Swasan : Destiny (Episode 12)


~Dinner and Revenge~~

Swara’s pov ~

“Does it hurt ?” He asked as he kissed my bruise.

“No. Not anymore.” I replied to him.

That pain was nothing compared to the time I felt when I was away from him. It hurt like a thousand knives stabbing me at a time. It would be a colossal lie if I say I had no feelings for Sanskar. I was insanely in love with this man and every gesture of his towards me was making me fall harder.

He smiled. “Good. Yeah. We were doing what? Eggs. Scrambled eggs! Lets cook.” He beamed dragging me back to the kitchen.

I prepared the scrambled eggs while he made some coffee. We ate in silence with him cracking some really lame jokes in between. Once we were done I carried the plates back to the kitchen.

“Swara, are you free tonight ?” Sanskar shouted from the hall. I walked outside after putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

“uh. Yes. Why ?” I asked and took a seat beside him. He was busy typing something on his phone.

“Its Laksh. He’s going out for with Ragini – I mean his fiancΓ© for dinner. He was asking whether we want to join ?” He said. Dinner that too with Laksh and his fiancΓ© whom I had never met. Also with Sanskar by my side. Ofcourse I was going to be uncomfortable.

I hesitated “I don’t think I should come. I barely know them. But you should go.” I said.

He gave me a dirty look. “I m not interested in becoming the third wheel in between them.” He sighed and continued. “I was actually thinking it might cheer you up, you know. But its okay. I know no matter how much I try to cheer you up you will always do what you want.” He said faking a depressed tone.

“Sanskar…..” I trailed off trying to give back a valid reason for staying back. He raised his brows and looked at me.

“What? I m just kidding. But on a serious note I think you should join us. Don’t sulk here on this sofa watching your silly Disney Mouse with an ice cream.” He said, offending me.

“That’s Mickey Mouse!” I objected in a high pitched voice. He raised his hands in defence.

“Alright kiddo… Just think about it. I would be really happy if you come. But no pressure whatsoever.” He said. I sighed and gave it a thought for a while. It wasn’t such a bad idea either. I desperately needed to stop thinking about that Ishaan.

“Well it isn’t a bad idea. I think I ll come.” I said.

“You think ?” He asked.

“Okay. I will come. You are right. I have to get my mind off that Ishaan.” I said. His lips curved into a smile and he got up stretching his arms.

“Great. I ll take off now. I have got a few errands to run before going home.” He said. I really didnt want him to leave. . . . .yet I hid my frown and got up too.

“Okay. . . ” I said. He looked at me for a couple of seconds and then finally wrapped his arms around me. Oh how much I was longing for that. I held him back.

“You will be okay Swara. I ll stop by to pick you up by seven, okay ? Be ready and wear something nice.” He said stroking my hair. I nodded and pulled back.

“Yes I ll see you later.” I said. He smiled and took off with one last wave at me.

“Swara. 7:30 !” Sanskar yelled from downstairs.

“I m coming baba. Have some patience.” I said hurrying down the stairs. He stood at the door, arms crossed staring at the wall clock. My footsteps alerted him as he looked in my direction. The moment I saw him I could think of only one word — Handsome.

He was wearing a black button down shirt to go with his ripped jeans. His hair was as usually perfectly set up. I wonder how he even managed to do that. He smiled at me.

“We are matching.” He said. I realised that I was in a black jumpsuit too. I smiled back.

“Yes we are. ” I said.

“Now I get what took you so long.” He stated.

“Are we too late ?” I asked, worried.

He chuckled. “No we are supposed to meet at eight. I just informed you in advance so that you could take your own time to get ready.” He said. I playfully hit his arms.

Royal China – the most famous Chinese restaurant in Mumbai. Like its name it was royal. Sanskar parked his car in the lot. Before I could get down I was surprised to see Sanskar rushed to my side for opening the door for me.

“Allow me miss.” He said putting his hand out for me to grab on. I got out with a tinge of blush and a laugh.

“Thank you, kind sir.” I played along. His smile could light my life even in the darkest days. We proceeded inside.

I had been to Royal China once. It had typical Chinese ambience to it. We walked in to be greeted by Laksh and a girl I assumed was his fiancΓ©. Laksh greeted Sanskar and I with a hug while the girl stood out. She was beautiful with fair complexion and long black curls.

“Kya baat hai Miss Roy. You look gorgeous today.” Laksh said. I turned a little red at his compliment. I was never used to getting such compliments from anyone except Sanskar. As for Ishaan he never bothered to do that.

“Thank you Mr. Laksh.” I smiled.
“Oh and meet Ragini my fiancΓ©.” He said bringing the girl forward.

“Hi Swara. Its so nice to meet you. I have heard a lot about you from the source here.” She said pointing her thumb at Sanskar and pulling me I to an unexpected hug.

“All good things I hope.” I said. She nodded.

“Well its so good to see you two together. You both make an awesome couple! When Laksh told me that you guys are coming I was really glad. Its like a double date now.” She said.

I was awestruck at the words couple and date. Was that a date ? I most certainly didn’t think so. Laksh shot a glare at Ragini who seemed to understand the situation now. Sanskar stood back there silently. It was awkward.

“uh ho no !!. We are just friends. Nothing more.” I said trying to lighten the mood. Ragini smiled.

“She’s I m not.” I heard Sanskar saying from the back. I rolled my eyes and we made our way to the table. We sat in a corner away from the people. I sat next to Ragini while Sanskar and Laksh took rhe couch in front of us.

“I m planning to get drunk. What about you guys ?” Ragini asked.
Laksh and I looked at Sanskar and burst into fits of laughter. I remembered his condition from the night before. I knew this guy wasn’t going to touch alcohol ever again.

“Ragini. Its not drunk its drink with an ‘i’.” I teased. Sanskar rolled his eyes at me. It was an inside joke between two of us which obviously Ragini couldn’t understand.

“Want a drink mate ?” Laksh asked.

“Shut up you both !” Sanskar said trying to hold back his laughter but couldn’t.

“Anyway. What about you Swara ?” Ragini asked.

“Huh? No I m okay.” I said.

“Dont tell me you don’t drink…” She said.

I shrugged. “I do. But that’s occasionally. What’s special today ?”

“You don’t need an occasion for getting wasted babe. I m ordering a drink for you too.” She said and called out the waiter. I shook my head.

Once the waiter brought the food and the drinks we started hogging on it. The evening wasn’t as depressing as I thought it would be. Time passed pretty quickly. I found Ragini to be much like me. Or rather the old me. Laksh too was very friendly. He was basically the guy who would joke around always but be a real supportive friend when needed. I had seen that side of his before. Their company made me forget Ishaan for those three hours.

“Wait here. I ll get the car.” Sanskar said me before disappearing in the lot. I was left alone there with Ragini. She kept on stealing glances at me every once in a while. I politely smiled at her. I could feel the discomfort and awkwardness between us which was surprisingly not there five minutes ago.

“Swara, can I ask you something ?” Ragini spoke up suddenly. I nodded.

“How did you get hurt ?” She asked. I know she was referring to the ugly bruise on my face that I had tried to hide with multiple layers of foundation but that hadn’t helped.

“uh.um my. .boyfriend – – ex-boyfriend did that.” I replied.

“I m sorry to ask you that question so suddenly. Its just that it reminds me so much of myself.” She smiled.

“How ?” I asked curiously.

“I have had an abusive boyfriend too.” She said. I didn’t expect that.

“Who? I mean I m sorry to ask. But what happened ?”

“Well we dated for three years. At first I thought it was a perfect relationship. An ideal one. But one night he came home drunk. I wasn’t happy about it and we got into a fight. And for the first time in that night he hit me. When I threatened to leave him he came begging at my doorstep. I loved him. I couldn’t let him go. So I forgave him. Bur our fights increased with time. He started getting possessive. Everytime he came home drunk and used to hit me.” She said.

I was shocked. How could someone do such a cruel thing to Ragini ?
“How did you get out of it ?” I asked.

“I met Laksh when I was dating my ex. We became very close during just one month. He understood me. Sometimes I would just go to him and cry my heart out. But he never complained. He just held me. Showed me the right path. That’s when I realized that my relationship wasn’t an ideal one. He didn’t deserve forgiveness. One day I found courage to go upto him and confront him about everything. I broke up with him that day. He tried to claim his rights over me like I was his property. But I slapped him.” She said.

Somehow that joyed me. I was relieved, somehow Ragini had stood up for herself. “You did ?” I was amused.

She beamed. “Yes I did. He deserved it. I wasn’t going to be quiet about it, was I ? So the point, is are you satisfied with the way your relationship has ended ?” She asked.

“What do you mean ?” I asked.

“Did you teach that douche a lesson ?” She asked. I chuckled.

“I didn’t. But Sanskar did, by punching him on the face.” I said.

“Oh lord. Sanskar must really love you to do that.” She said. Before I could give my say on that she added. “But that’s the problem with us girls. We let the boys stand up for us. I m not against Sanskar here. All I m saying is it should have been you punching him instead of Sanskar. You get me, right ?” She said.

I thought about it. She was right. She was definitely 100% right. I was snapped out by the loud honking of the car. Sanskar was in the car and he halted in front of us.

“Where are you lost ? C’mon in ?” He said. I nodded.

“Think about it Swara. Stand up for yourself and get out of this misery. I ll see you soon.” Ragini gave me the warmest smile and gave me one last hug. After that I hopped into the car and Sanskar started driving.

“Sanskar ?”


“Can you pull me over at Ishaan’s place ?” I asked. He hit the brakes abruptly giving me a jerk.

“What ? Why ? I thought it was over.” He said.

“Its not over yet. There’s some unfinished business.” I said.

“What unfinished business ?” He demanded. I sighed.

“I have to – never mind. Can you please drop me there ? You can go home ahead if you want. I have to talk to him.” I said. He rolled his eyes and looked out of window. He was angry.

“Swara why are you doing this ? Its over, okay ? That guy, he isn’t coming back. But going back to him would be like inviting trouble.” He said.

“No its not. He wont hurt me.” I said.

“And I won’t buy that. . .”

“Please Sanskar. . . ”

He sighed and shook his head. He looked stressed out. “Fine. But I m not allowing you to walk in that hell alone.” He gave in. He was stubborn ao I agreed to whatever he said.

“God knows why I love you so much.” He muttered under his breath, clearly thinking I hadn’t heard. But I had. I just didnt let him know. I smiled mentally. He took a sharp around the corner and drove to Ishaan’s house.

After a lot of protesting I let Sanskar come with me to Ishaan’s house. We got out of the car and headed to his doorsteps.

“Just stay four feet back please.” I said stopping him at the stairs. He looked at me unsure.
“I ll be okay.” I assured. He sighed and gestured me to go on. I went ahead and rang the doorbell. Ishaan opened up immediately.

“Swara ?” He was confused as he held an ice pack to his bruised eye. He look past me at Sanskar and his body stiffened. “What is he doing here ?” He asked.

“You don’t need to know that.” I stated.

He shrugged. “Fair enough. Then tell me why are you here ? Are you here to apologise ? Beg me to take you back ?” He asked with extreme bitterness in his voice. He started rambling all sort of rants about me. I could feel the anger boiling up inside me. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ishaan ?” I called out as gently as I could. He shut up. That’s when my palm made contact with his face, slapping him across. I felt relief wash over me. While he was shocked.

“Baby. I m so sorry for doing that. . . I didn’t I intent to do that . .” I begged, reminding him of how he had done the same thing in the morning. Ofcourse I wasn’t begging him in real.
“Isn’t this what you exactly spoke to me ?” I spat. He was short of words as he dumbly stood at the door.

“Now you know that, this is how I felt last night. You called me a sl*t for not dancing with you? Well I guess you are nothing but a blo*dy cheap womanizer. And I m not your puppet anymore.” I said. I turned around to see an awestruck Sanskar. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. I turned back to see Ishaan again and without thinking even for once slapped him across his face. . .once again.

“What was that for ?” He asked still taken aback. There wasn’t any anger in his voice.

“I don’t know. I just dont like your face.” I shrugged and walked away followed by Sanskar leaving a very confused and bewildered Ishaan behind.

“What the hell was that ?” Sanskar asked once we were outside his car.

“Revenge.” I replied. He chuckled and leaned back on the bonnet probably trying to sink it all in.

“Heck. I just don’t believe you slapped him. . .” He was laughing inwardly. So was I. It was one crazy night.

“I did. He deserved it.” I said. Finally we burst into fits of laughter. Ishaan’s face didn’t leave our minds even for once.

“Oh. . .ah that was so hilarious. For those five minutes there I felt the old Swara is back. The feisty and sassy one. Good job dude !” He said poking my sides.

Thus, that night I was free from a great problem named Ishaan. Also I had found two new friends Laksh and Ragini. . .

How was revenge guys ? Totally unexpected wasn’t that ? Luff you all for the support !

Next part : Breakdown

In the next episode there will be a lot of romance with some tears. I know you all want to know the reason for their break up and so I wanna tell you – Its coming very very soon. Maybe in three to four parts.

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