Swasan : Destiny (Episode 22)

~Let it Go~~

Sanksar’s pov ~~

3:45……f**k. Screw my life, screw everything.
That’s exactly how I was feeling at that moment. I was driving to the place where I and Swara had been a day before the accident. When she said she loved me and that night we did the thing.

Anyone would think that I was stupid. Silly. Madly in love with the girl who left me. But I didn’t care. I still went to the place which reminded me of Swara.

I stepped out the car and my phone started ringing.
Mom calling…..flashed on the screen.

“Sanskar where are you ? Do you know that Swara is leaving ? What happened between the two of you ? I wanted to meet her before she left! Is she with you ?” She sounded worried as she bombarded me with questions.

“No…she’s not with me. Bye.” I said and was about to hung up when she said something.

“Arrey wait! What happened between you two ? Is she okay ? Most importantly, are you okay ?” She asked.
“Yeah mom…kuch nahi hua.” I lied. But whom was I lying to, my mom ? She knew me more than I knew myself.

“Don’t lie to me Sanskar. I’m your mother. Your voice itself tells me that there’s something wrong.” She said in a stern tone.

That was it. I broke down.. But I didn’t want to cry again. Not in front of my mom. Well, I was not really in front of her but she could hear my voice crack a bit.

“She’s going. She made her decision and she’s going… I mean she didn’t even think about me! I can’t live without her maa. All I keep on doing is think about her. I’m lost….” I said trying to keep my voice steady.

I could hear my mom take a deep breath. She sighed and finally spoke —

“Beta please come home. I’m really worried about you right now. You come home first and then we’ll talk about it.” She said.

“I’ll mom don’t worry. I need some time. That’s all. I’ll be home, don’t worry.” I said, assuring her.

“Okay, but please don’t do anything reckless. Drive home safe because it looks like its going to rain anytime soon.” She said.

“Okay I’ll see you later. Bye.” I said and hung up.

I told mom not to worry but how the hell was she not supposed to worry ? I hated myself for putting her through this; she saw me going through everything in these past two years and she too suffered watching me like this. Even though I was at top of my career my personal life was not so good. Everytime I got an award be it Youngest Executive of the year I always thanked everyone who supported me and stood by me no matter what. I couldn’t thank Swara in public, but I surely thanked her in my mind because wherever I’m today is because of her love and support. She didn’t stood by me physically. Somewhere in some corner of the world she was there, and that seemed to make me feel a bit better. But then again… I missed her.

Swara’s pov ~~

‘Oh God Swara! What’s taking you so long! Stop having second thoughts and go to Sanskar. Say you love him! Dont run away from him!’
That’s what my heart said.

‘Shut up! Don’t listen to your heart. Go away from him if you truly love him. Stay away and let him be happy without you. You are not meant to be together, Swara.’
That’s what my brain said.

“Shut up!” I yelled and held my head in hands. I realised there was nobody in the room except me. I let a tear slip from my eye and looked at the watch. 3:50.

Ten minutes, Swara. I said to myself. I pushed myself from the bed and walked towards the wardrobe. I pulled out my jeans and my t-shirt and set it on the bed. I grabbed my bag and took put my passport.

I sighed and kept looking at it as if it was made of gold. Mom’s words were not leaving my mind. An image of Sanskar and me kept on flashing in front me.

The way he held my hand, the way he said my name and made it sound so special, the way he looked into my eyes and complimented me, the way he played with my hair when he was bored, the way he cuddled me on cold winter nights, the way we spent our insomniac nights counting the stars together, our cute silly fights …everything flashed in front of me.

‘Am I really ready to let all this go ?’ I asked myself. I closed my eyes and the immediate response that cake our if my mind was —

“No” I said aloud. I can’t live without him.

‘Yes, I’d made my decision. Doesn’t matter what happens next. Nobody knows the future. But I want to live my present. I want to live the happy and perfect life with him.’ I thought.

I didn’t realise that I was smiling to myself like an idiot. I’d let go off all the promises. There was nothing that could stop me from being with him, and that’s because I love him . . .

Next part : Swasan Forever and Always ? ❀ ?


Yay!! I felt so happy writing this !!
Did you like it ? And guess what happens next <3
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