Swasan : Destiny (Episode 2)


Sanskar’s POV

Isn’t two years long ? No its not, for others. But for me two years seemed like two decades. Every day, every moment, every second without her felt so incomplete and long enough. If given a choice I would have preferred starving rather than living without her, Such was her influence on me.

Everyday I used to ask myself
“What are the use of achievements I had achieved – Business Executive of the year being the latest. Whenever I stepped on the stage for any award my eyes would search for her in the crowd. And as my eyes weren’t able to find her my heart, it would ache. The heart break had ripped my heart. No one could fix it back except her.”

I was still living in the memories I had spent with her – the way she uses to cheer me up. All her lectures. It was only because of her that I got serious about my career. I missed every inch of her. Her kisses, our hugs.

But one day she left me. I decided to move on, so that my heart wouldn’t break more. But I found, it had already shattered into as many indivisible pieces as possible. Deep down inside, I wasn’t willing to move on.

As I was about to head to take a shower after a tiring day my cousin Laksh called.
“Hey Sanskar, are you attending Ish’s part tonight ?” Ish aka Ishaan was our best friend since college days.

He had been living in London since past two years and that’s when we lost touch. But he had returned to Mumbai lately and so he was throwing a homecoming party for himself. Yes, its weird but he is a party animal.

“I don’t know bro. I m just knackered and I dont feel like partying. You guys carry on though.” I sighed

“Bro, I m also tired. But he has just returned from London and he has been calling me since morning. He wants to meet all of us. I think we should go.” He protested and I decided to give in.

“Fine. I ll get ready and pick you up. We both will go together in my car.” I said to him and I could feel him doing a happy dance in his mind.

I plopped on my bed and then got ready in a handsome tuxedo. The tuxedo looked good but I wasn’t in the mood.

As I got down the stairs I could see all my college mates – Rohan, Kabir and Abeer along with Laksh waving at me intently.
“Hey you all. Lets go.” I waved at them and shouted in pleasure. It was good to see all my friends together.


“No left.” Laksh guided giving me the directions to Ishaan’s place.

“No, right bro. Take a right turn first.” Rohan interrupted.

“I think we should go straight.” Kabir piped in.

And here the misguided driver was me. “How could we forget the way to his house ?” I shouted at top of my voice and in return I earned blank looks from my friends.

Laksh told “because, we have not been there since a couple of years.”

“Whatever. Just call Ish and ask the way out of here.” I muttered and Laksh took out his phone and asked him, and Ish lashed out at us first as how could we forget his address. At last he gave up and said he lived two blocks away.

We got a warm greeting from him. I gave him a bromantic hug and said “Look at you. All muscles and all haan.” He chuckled hearing it. “By the way steroids are not good.” I added.

“No man. They are all real. Anyways come in. Why are you guys out ?” He exclaimed and let us in.

“Hey Sanskar. I want you to meet someone.” he told me through the blasting sound off the music speakers.

“Whose the girl who has made my bro crazy ?” I asked him. I remember him telling me that there is someone special in his life. Everyone has someone special in their life who make us happy and make us loved whenever they are around for what we actually are. They are not after us for our name, fame and money but only for our sake.
I also had a special one in my life. My mind started relishing our cherished memories.

I followed Ish to the balcony where he told me her girl would be waiting.

We entered the balcony only to be greeted by a girl. I thought it was Ish’s girlfriend. Her back faced us and her long pitch black curls flow down her waist. She was wearing a little black dress and the moonlight falling on her fair skin only made her look more beautiful. Her curls and figure seemed vaguely familiar to me.

Somehow, I felt I knew her. You know sometimes people whom you have meet for the first time tend to give you familiar vibes like you have met them before. That’s how I felt.
I looked at the floor.
“She’s the one..” Ish said.

“Swara.” Ish called her out.

Still facing the floor I snapped my head up. Swara, it was the same familiar name which had been running through my mind since a couple of years.
My heart started racing like never before. I silently prayed hoping it was someone else. Not the girl, with whom I was still in love with, not my Swara.

But destiny had always had different plans for us. Much to my dismay she turned around. It was her. Swara, my Swara. Her beautiful smile faded as she spotted me.

My face and my body stood frozen trying to comprehend the present situation.

She was back. She was here. But she was with him….

Next part : You ?


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Credit to: Anu

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