now. Rule number one – keep your legs steady. Do not change your direction unless you’re at the end or someone is coming between you.” Swara instructs. Sanskar nods.

“Rule number two — pull all your weight on your feet. Just your feet.” She adds. He nods again.

“Good and don’t let go off my hand.” She says finally. Sanskar nods again and catches a hold of her hand. Swara smiles and gives him a little squeeze.

He puts his left foot on the ice platform first and he fumbles then and there itself. Swara holds him uptight. With great courage he lands his right foot too. Now he’s just standing on the hard ice with his skates on.

“Okay. Good now. Try to walk first.” Swara says.

“Walk ? I thought you’ve to skate.” He says.

“Baby steps, remember ? Now try to walk. It’s slippery, I know. But you’ll be fine.” Swara assures. Sanskar walks slowly, like a penguin. He’s very cautious as his grip around Swara’s hand tightens.

“Great now try to skate.” She says. And finally, after a lot of attempts he’s able to skate like a pro. Swara releases her hand from his. He’s doing fine now and has gone far away from Swara.
“See ? How am I doing ?” He asks hopefully.

“Perfect!” Swara beams. But before she can complete her sentence his leg slips and he’s on the icy floor, hitting his bottom. Swara bursts into fits of laughter and skates towards him.

He nervously runs his head.
“It’s okay. It happens. C’mon.”
Swara puts her hand out for him to grab on. He gets back on his feet, while she continuously laughs.

“Stop laughing. It wasn’t that funny.” He huffs. But she laughs harder.

“Stop it Swara. It’s really hurt my bum!” He complains. His cheeks turning red. Swara pulls them hard, finding him too adorable at the moment.
“You’re too cute…”

“So are you.” Sanskar finally gives in and pulls Swara in his arms.
She locks her arms around his neck while he does the same by putting his arms around her waist. He plants his cold and soft lips on hers making her shiver. It’s snowing outside. It’s the winter season going on. But in his arms, Swara feels the warmth of his love.

Thus Swasan enjoy a very merry Christmasy date. . .

❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

Next update : Last day ~~
Soon winter tale will end and the story shall proceed 🙂 with a new twist. . .
Last episode was my silver jubilee. I couldn’t believe that. . .Tysm !!


Hey guys. Well I’m happy that you al loved the introduction of Anonymous but I’m sorry to say that right now it is on hold **

But I’ll continue it later and that’s a promise. And the main thing is I want to talk about Swasan : Destiny.
I hope you’re not bored with the story as you all know it has completed its silver jubilee. Right now I’m showing a few romantic moments in that. But all I want to say is that a twist is coming there soon. And you know Swasan’s world will be turned upside down after it.
So the graph for destiny is like
Romance, twist (1 episode with a mystery), flashback(few episodes where romance + mystery unravels) and then the story continues.
I’ll reveal the twist in three four episodes I guess.
Now Fix you. Well Fix you as you all know has right now romance. And I guess that continues for a good time until the real twist comes in there.

Keep reading to find out what’s gonna happen next!
And I’ve seen that whenever I start an ff I get a good response but as the story proceeds it goes down and down and down. Am I making you guys bored? Well right now I’ve no plans to start a new ff because I’m just thinking about Destiny and Fix You.
Please guys after reading do comment on the updates because that’s the only way to respond here. I used to write on t but the problem there is people tend to copy your stories which I dont like. So I had to quit there. And here I feel I’m not keeping you guys happy. I’m just speaking my hurt out. No offence. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone of you. I really didn’t mean that. Its just that sometimes I feel writing as a waste of time though its my passion. So I request all the silent readers to comment. And whoever have always supported me, I dont have to name you guys because you also know that I’m talking about you, thank you so much. It’s just because of you all that I’m writing till now. Or else I’d have quit long back. Thank you dil se. . . Love you all my readers !!
Keep reading and smiling

Credit to: Anu

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